Left 4 Dead 2 New Difficulty Level – Blindatron – Invisible Heads and Zombies!

Quick microblog post about new difficulty level in Left 4 Dead 2 called “Blindatron” for  those interested in playing Left 4 Dead 2 on their laptops, that are obsolete . Look at the picture below and note this down: The heads of your teammates are not suppose to be invisible, nor are any of the Zombies even the big bad ones like Boomer, Tank, Charger etc etc.. This is a screenshot of my friend playing on his obsolete out of date HP laptop which apparently he loves :). He played close to a week like that thinking that it  was how L4D2 is suppose to be.  Now I know when I in game i shouted Jockey Jockey help Spidey, he would go “Where where” , even when it was like right behind him !!! I was like “omg” what is wrong with this dude ! I only last night found out when he said “Where where where ” when I said “Shoot the Tank thats right in front of you” …

Geeez talk about another difficulty level of L4D2 “Blindatron” where zombies are invisible and there are no faces (kinda scary) for your teammates, and you think you can shoot through them. Now i know why he kept shooting us all to kill zombies behind us. Must be thinking “o they have no heads, i can just shoot them through there” ….

Next time he says “Where where” i am gonaa end up doing team kill with a Frying Pan, so Spidey i be careful with what you say in game !! and hopefully you will not select  the “Blindatron Mode ” for playing the game.

To guys wondering how to play the new difficulty level here is what you do :

1. Buy or take out your old HP laptop or any laptop, install L4D2 on it.

2. Remove the latest Graphic drivers and put some old version for your graphics card.

3. Launch the game and enjoy shooting Invisible Zombies and your teammates, having a legitimate excuse this time for doing that !

Picture below (finally he decided to fix the issue by updating his graphics card drivers) shows what it is like to play L4D2 with super difficult level !

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