Fake USB Key

Fixing USB/Flash/Pen Key with MPTools – MXT6208A Chip

Hi once again,

Spent few hours today fixing Tamer’s usb key’s he send to me (arrived this Friday just in nick of time before i left work for home 🙂 ) . Here is yet another USB Fixing blog post, today two sticks each with Controller MXT6208A and Memory Samsung 725/ K98G08U0M/ WNE197PA ( thats actually 8 gigaBIT memory, that means 1 gigaBYTE or 1 GB of capacity).

Sticks as usual came with the fancy shiny 16 GB stickers on them. I really liked the blue looking key, I wish it had been easy to rip open, but had a metal casing on top of it so I had to peel that away first and now stick looks hideous without that casing :(. The white one I was able to put back together without cosmetic damage !!

Lets start by posting some pictures first 🙂 .

Pen Drives
Picture : Shows the 2 keys just out of the packaging , with the shiny 16 gig sticker.

Lets see how they look from inside now 🙂

The white one first (note the capacitor (on bottom right ), its got bad solder join, sheesh)

MXT6208A Chip

And here is the blue one , note on the left thats the metal casing which had to be peeled/pulled apart.

AU6980 controller chip

Here is the memory snap shot from the white key, as could not get the key out for its case from the blue one cause of epoxy or w/e that blob of glue is (is holding it pretty tight in place) .

Sasmung Memory K98G08U0M

Now lets begin hacking our way and fix these flashed/fake usb keys.

Took me a while to find the right version of Mptools, and the chinesse site where you can get them from now has only invitation based registerations and requires credits/money for downloads of files, tried to spend $4 to get enough credits to download the tools, but their paypal account does not accept USD , so was stuck till I googled and found the tools on other sites :). Various versions were downloaded (about 6) but only 1 clicked and worked. Download this Mptool File 🙂 MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key

Now its the simplest fix ever (after you get right tool). Simple insert your fake pen drive into the usb port, and open up the exe file (unzip above file first) and it should show up something like this in the picture (if your stick/controller card is the list it should show up too ) .

Step 1. Insert key, open the exe file , and hit the little U icon (or the E Icon (its just your usb key drive letter only and will vary from user to user) as suggested by Barrows) if your stick is recognized off the bat, if not just hit setup ctrls and select one from the list on the left (uncheck the auto feature first on the top left there).

Step 1 to using Mptools

Step 2. After format is complete simply unplug the key from computer, and format it using win xp or any tool you like (but do not use quick format, just let it format using simple format) and your key is now all set to be used, without worry of data corruption (but do note these are not legit keys, so i wouldnt put anything that is really really important on these keys ) .

Usb Key fix underway

If you need any help with your keys let me know, but to find exact version of tool to fix your particular usb pen drive is hit and trial. So , it might take you some time to fix your usb drive to default factory built memory capacity.

Cheers yours,

Usb Fixing Guru 🙂

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Could you tell me the value of the capacitor i have a pen drive without it!
Need it urgently!
Thank you!

How can I fix my FAKE PEN DRIVE kingstone datatraveler 256gb
USB(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)
H2testw1.4 write+verifi 43gb
PnP Device ID: VID = 1111 PID = 2222
Serial Number: D013AF80
Revision: 8.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Alcor(??)
Chip Part-Number: FC8308

Product Vendor: Generic
Product Model: (??:?U????????)


Hi My USB Drive TOSHIBA TransMemory
the following errors i have
Warning: Only 7591 of 7657 MByte tested.
The media is likely to be defective.
4.7 GByte OK (10000384 sectors)
3 MByte DATA LOST (6144 sectors)
Details:2.6 MByte overwritten (5504 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
320 KByte corrupted (640 sectors)
2.6 MByte aliased memory (5504 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x00000000085cc000
Expected: 0x00000000085cc000
Found: 0x0000000057560000
H2testw version 1.3
Please Give Me a MP TOOL That has this chip name
How will i correct this Curropt USB Drive

HELP HELP FAKE PEN DRIVE kingstone datatraveler 256gb
USB(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)
H2testw1.4 write+verifi 43gb
PnP Device ID: VID = 1111 PID = 2222
Serial Number: D013AF80
Revision: 8.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Alcor(??)
Chip Part-Number: FC8308

Product Vendor: Generic
Product Model: (??:?U????????)

