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Crazy Saturday night i tell ya ! So after watching 2012 in the theater we were like omg lets watch paranormal activity… my friend had seen it already.. and was like lets watch it again. I was like that will ruin my week for sure, cause scary movies keep me awake at night when everything is all quite and dark and spooky like the movies !

Instead of watching it alone on my own, I was like o sweet can watch it with few friends.. we call our friends and get rolling at 12.30 am.. yes the spookiest time of the night ! I thought with friends it will be less scarier.. but I was mistaken ! It sure is a low budget movie but the sounds make it scary.. but than again its the sounds in the first place that make any scary movie scary unless you got bunch of clowns jumping in-front of cameras from no where to get scary effects. Yes, lots fear Clowns for some reason !

I had seen parts of the movie already and did get over them in like 2 days or so.. but what was scarier than the movie was the crazy screaming from “Brittany” one of my friends friend… omfg she had seen it already once and was watching it again for what reason ?? Her other friend was alright for she was not going crazy out of her mind.  Movie in general I think has like maybe 4 major scary scenes , the best one was one Katie gets dragged out of her bed 🙂 Looked real.. but movie ain’t real cause both cast members are still there making more movies :).

Paranormal Activity I for a second thought was something about little green men.. but come on putting demons in it and haunting is not cool. Was hoping to see some crazy stuff from little green men from mars or something. It sure is scary but I think “Blair Witch” project is scarier. Is this movie worth going to theater to watch it .. Hmm i suppose just cause of better sound effects in the theaters and not to mention hearing screaming from others (mostly from chicks which is so obvious) . Storyline of the movie is alright but it’s hard to believe that it’s real, if you know you are being haunted why be a nooob and not do anything about it and stay in the same place and film the shit out the haunting ? Come on who does that ? Would you film yourself if you were being haunted and release it as a movie ? I know I wouldn’t and I seriously hope that I do not get haunted ever !

Is the movie fake ? Well it’s just as fake as you would think of  “Blair Witch” project.. I find that more and more movies that are low budget movies are “scary” for they scare me cause i fear  ” 1hr and 30 mins going down the boredom drain”, especially if you go watch it in a theather and spend mooola. For example most wont find Disctrict 9 as scary.. but i found it freaking scary and it end up that way too, cause i was like in the theather thinking “omg omg when is this shit gonaa end”.

Go watch the movie if you want to fry your brains and give yourself a week or 2 of restless nights (duuh i kept waking up in middle of night more like morning went to bed at 4 and looking around for something in the dark…. i hope i have a better night tonight !!)

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Nothing at all was scary. I repeat NOTHING at all was scary! I was bored out of my mind 80% of the film. 19% I was angered at the idiot boyfriend or the retarded GF. Seriously, Someone here said that they reacted realistically to the situations. What is wrong with you! The woman acted as if she just wanted to ignore everything and hoped it went away… yet claimed it had been happening since she was 8. They guy on the other hand pretended he had the slightest clue as to what he was doing. “I GOT A PLAN” as he sprinkles baby powder on the floor… WTH did he think that was going to do… show him something/someone was there.. Hadnt that already been established by that point of the “film”? Where was the plan? He threatens the “ghost/demon” what ever the heck it was as if hes going to fight it… Really!? The only time the acting was good is… well never mind because it wasn’t ever good. OK at best during the many arguments that took place in the film.

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