Fake USB Key

Fixing Hacked/Fake USB Keys bought from Ebay

Got scammed by some ebay seller, and want to fix your hacked key to its default memory to prevent data corruption on your memory stick. Well here is a simple step by step procedure to fix memory of your hacked or fake usb keys.

First lets fix a Memory / USB Key having AU6890 or higher controller/flash chip. I was scammed and was given a Hynix HY27UT088G2M memory which is by the way 1 Gigs space total and not 8GB or anything else. So, lets flash it back to its default 1 GB value and fix this sucker good.

First of all you will need to open up your usb key case, do not worry most ebay keys are easy to open, i opened mine with just my finger nails. Some might need exacto knife or something that will do the trick. Now look at the memory controller chip.

AU6980 controller chip

Flip the memory key and look at what memory you actually have on the darn usb key. Here is what I had Hynix HY27UT088G2M :

Hynix Memory Chip

Rest of it is now pretty simple if you are lucky to have the flash files for your particular memory key. Simply download Alcor (attached so you do not have to google it for a day or more and register on Chinese based site, ooh yaa that was not fun , its not easy trying to register on a site with language out of your dictionary !!), in the attached zip file is Update.exe file, its there only if you do not find your memory in the flash List , after installing ALCOR and trying to fix your key. Now, just follow the steps below in the figure to fix your hacked usb key to normal capacity. Post your queries if you are unable to follow.


Step 2. Simply go to Setup if you key is not regonized automatically and select from dropdown the memory you have, use update.exe file first if you have to.

Fix-Step 2

Now hit START shown in the first figure and it should do the format and flash it back to normal value, and if your key is all fixed back to original capacity.

Will write about fix for keys using iCreate to hack usb keys tomorrow. Bit tired right now.

Those wishing to find Alcor or in short AU controller chip based USB Key fix , please read this another blog post we got going : Alcor Key Fix Blog Post

Have fun fixing your keys and Good luck to you all those who have been Scammed by fake usb key sellers off ebay and other locations.

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I also got a 16Gb pen drive from ebay. It is like a key shape and very thin. I have open and see the chip for the usb key. It does not have any think at all.

To identify the it brand, it does not have any name except lion mark on it and it has a code in the face or cover of the pen drive itself it is N2870.

Please help me to find a solution for it…


I bought a fake 32GB usb pen from Ebay

front – FC8708-t CADA1V-10F 1108R3
back – FD30GOUCT1-09 PO908-M90236561.00

the program doesn’t recognize the usb pen.
I already searched for this, but only get chinese sites and don’t know how to use them.
Can you help me with this?


Hello guys,

read a lot of possible solutions but they all seem to be complex or limited too some chips. I haven been fucked when I thought I was bying 16GB USB Flash drives and got drives with 2048Gig room on it.
I used PARAGON HD Suite to correct it. Just start the program.
– Go to Hard disk and partitioning section.
– Select the Flash drive.
– Delete the shown fake size partition, select apply
– Create a new primary partition at the beginning of the suggested free space
– Enter a volume amount that is realistic to the real volume(for 2GB i used 2008 witch is 1.95GB effective to bee sure there are no writing problems or empty files)
– Select assign drive letter
– Set the filesystem to 32bit FAT
– Say OK and apply changes
– leave the fake room shown by the controller chip unused!!
READY. Windows will see the partition with the right size.
I am sure that the trick work to with tools like True Image a.s.o.

My fake kingston 8GB contains AU6980 controller and the NAND is Samsung K512H1GACA-A075, but there is no configuration for NAND chip in AU6980 Tool. I checked samsung product search web site and no such chip available, all the NANDS from samsung starts from K9XXXXXXXX. Does anybody cn give me a clue?

Hi like many others I was duped with the purchase of a fake 64gb Kingston usb drive (ebay again)
It appears this is actually a 2gb pen.
Opened it up and discovered a Samsung mem chip ..

I realise the partition size could be changed but ideally I’d like to restore the chips correct correct configuration reflashing.
Does anyone know if there is a tool to do this …and walk me through the process.


I have a Kingston 32 GB usb.

I have opened it out and the chip nos are:
Controller: eFortune EU201CT 094458 4698763
Memory: HYNIX HY27US16562A TPIB r 705a


I tried MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key

While the controler responds, the memory chip reference for this chip does not show up in the dropdown.

The closest, I thought was HY27US081656M, and tried. But nothing has happenned.
Next trial was with HY27US08561M

Memory chip of series HY27US16xxxxx are not available in the drop down.