Hi guys, can any one help me with the right software to reset my fake USB drives; it’s Kingston brand and it shows as Fc99 UDISK USB Devise, these are the information found on the chipset; NANSI N26980 – 76HE D1A187 11023. Any help would be gladly welcomed since I have it in a large quantity, thanks!

hi i bought a fake usb that corrupts files im wondering how to fix it its says it 64 gb and im wondering what the key and exe file becasue i canot find the usb and the magnetic u and the bottom plz help?

please help me fix these problem,my china usb2.0 flash disk usb device 62GB can’t work anything.

please help me to program my flash
flash model :sony120 G.B
i remove the cover of flash memory,theres an I.C on it with this specifications:
if any one has a program could help me,please tell it me here or mail meat
thanks a lot


1. Test your fake usb stick with H2testw 1.4 from

and you will see how many parts are ok. GB
( the test running maby many hours – 128 GB)

2. Then you make only one partition with the okay parts size with Easeus Partiton master from

3. tested again
That s all
3. formated with hp format tool from

hello how do I restore the original drive with a pen i5188 chip.
I’ve been tested with the program h2testw_1.4 and the result was this:

Warning: Only 262,122 of 262,133 MByte tested.
The media is Likely to be defective.
497.0 MB OK (1018049 Sectors)
255.4 GByte DATA LOST (535,807,807 Sectors)
Details: 24.4 GByte overwritten (51,365,695 Sectors)
0 KByte Slightly changed (<8 bit / sector, 0 sectors to)
231 GByte corrupted (484,442,112 Sectors)
12 KByte aliased memory (24 Sectors)
First error at offset: 0x0000000000000000
Expected: 0x0000000000000000
Found: 0x00007da4070003c0
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 21.5 MByte / s
Reading speed: 20.3 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4

This is what I said genius chip:

Device Name: Input Device USB +

PnP Device ID: VID = 1043 PID = 8012
Serial Number: 6 & 34847E50 & 0 & & & & 3
Revision: (Information not returned)

Device Type: Standard USB device –

Chip Vendor: iCreate (?)
Chip Part-Number: i5128 (V1.34) ~ i5188 (V1.5)

Product Vendor: Device
Product Model: USB input

Tools on Web:

I tried different software types: 5188b_USBPDx16_V1p57b4 or i5128-PDX16-v1.34 or iCreate_allnewchinapd_1.2_i5188_i5127 but I can not make them work can you help me, I do not detect the pen drive?
now windows detects the pen drive with 255 GB of memory but are not real!

i have got a kingston 32gb flash drive purchased from ebay, which always asking for format but after getting it format with paragaon partition manager in ntfs , it is not detected by windows xp, i open the case of flash drive and noted the below mention details
MX E024545




im having problem with a fake kingston 64gb data traveler pen drive which i bought from ebay it is a fake one it worked for me 2 days and now i cant format or get into the pen drive to get my files back but im not that concerned to get my files back but i want to get this pen drive fixed is there anyway i can do that i would really appreciate your help my pen drive chip details below which i got using chip genius software.thanks

Device Name: +[E:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk 2.0 USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 5136 PID = 4678
Serial Number: 5&&1E1F5333&&0&&1
Revision: 2.60

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1)

Chip Vendor: micov
Chip Part-Number: MW8209

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:

Hi,.i have problem too 🙂 its TDK USB memory 4GB but its look like 4MB!
its written on a chip as folllows:


on the big chip is :
16R 4GB

thats all i hope u advice me somehow, what to do,..cuz i tried your fix-usb program and nothing 🙁 maybe i didnt do it in the right way ,..idk 🙁 tnx 😛


Please help me to fix the flash drive. its kingston usb flash memory 64 GB. below are the details of pendrive .

