Sorry guys had a lot of stuff to do this week not to mention spammers !!

Hiya all,

Sorry for not getting back to the comments and not approving new comments, was busy moving to new appartment, cause thanks to stupid ass condo conversion, our apartment wer were living in was marked for demolition this June, and with crazy 1% vacancy rate in the city, its a miracle even finding an apartment.

But anyways got GM truck from a friend at work, and was able to in 6 toes, over the 2 weeks period move everything over, not much loss as we can so far tell occured,  just that lost out plant, and air pump for my bicycle 🙁 . Will try to see or trace where it might have gone, other than that, just minor cuts and scuffs on hands and brueses on the foot etc etc are left after the move, tomorrow big day for me, as i get to cable my puter and tv up and set the entertainment system and stuff.

Damn wireless D-Link router that my brother swaped his with happens to have no wireless at all and had to hardwire the puter in living room !! Atleast a 70 feet cable is required, keeping my fingers crossed for the video/audio system transfer from my puter to the TV in living room hopefully it will go all well and not much signal loss will be there !

Oh not to mention had to mark 43 comments as spam, so if your comments got removed do forgive me, was a mistake if you were not the spammer :). However, Spammers can just go to hell !!

Note to myself : Move completed April 25th,2008 to new place.

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