Now looking for any suggestions & help.


i need repair silicon power 920 16gb
flash type 29F32G08AAMD2
i need jmicron tool 2.9 or flash.ini with good parameters

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It?s the old what goes around comes around routine. Did you acquired lots of links and I see lots of trackbacks??

Steps to get the fake/scammed USB drive working…

1. Load this USB driver (see article) to make the USB drive a Local Disk.
Note: I could not load this driver successfully at work (error = access denied), but worked from home so probably a permissions issue.
Refer to this article to get USB driver:
2. Run H2testW to determine when first errors are detected.
Download in article:
3. Then partition it to 50M less than when failed in H2testW above (could try closer to limit, but 50M works)
4. Then retest with H2testW.
5. You can repeat steps 3 & 4 to get the size limit
6. When all is finished, rollback the USB Local Disk driver to the original driver. I.e.
a. Run devmgmt.msc at the command prompt
b. expand the Disk Drives section
c. right-click on the Fake USB drive and choose Properties
d. From the Properties dialog, click on the Driver tab
e. Either:
i. Click the Roll back Driver button
ii. Click Update Driver and let Windows choose the best driver (recommended)

So for me my 64GB stick came in at 1950 MB (i.e. 2G – 50M), and I can’t be bothered to find the boundary and get the last few megabytes.
I got my friends no-name fake 64 GB USB working with a patrician of 3950 MB (i.e. 4G – 50M), and again I could not be bothered to find last few megabytes.

heyyy, anybody can help me with this
my toshiba usb: with IC number: TC58NVG0S3AFT00


idVendor: 0×0C76
idProduct: 0×0007

what is the software for this version?
I’ve tried many softwares:

but none of them were working…
i also choose the device manually, but after i press START ALL (at UdTools) nothing happens. My usb, and other usb, cannot be detected in all of those programs.

help me please im so desperate with all these stuff…

I have been trying to unhack the memory of my fake pendrives which I bought (thinking they were genuine) but have not been able to. This is the info I have:
Samsung 831
PNP VID 0000
PID 7777


I tried all sorts of tools without success

Please help!

Device Name: +[G:]+Périphérique de stockage de masse USB(Generic USB Flash Disk USB Device)
PnP Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 1234
Serial Number: 5&&3637D839&&0&&8
Revision: 7.76
Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed
Chip Vendor: Alcor
Chip Part-Number: AU6981~AU6983
Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)
Tools on Web: °²¹úAU698X×îÐÂÁ¿²úÈí¼þAlcorMP V080801°æ|UÅÌ´æ´¢¼¼Êõ – ÊýÂëÖ®¼Ò – רҵÊý×Ö²úÆ·°®ºÃÕßÉçÇø

This guide worked for me. 16gb fake drive becomes 2gb good one.
Now testing the drive for corrupt data

no alcor MP was able to fix my USB drive. appricaite your comments

Controller : AU6980

Great job!
I have also got fake UFD of 64GB. It stopped working, it was showing just “insert disk in the drive (X):”. Using AlcorMP tools, I have been able to get it live, but size is only 16 MB!! 🙁
AlcoreMP automatically detects nand flash and it shows it is Hynix’s HY27US08281A. But when I opened UFD and looked at Nand Flash there were only two strings “7AHFD11” and in bottom “M7S81495QA3” there is no company logo or anything else on chip. Could anyone please let me know which company manufactures nand flash with this serial no.s? I tried google but no success, please share your experience if some one has come across similar kind of Nand Flash chip.

Ok, it turns out my flash drive’s actual capacity is around 499MB (or slightly lesser, I think). Used UdTools1_0_4_6_20081010.rar to rectify it and state the true capacity. Thanks!

The controller starts with Mw(something), and i found that it is this software in that russian site , you refered. My pen drive is, or it’s suposed to be a A-data. Hope to help.

Thanks there sebastian not sure which controller you had, for it seems those numbers are for memory chip and not controller chip.

PS: i have edited your link for i have put a local copy on site here itself to avoid wait times.

Cool, just make sure you can put the right amount of files by doing the capacity test before starting to use disk for data corruption is something you will not like !


@dobz, that looks like memory, is the controller Alcor au6983hl ? Instructions i found from ebay post :
Alcor au6983hl
memory is identical to
MT 29F16G08MAA
VID 058F
PID 9381

Alcor UFD Manufacture Program (AU9386 V1.10)
To identify proper VID & PID

AlcorMP (080829) AU6981/AU6983/AU6986

So try AlcorMP (080829), Set Proper VID & PID with LoadDriver.exe
Low Level Format with AlcorMP.exe . But since you cannot see PID or VID i dunno what you can do at this stage. Unless maybe a temp. fix would be to do as :


Hi, i’ve been tiring to reflash my fake 16 gb Spectek FBNL52AHGK3WG but the PID and VID are missing from it (shows up as 0000) and AlcorMP 080424 can’t detect it.