Device Name: +[G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Card-Reader USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1908 PID = 0221
Serial Number: 20090909180003
Revision: 1.02

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: (No match record)
Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

Product Vendor: Generic
Product Model: Card-Reader

Tools on Web: (N/A)

Hi ,
i bought also so some fake usb from ebay but cannot fix it .
I dissembled the pen and there is memory K9HBG08U0M .
But in the program is availible K9HBG081M so i tried to do it with this ,but it doesnt work.
It will format the flash but after it writes data over and over again on the usb flash…
Can you give me advice ? thank you .

this tool its very good, i format one stick from mercedes, BLUETEC, i`m happy, thancks for this blog ! I`m from Romania =flag-> red+yelow+blue.

please help me to program my flash
flash model :silicon power 16 G.B
i remove the cover of flash memory,theres an I.C on it with this specifications:
if any one has a program could help me,please tell it me here or mail me at
thanks a lot

I bought a kingston 128gb usb but it was obviously fake and he has stopped returning my emails for a refund. Any help on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated!

the number on one side is:

and the chips has this on it:


thank you!

with tool for Ameco MW6208E, I fix ( ? ) an MW6208E with StarRam FCM40AH from 4Gb to 250Mb !


I came back,
unfortunately my flash doesn’t work, the ameco tool 8209 is the only one that find’s automatically my flash, but that is not enough 🙂 , at the end of the format it gives me an

error: download external code failed! ID=ADD314A5 elapse=1609s

if you know something about this, don’t hesitate 🙂 Thanksss…

Hey man, i have a fake kingston 32gb and this is your features:

PnP Device ID: VID = 1043 PID = 8012
Serial Number: 5&&8E70AF1&&0&&3
Revision: 1.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: iCreate
Chip Part-Number: i5128~i5188

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

– Can you help me to solve a problem with this??? Your software dont read this USB DEVICE, help me plx to fix the real memory of this DEVICE…

Many thx…

hi, i tried to use the program but it doesnt detect my pendrive, i disable the auto search and nothing… i have a \fake\ 32GB one.. any help?thanks

@DieselDragon and to others, even if you fix your keys, i would refrain from using them to store critical data, they are very delicate and cheap makes ! They has slower read-write speeds.

Hi mate! 🙂
Just wanted to say thanks for the descriptive article, and the photos in particular! 🙂

I recently bought two MP3 players that up until now *looked* like they were 16Gb units (And Windows happily FAT-32’d them to that capacity without complaining) but looking at the photos above – And seeing exactly the same “16Gb” stickers that are on my devices – I now know that they’re actually smaller than they first appeared…And I’m thanking the Gods I didn’t try storing anything critical on them!
It’ll be interesting to see what their *real* capacity is, once I’ve had the chance to run H2Test over them. I’ll still be happy if they’re 2Gb each, but only time and testing will tell. 🙂

Anyhow…Thinking of the way that USB media works, and the fact that the storage capacity is IIUC written to a low-order sector on the flash chip, surely it would be possible to perform a low-level write to these sectors from Windows or whatever OS?
Used in conjunction with H2Test output, an open source repair program could be produced and used by end users to “fix” fake USB keys (That is to say, update the stated capacity to the correct one) irrespective of the type/class of controller used on the key itself, without any knowlege of drive structures or layouts needed by the user? 🙂

