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Planet 51 is about an astronaut who gets stuck on a Martian planet and tries to get back to his ship which will leave in 78 hrs. It is ironic that the story is similar to what you would see in typical alien movie aka – alien(s) come to earth to take over the planet examples that come to my mind – Independence Day, The Invasion etc. Not only that, not only invasion threats, movies like Aliens, where Aliens always pose a threat to humanity, Planet 51 is reversed, it is the human that poses threat to little green Martians planet.  For example there are movies on this planet that show aliens trying to take over their world, just like we have movies.

This movie is typical earth/alien sort of movie reversed in nature, where humans pose a threat. I recall only 1 small scene that made me lol (laugh out loud). Apart for that little bitty scene of humor this movie does not have much humor associated with it. Animations are as one would put it – typical for an animation movie, nothing too spectacular. Planet 51 might be a good movie for kids to watch, but if you watch animated movies for giggles, this movie will disappoint you in that retrospect.

Let me break down the movie quickly for you:

Movies starts off showing tailors of alien invasion (mainly by humans), trying to take over Planet 51.
This kid Lem, is the what story revolves around. As with any typical movie, he is too shy to tell Neera his feelings for her. Every times he tries to do so, gets distracted or portrayed as one who hates Aliens, which Neera does not approve of.
Chucks (the astronaut) ship/lunar excursion module, lands in Lem’s backyard, and he bumps into Lem who decides to help him out in getting back to his ship in orbit that is to return to earth in few hours.
Movie goes along the storyline of how to get chuck back home, and shows how aliens are perceived on this planet and are considered hostile, like as on earth and earth like alien movies we show aliens as being a threat.

This movie might not be a funny venture, but surely has a moral attached to it.
Moral being that if we were to ever make the first contact with any alien life form, how our reactions would/should be. Shall we consider all aliens as being hostile (as depicted in most alien movies I have seen) or shall we assume they are friendly?  I think this movie tries to prepare us for possible future contact? Now do aliens exists or is there any other life form out there is a hot topic for debate. To be able to understand this movie you should have a broad mindset, for kids however it’s just another cartoon with characters that act dumb/stupid which makes kids happy. Read on various review sites that kids enjoy the movie and are able to follow it more than they would Wall-e. If I were to rate this movie on basis of humor I would give it 2/10, but if I were to base my review on storyline and perception I would rate it as 8/10. Overall if we combine I would still not rate this move over 6/10 and a movie not worth watching in a theater, it’s just not a theater worth movie unless it’s in 3d.

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