Any ideas?


@ Curtis, norton nor sophos said anything like that for me, so dunno, but like i said i am not responsible for any damages and stuff using the softwares that are downloaded from various sites.


hello has all, I would like to know how flasher the flashe discs thank you and which is the software for all genrs of flashe

Where to download Alcor tools to fix fake USB flash drives

Download & install
Alcor UFD Manufacture Programm (AU9386 V1.10)
To identify proper VID & PID (bottom left corner)

Download AlcorMP (080829) AU6981/AU6983/AU6986
one of the other AlcorMP versions, according to your chipset
Install Proper VID & PID with LoadDriver.exe
Low Level Format with AlcorMP.exe
Try each AlcorMP version until one recognizes your drive

My Results
Alcor au6983hl
memory is identical to
VID 058F
PID 9381
16GB faulty drive becomes 4GB good drive

Entire Alcor shared directory:

Link to each file:

Alternate download location, all above files in one RAR

carlton770 at yahoo

Hmm… not sure what happened maybe to fix those keys not recognized by alcor, should give a shot at h2testw maybe and see if after that it gets recognized ? So your key is fixed now olof i did run the file corruption test thing of a jiggy to be on the safe side.


allright! Now it suddenly works!! All I did was running h2testw and filled it up with garbage and now all of a sudden it showed up in alcormp as this one:


And it fixed the USB stick back to it’s 8GB. What a relief! I have spent so many ours trying to figure this one out =)

Oh no i am gonaa get Tanked hehe :).

So i am assuming your disk still not fixed ? Usually a manual selection of memory chip to something similar to what you actually have might even work out too. Auto-recognition is the best but unfortunately it does not happen with all the sticks.


Tank you! Yes, unfortunately no version of alcormp seems to recognize the chip.. last one I tried was 081010 and it still didn’t list my memory chip in the list. FBNL52ANAK3W4
There are other chips with a similar serial number but not quite right. It’s made by Spektec. The only fix I found for that memory chip is for the Kingston with this controller MXT6208A.

Yo Olof , did you try the fixes available on this blog ?

Specifically this comment might be of some help :

@Steve, did you try the test that makes sure your data is written properly though ?
I am not sure what H2TestW really is. All that matters is that you can actually put the specified 4 GB data on that partition or atleast 3.5gb without loss of data . If that works it might be a fix for all other keys too without need to actually search those Chinese sites for re-flashing tools.


I got ripped by chaiching28. Says it’s a Samsung 32GB but it is an 8GB spectek. I’m looking for a util to fix this. I tried with the latest AlcorMP(080829) but the memory chip is not listed there.

Controller: AU6986
Memory chip: FBNL52ANAK3W4

Any ideas?


Thank you so much Steve Pritchard. I used your method to finally format my Flash Drive to the right size. I purchased a 16 GB flash drive off of ebay and it was giving me alot of trouble with loss data and errors. I then used the “Tired of Ebay Hacked/Flashed USB Keys – SCAMS” topic to find the size. I formated it with the HP Boot tool and it turns out that the advertised 16GB drive i purchased was actually only 4GBs. The seller is now gone from ebay but it sucks that i paid $25 for a 4GB pen drive.

Sumeet, the stick was sold as 16Gb, but only had a 4Gb chip (SpecTek FBNL52A32K3W2). The controller was a AU6983HL, but I couldn’t get any of the MP tools to recognise it.

Unlike an MP Tools flash which properly fixed my other stick, the HP tool does things slightly differently. If you look at the drive with the windows Disk Management tool, it’s capacity is still set to 16Gb, however, it now has a 4Gb partition (with 12Gb unused space). The 4Gb partition passes the H2TestW test no problem. I wondered whether the HP format might be a good solution for those sticks that people can’t re-flash properly.



Hello friends!
Could anyone help me?I can’t find anything to put these back to real capacity:
First one is:

The second one I’m not sure,there are a few numbers…:
AK 1025
86074AB 0H4

Thank you!!!

Steve do you know the original or true capacity of the drive though, did you try the key capactiy test ? Try it and see if it can actually put 4 gb of data on it ? If it can i assume that tool does fix properly and by default does not set to 4gb, else if your true flash key capacity is 2 gb, and its set to 4gb, it might not be the right fix. So would you mind running the capacity check if not done so already ?

