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7 hrs to get google indexed ! Scrap that 28 minutes to get Google Indexed !

I might be off here with the hrs. maybe 6 hrs. ? But the most recent post about  SEO Compatibility Certificate was on google’s search result in 7 hrs., hence the title “7 hrs to get google indexed !”  Now that is uberly cool I think 🙂 . Lets see when google indexes this post .

Instead of making it a 2 liner post, why not add more ?

Well today decided to finally upgrade my wordpress version here on bloggy bloggy to the latest version 2.8.6 ,  I am sure that in a week or lesser time there will be another wordpress update coming in. So get ready to upgrade again. WordPress is great tool but I wish that it would not have to go through all these updates/patches every  2 weeks or so, now I gotta check for my plug ins upgrades, and upgrade them too at the same.

UPDATE: Took about 28 minutes (or when i checked to be frank to see it in google results, excellent now that is one fast GoogleBot even faster than speedracer I would say)

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