OCZ Equalizer Dual RMA !!

I cannot stop giggling while writing this post, for this is a story about dual RMA on OCZ Equalizer and one message that I received from a friend of mine yesterday evening. First of all OCZ Equalizer is an amazing mouse for however long it lasts for you. There is only 1 drawback for OCZ Equalizer Gaming mouse : its thin flimsy wire. I have had my OCZ mouse for about close to 2 years now, till it decided to go kabooom on me. All the sudden i saw “Device not Responding” message on my Windows 7 machine, while trying to read the details of it, i suddenly realized my cursor on the screen would not move, looked at the leds/lights on the mouse, and seemed like they had turned to the “dark side”.  I was like “oh crap noooo”, while I dashed to grab some old cheapo logitech usb mouse. Wiggling the cable a bit at the end where it leaves the mouse, did seem to bring mouse back to life, but i cannot keep messing with wire with one hand, while trying to use the mouse with other !!

Opened up the RMA ticket with OCZ, and in about less than a week, I was ready to dispatch my fried mouse to OCZ for replacement or w/e they will do to the poor thing. This happened while I was in a game, and one of my friends was there asking why i was not moving ? I was like omg omg dude my mouse is dead. He was like “how can you kill a mouse”, I was like “huhhh it just dies sometimes, i do not know how to kill a mouse”. He was like, oh you need to treat your mouse better or something similar I do not recall. So, I was like “ok, mouse doctor”.  Whenever he gets to read this post, he be like ” i did not say that” cause i do not think he did either, or maybe he did; my memory is iffy ! Anyways, it is the evening when i prepare to RIP the mouse and send it off the next day, I get a ding on my screen…. It’s a message from “mouse doctor” reading …. “omg laser on my mouse is dead” . I could not stop LOLing for it’s like OCZ Equalizer Apocalypse, for his mouse was apparently the “OCZ Equalizer” too, for I had convinced him to buy it for his gaming needs :). “Hehehehehehe”, I kept typing to him,till I lost count.. I am still giggling right now thinking about the message i saw on my screen 18 hrs ago. I did not go through my RMA dispatch yet, for am trying to do a combined DUAL RMA if possible to save of shipping for both us, and for OCZ too.. The mouse seems to have lots of cases of laser failing, but not many have had that bad luck, so I ding (aka send instant message) up another friend of mine asking if the mouse I recommended (aka OCZ Equalizer) was still working… and she was like, yaa … she have had it for about 6 or 7 months now and enjoying it. Let’s hope it lasts for her for as long as it did for me 🙂

I have ended up buying HP vooodna mouse, about $45 ish, and my friend ended up getting some logitech one. Funny thing is, I still keep recommending OCZ equalizer mouse, if i get a new mouse for dead one, that be awesome for there are no shops in this little city, where i can actually go and pickup a new OCZ product. O well.. Below is a picture of what OCZ equalizer mouse looks like :

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Quick update, OCZ has agreed to accepting the dual rma on ocz equalizer mice. Will be sending both of them on Monday, what will become of them , i do not know, maybe we will get new mice, or maybe might get some refurbished ones back. Either way it sure will be exciting to have the mouse again.

Yes habu is evil we all know that cause its from Microsoft 🙂 I should not be saving that else i might get my xp license revoked if bill gates reads this :).

But seriously why would you have a kvm for your house ? Unless u need it do some important business from outside the house ?

An hour to install was required as there was a reboot needed after each install and uninstall, compounded with the fact that I was setting this up for two computers sharing the mouse through a KVM. Add to that, the time needed to find the drivers from Razr’s site, and then installing the mouse firmware update which is found in an even more cryptically obscure location, added to a one hour time.

I by no means am alluding that the Microcrap Lozr Habu mouse is better in any way than an OCZ mouse, I was just sharing my horror story about the Habu with you. It is working now and hopefully will not fail as badly as your OCZ mice.

Tom, you need to upgrade your computer, if it takes an hour to install drivers, or better, not use DIAL UP :).

PS: I said OCZ Equalizer not Eclipse 🙂 . Equalizer owns your habu hands down cause it never gave blue screen. However, it does not have software for Windows Vista or Win 7 64 bit editions sadly. You have to get something else off the web for software for OCZ one. But atleast you do not need to install drivers for it, when you first plug it in, unlike mr. habu.

Ha Ha! I have been using an old Logitech optical mouse for almost 12 years now and haven’t had a single problem with it. However, you recommended that I buy the OCZ Eclipse and I would’ve bought one, but I could find one locally. I am glad that I didn’t take your advice, because I have been reading that the OCZ mice have been suffering from high failure rates. But I figured that I should upgrade to a new mouse, because it is getting increasingly harder to continue bailing both you and Spidey out in Left 4 Dead 2, and maybe with a new mouse I could keep both of you alive.

So I saw a Microsoft Habu mouse made Razr, and I thought \How could this go wrong?\. I bought it and once I opened the box, I started to get worried. The manual stated to plug in the mouse and install the software second. However, there was a sleeve on the mouse stating to install the software from the CD first and then plug in the mouse. So I opted to believe the note on the mouse, installed the drivers from the CD, plugged in the mouse and then my computer bluescreened. Beautiful… Then in the packaging, I found another piece of paper that tells you not to install the driver from the CD but instead install from the web. Awesome work Microsoft or Razr… So I went to the website and had a difficult time finding the frickin’ driver. It seems that both Microsoft and Razr do not want to acknowledge making this mouse. I finally found the driver, clicked the install and it told me it was uninstalling the old driver first. It then asked me to reboot, which I did and then plugged in the mouse. Well the driver didn’t install. I had to then install the driver. the previous install just uninstalled the old driver without installing the new driver. Finally after all was done, I had my Habu up and running. (in about an hour) My old Logitech mouse was a two second install. Plug it in and start fragging PK and Spidey…

Now that I have this new mouse, I have had to spend another hour or two playing with all the settings to suit my playing style, which can only be described as \AWESOME!\. Now that I am using this new mouse, I am not sure that it really has taken my game to the next level or really added any real improvement to my game. But you can bet, I am keeping my old Logitech optical mouse around in case these new fangled laser mice crap out or the drivers bluescreen my computer again…

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