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Bloggy Bloggy now with Ads :)

Quick microblog post regarding some updates to bloggy bloggy. After close to Year and a Half, bloggy bloggy, now is home for Google Ads ! Was waiting for some rich webmaster to buy some sponsor spots or something, but that never happened, so decided to put Google ads on the site. Will see how it goes in terms of bloggy making some revenue, so far it is looking not too shabby ! Check the screen shot below for the revenue it generated since yesterday hehe !

Go Google Go ! It took nearly 6 months to get my check in January 2010 since the last payment by google, hoping to speed the wait time to less than 2 months maybe. Ideally if you are running a ads on your website, a well off site should produce at least 3 checks per week, that is about $300 a week it should earn from ads, to actually live off Advertisements 🙂 . My goal is not that, but who knows it might happen one day ! So wish me good luck !

So doing the math here just for Bloggy, let say bloggy averages 20 Cents a Day meaning , 20×30 = 600 Cents or $6 a month, thus if I were to get a check from google that would be $100/$6 = 16.7 Months . Or About a Year and a Half to get the check from google solely based Bloggy . !
Whohooooo !

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