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Fix for USB Key with Controller AU6983HL

Due to lots of comments on the other post, i decided to put this fix provided by Steve Pritchard for the usb key with controller as AU6983HL. This has not been tested by me, but steve said it passed some tests, have asked him to confirm that it actually can write to the flash disk without corruption. So hopefully, it can work for all the fake drives without need for any other tools.

Here is the quote from steve which worked for his key.

“I can’t take credit for this, but I found a reference to a HP Tool, designed for their DriveKey sticks to make them bootable, which seems to have done the business for my stick.


I simply ran the HP Drive Key Boot Utility, and told it to make the stick bootable, and not only did it put a bunch of files on there (which I promptly deleted), but it changed the capacity of the device to it’s correct 4Gb (from 16Gb). I didn’t get the opportunity to specify the size, so it either works it out itself, or it always selects 4Gb, I’m afraid I don’t know.

It’s worth a try if, like me, you were struggling to find anything else that works, and it’s a bit less hassle than installing Ubuntu.”

Good luck and do report back if the actual disk capacity tool found at : worked or not 🙂

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Tim Finn @ By 16 G dont be fooled, it could be gigabits not gigabytes, lots of difference, so unless you tested it via the small batch script i got going to fill it up with actual data, i would not trust no software to tell real capacity.

Like Metafaniel said, his 120 Gig drive was only 1 GB.

So ” I would like to assume that this can be fixed to a 16g drive” that wont be feasible for from what i make of it , its not 16 GB , and could very well be only 2 GB.

I tried this method for a USB with the HUC2168 chip!
It was supoused to be a 120GB Sony Vaio USB, but in fact the real capacity was 1GB XD
I tried all of your methods posted in your Blog and only this one worked for me. In fact it’s the most simple way to do it.
Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, I have found very interesting all your methods, I’ve learned a lot. Thanks ^.^

(PD The USB was not mine XD I alredy know there aren’t any 120 GB USBs haha)

Interesting note.

The controller on my flash drive visualy reads Alcor AU6983HL

I used the ‘FLASH CHIP RECOGNITION TOOL’ (ChipGenius) and it shows the Alcor ID as AU9386

The memory chip is H27UAG8T2MTR-BC by Hynix. all web references I find to this memory chip indicate it is in fact a 16 gig chip.

I attempted to use the HP tool & it shows the drive as 4 gig, but using h2testw still fails at the 2 gig point

I flipped the removable bit flag so I could use windows drive manager & then it showed as 4 giga allocated & 12 gig unallocated (interesting)

I have tried many tools on the web to set things straight. I would like to assume that this can be fixed to a 16g drive; as the memory chip itself claims to be so.

Is perhaps some other mis-match causing the issue?

Weird same file exists here : Look at this comment and for quite some time, so you sure that it fixed your AU6983HL controller based chip ?

And rapids hare file is actually the file downloaded from here and uploaded there.

Hence removed your rapidshare link. But do confirm that AlcorMP-080829 actually works for AU6983HL


There is a tool that can fix AU6983HL microcontroled flash disks. It fixed mine after some time. My item had writen bogus info on memory chip – it stated to be geniune hynix H27UAG8T2 chip (16GB) but its actually just 2GB – that finaly works thanks to lot of searching and translations from chinese sites.

You can download from those links:


2. AU6983HL REPAIR TOOL (repairs ALL version upto date 8-8-29):
Read below (file exists on bloggy bloggy for quite some time)

(please also mirror it somewhere as it will be deleted after some time)

Best Regards,

I tried the HP tool, which kind-of worked.
I had a 4Gb stick formatted as 16Gb.
The HP tool created a 4Gb partition, but using Windows Disk manager it still shows 12 Gb space unused.

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