Instructions for test can be found at :


I’ve got an eBay sourced “Samsung” 16Gb stick with an AU6983HL controller, and a SpecTek 4Gb chip which I just couldn’t get recognised with any versions of the MP Tools, and PD.EXE saw it, but couldn’t recognise the chip. I can’t take credit for this, but I found a reference to a HP Tool, designed for their DriveKey sticks to make them bootable, which seems to have done the business for my stick.

I simply ran the HP Drive Key Boot Utility, and told it to make the stick bootable, and not only did it put a bunch of files on there (which I promptly deleted), but it changed the capacity of the device to it’s correct 4Gb (from 16Gb). I didn’t get the opportunity to specify the size, so it either works it out itself, or it always selects 4Gb, I’m afraid I don’t know.

It’s worth a try if, like me, you were struggling to find anything else that works, and it’s a bit less hassle than installing Ubuntu. 😉



This works really with EVERY Stick:

Just download unbuntu (Linux) for free, burn it to disk, start from it. In this environment you can partition ever Stick in sizes and fortmats you want. No Problem!

Thnk you Fakiris!

“fakiris Says:
August 14th, 2008 at 11:22 am

Guys… i found an extremely easy solution for fixing these problems, no matter what controller chipset the device has. I used Linux based progs, but there are definitely Windows based as well. You just have to find the out.
You may also use a Linux liveCD, i recommend Ubuntu Linux. Download from
Step 1. With FlashTetser or another program you identify the REAL memory capacity. In my case 2GB
Step 2 Using gParted or any other partition editor of your choice i erase the existing partitioning, and create one and ONLY ONE partition with size 2048MB.
Step 3. Format it using FAT 32
Step 4. You are ready to Dance.”

Hey guys Well i am still looking for a solution regarding the Hacked Usb stick 32gb i bought off from ebay.
My memory chip should is spectek FBNL52ANAK3W4 and my controller is definitely Alcor but can’t make what’s the number….. It’s Au698 something.
It’s real capacity is around 8GB and i would like to see it fixed. Anyone has something about it? I have tried the MPau698x but it seems my chip version is not registered in it. Been trying to fix it more than a week but still have nothing about it.

@ Q from Star Trek i am assuming 🙂 .

Good that you found this site finally, after googling up and ending up on chinesse sites, hopefully you have good spyware detection and virus scanners as i have been infected a lot and seen lots of folks getting infecting after visiting lots of chinesse sites, not saying all are bad, but i find what you cannot read or understand and click on it, can open can of worms :).

3 nights a is not long enough, my first key i ever fixed took me like 7 days 🙂 . And in the process my Xp got infected 🙁 . Spread the word Q about this blog and hopefully lots of other users will not end up spending nights for a $20 or $30 investment. But every penny counts !!

Just wanted to say thanks. Had a fake Alcor 6983/Spectek FBNL52AHGK3WG I’ve been trying everything to get it reformated to the original size. I must have downloaded 20 different programs over the last 3 nights but yesterday I downloaded the 0804242 file from above and I had my drive back to normal in 5 minutes. I’m so glad that I can finally stop surfing chinese websites trying to figure out what is a download link and what is an advertising link.

Thank you Laurent and Sumeet!

Hello. Thanks to everyone for these useful tips!

I have the Alcor 6983/Spectek FBNL52AHGK3WG usb key. I did not try jbs’ solution and found via google the right software, so it should be the same thing. I used “AlcorMP (080424) AU698X” (available in english).

If you are still searching hints for the right software for your chips, I recommend googling chips’ references including “”. seems to have a lot of resources for usb keys.

The software that worked for me (the first ‘erase’ failed, but succeeded the second time)

Good luck for those who are still looking for a solution…

I finally fixed it last night, with a 080801 version of the alcor tool on another computer. Maybe it was this computer, or something in the key, as I got once the “hub configuration changed” error.

The “direct” links for the download of the 080829 version are:

The virus/spyware detection here didn’t give any warning, maybe it is time to reinstall spybot SD.

Its ok jbs , you can post any useful links , but from what i can make out of it you could not fix your key ? I uploaded a new alcor updated tool in other thread. Maybe try that one too ?

If you have file downloaded can you provide me a straight english based link , as those sites gave me hijack or something similar warning by my spyware program.

GL Bart. Sadly paypal will do nothing as in my case i tried , only scare tactics work in getting your refund backs in these cases !!

