2012 End of the World – Movie Review ?

So, will the world end in 2012 ? Well maybe who knows ? Maybe the crazy nasa scientists !!  Any ways the question on everyones mind other than “Omg omg omg world gonaa end in 2012” is “Is the movie 2012 worth spending the money ? ” Well atleast that what I take into consideration while going to a big freaking crazy expensive theather, which costs $11-$12 for the ticket !! Ok ok i might be cheap but w/e money dont grow on trees !

The first movie I saw on big screen was Dark Knight or some refer to it “Dork Knight” !! Well the sound effects in a theater is what gets to you. For movie 2012 there are some boooooms and crashes and lots of things blowing up and it gives movie a nice charm to it other than the fact that you see tons and tons of people die 🙁 .  2012 looks way better in theather than District 9 ( i think that was total waste of my money). 2012 starts of from scene in India which I was like …. hmmmm.. why do most disaster movies start with scenese from India or something… example i think “day after tomorrow ” also starts off from scene from India…. I suppose all the smart scientists come from there 🙂 …  yes I am from india but aint no scientist but when there are no subtitles in scenes like that where they talk in Hindi, I sure look the smartest in the theater hall… for I can understand what they just said but not the rest !!!! Do not worry there is nothing too seriously crazy talk happening in Hindi at the first scene…

From the start the movie tries to build up the basic foundations and shows some of the things the goverments of the world trying to preserve their history/culture and stuff…. and prepare for 2012, O i forgot to mention in 2009 the movie starts off, when they first discover that “Earth’s crest is gonaa melt, like a popsicle would, if left out of the fridge for too long”.. from there on it takes about 15 – 20 mins to get into 2012 where the real action starts to happen… the main cast discovers on his camping trip that the lake he used to go to with his ex… has vaporized !! There he meets an anchor for some radio station who warns him of the whole conspiracy theory and how governments were building spaceships…. and mentions something about a map to get there…

I will not go into much details as to where the map leads to.. thats cause you do not want to ruin the fun of watching the movie now … anyways the story keeps building up.. and events keep happening.. and the graphics speak out for itself… looked unrealistic cause it was but I think, little bit better graphics effects could have been added..

If you were to ask me … how did you find the movie … i would say “hmm i dunno alright i suppose” story I think is bit cheesy.. not what I expected the end of the world to happen that way.. (come on earth crest melting ).. i thought another planet would come crashing into Earth or something in 2012. But either ways if 10-12 bucks is not a whole lot for you.. I would go watch it in the theather or wait for the DVD if you got a nice kickass home theather system at home..

So now the question that is on everyones mind… will our world end in 2012 ? Well i can only write for myself and what I think of 2012 so here it goes …

If you are reading this post in 2013… that means you should not read what i have to say below ……

Well there might be a catastrophic cosmic change that might occur in 2012… but  if it destroys the earth.. and nasa or someone else knows for sure about it… they won’t be running around on the street announcing the same.. for it will just create too much panic..Resecession has cost us already too many jobs in 2009.. such a public announcement by our governments would mean end of the world for sure even before we hit 2011 !! Chaos will be everywhere… no one would want to work and would just want to enjoy their last few years on this planet. When i think of such a thing, I always get distracted by the thought for those unfortunate people out there, who know they won’t make it to the next year cause of their illness.. like cancer and other life threating sickness. I cannot imagine their pain and their ordeal, so instead of panicing about 2012 try to make the world a better place and donate when you can to charities that are trying to find cure for cancer and other ailments that are uncureable …If you cannot donate atleast help those that need your support it means the world to them.

PS: the wordpress should have a spell check for those like me who cannot spell at times (which is like almost all the time) !!

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december 21 2012 is predicted by the myans that it is dooms day. judging on the myans no longer exist i think it will not happen. and in the bible it says we will get many warnings a wile before it happens and we have recieved no warnings watsoever. and in history many people said it would happen already and guess what we are still here. some time in the 1800s a man predicted that that jesus will come and take the worthy to heaven and he dressed in white and went to the tallest hill in his area with a bible along with many other people and jesus never came.

Ok looks like those 2 above comments are just spammers 🙁 Trying to get links back or something ? Anyways removed their site url 🙂 lets see if they come back.

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