@Teddy seems like the fake usb sticks now come using different controller chips (models change from time to time from same company) and hence are using different software to do flashing to up them to 16gb or other fake capacity values. I had tried different firmware from those dropdown lists, but it does not work in some cases or not at all ! So not sure, plus i went back to that mydigit site, and guess what, even their userpay.php or w/e file it is used to donate to get credits is broken now. I would try to use fakiris method just above your post. But i am sure thats what i tried initially with my keys before going to google, as i have ubuntu on my desktop. But if i recall correctly those keys did not work on xp no more. Maybe Fakiris can come back and post what happens to stick.

@Fakiris did you try replugging the stick into computer ? Also try doing quick format to set it back to its original 8gb fake value. Than program should recognize it, but why did your ubuntu method not work though ? I thought that fix worked for you ?

Hi Sumeet, I just got unhealthy 16G that only cope for 4 G, it’s alcor chip.
When I installed the software from your link, it appeared 3 shortcuts, on, off, & the “AU6980”,I’m not sure which I should start with, then it mentioned “no reserve image file”
the chip is Hynx HY27UU08AG5A, it’s not on the list even after update. they only have HY***..5M.
So what should I do?
Thnx a lot

Guys… i found an extremely easy solution for fixing these problems, no matter what controller chipset the device has. I used Linux based progs, but there are definitely Windows based as well. You just have to find the out.
You may also use a Linux liveCD, i recommend Ubuntu Linux. Download from
Step 1. With FlashTetser or another program you identify the REAL memory capacity. In my case 2GB
Step 2 Using gParted or any other partition editor of your choice i erase the existing partitioning, and create one and ONLY ONE partition with size 2048MB.
Step 3. Format it using FAT 32
Step 4. You are ready to Dance.
The controlers are Hacked so as to give 8X loops of the original capacity.
Since you minimize capacity, no looping is required.
Threrefore, no read write conflicts!!! 😛
Sumeet, i am still expecting a solution in my previouw question… see 2 posts above

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am now trying to get my money back from the crook or PayPal.
I wish me luck.

Thanks for a very informative site!

Dear Friend… GREAT research.
I too have a fake 16GB USB memory stick
Controler AU 6983 (Alcor)
Memory Spectek FBNL52AHGK3WG
Reading translated Chinese forums (and what a party it was) i read that my memory is identical to MT 29F16G08MAA.
This memory is NOT in the initial drop down meny.
However when i run the update.exe, it appears at the NEW drop down menu… BUT after the update, the program does NOT find me Memory stick AT ALL!!!
Can you help me!!!!

Well Bart like you said you might be unlucky indeed, as that chip probably requires another version of the software, and that mydigit site does not accept my paypal (says foreign currency not accepted) so am unable to download the appropriate version. Will try to get someone else to make the payment if they can and get me some access to downloads !

Sadly all flashing is done using those software’s found from such chinesse sites, and they do not accept usd’s for access to downloads . Check back again i will see if i can get some access.

I was unlucky enough to purchase a 16gb thumb drive off eBay and it appears to be 4gb.

The controller chip is Alcor 8983
The flash chip is ALC16G08 IMA

The Alcor program AU6980 doesn’t have this flash in the list and when I ran update.exe, most of the Au6980 program turned into Chinese and there was no flash list at all!

Can you enlighten me?

Thanks in advance

Not sure even if i have any invites on me, as i am not an active member there. Will see if a friend of mine can help me out or something.

Oh it takes some efforts registering there, i created 2 accounts to find fixes for various keys, but there are i think some posting or downloading restrictions. But its simple procedure to register, the only part thats tricky is their captcha image, just enter their site url or the text you see on the left to the image verification line, it works, or you can probably tell me at which step you got stuck ? Cause google translation did help me register properly.


After opening USB

Front side ..may be controller chip


Back side..may be memory chip

0801 SS

Please help me in reformatting to correct capacity. Thanks.

As above mentioned…I opened my usb and on the back side in place of Hynix HY27UT088G2M … I have FBNL ..I think it is memory key. Thanks for the reply.

I got a fake usb toshiba transmemory. I could not find my number in the flash list
It does’nt start with a name. FBNL 41BNAK3WG please help me how to tract this.

I dowloaded Alcor from the above link but I get an error with title “Profile error” and the message is “NO RESERVE IMAGE FILE” I know there is a folder called “c” in the zip file and there is a reserve.img file but don’t know to correct this.

Thanks for all your help. Great Research.


Great stuff

I bought two usb drives on eBay, the have iCreate controller… can you please send me tje instructions on how to fix them…. thanks

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