Farewell for now, and thanks once again for an excellent and informative article! 🙂
+++ DieselDragon +++

thanks for the info. I decided to check a flash drive before using it since I had trouble with one in the past. This one was given to me by my niece for Christmas (she bought it on eBay). I had my suspicions since the package stated 8gb but the leatherette covering has 16gb imprinted on it.
Anyway I ran the h2testw and despite the packaging or the leather covering on the flash drive and what they state the htestw states The media is likely to be defective.
1.9 GByte OK (4140794 sectors)
13.6 GByte DATA LOST (28582150 sectors)
Details:13.6 GByte overwritten (28582150 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
0 KByte corrupted (0 sectors)
2 KByte aliased memory (4 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x000000007e5df400
Expected: 0x000000007e5df400
Found: 0x000000007e5df000
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 9.27 MByte/s
Reading speed: 15.5 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

So I ran the chipgenius and it states
Device Name: +[F:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic USB Flash Drive USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1043 PID = 8012
Serial Number: 5&&26F89CA8&&0&&1
Revision: 1.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: iCreate(??)
Chip Part-Number: i5128(V1.34)~i5188(V1.5)

Product Vendor: Generic
Product Model: USB Flash Drive

I then went to the iFlash data base and the information that I found states the utility is i5127-PDV1.08B3 for a 1gb flash drive.

Is there a way to fix this flash drive???

Hi frnz,

Please help me…..

my device having alcor AU6981 chip

and samsung K9F5608QOC HIBO

need flash tool to flash it….please help me regarding this..!!
i not able to flash it coz of QOC its not on the list…..what to do…???

i have this USB hp usb flash drive v125w i think it’s fake
so it does not work i tried so many thing but nothing and it can’t format this info from it

PnP Device ID: VID = 2001 PID = 2008
Serial Number: 5&&2029C769&&0&&8
Revision: 2.20

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: micov(???)
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

can any one help me

hi ppl,
i have been looking for a solution for my usb sticks and found another method from this site using linux live cd called gParted, download it, delete the partition and create a new one with FAT32 file system and set the correct size, I got it to work and verified with HWtest program(sorry forgot what it is called)

Even if i format it in windows it only recognises the new partition i created and not the 16gb that it came with. I got 3 working 100%

No need to hunt around for all them different tools, i must have download about 30 of them and they all would not recognise my USB drive

Good Luck

I smashed an CION AP192 2GB with TrueCrypt. Its 0MB now.
Windows says \insert disk\ when I try to open it.
I tried \AP192 ptool v2.50_En.exe\ but it says:
F DISK: AP192 V1.2B (SLC) ChNum = 1, ( 2C BA 80 55 ) UNKNOWN FLASH TYPE(0M)
Pleas help me fix this usb key!

I have need to fix some thumb drives I purchased. They claimed to be 32GB but they are 2GB. I downloaded the program in your article, but when I plug my thumb drive it does not detect it. I search for my flashtype in their drop down and it is not in there either. They have hynix H27UAG8T2ATR and on the other side it has the MW6208E like in this article.

Please help!! Any help I get I thank you!

Thanks QV, the download is available now here at bloggy bloggy which will help fix end users their fake 16 gig usb drives with controller Ameco MW6208E, flash FBNL63A56K3WG (4 GB)

Download : Ameco MW6208E

@Futro above should be able to see your drive too properly and fix it, if not do get back to us.

@ dany for your memory controller ( chip MW6208A ) try this download : UFD AB8028 K V1.01

Finally got mine to work: controller Ameco MW6208E, flash FBNL63A56K3WG (4 GB).

Have to download the latest UdTools (available in Russian/Chinese web sites); the tool recognizes the flash as MT29F32G08CBAAA.

None of the previous older tools works on my fake 16 GB USB drive.

help help

VID = 1221 PID = 3234
chip MW6208A
and memory flash
chip MSV12811ATP is not detect in MPtoll and UDtolls
this memory is from RENESAS / HITACH
thinks 128mb how fix this

help help sorry my english

Hi. My drive has the MW6208e chip so UdTools can see it
Now, the problem is the memory chip FBNL63A56K3PG which is not in the list.
Can anyone suggest which chip in the list to chose?

I’ve tried many softwares:

but none of them were working…
i also choose the device manually, but after i press START ALL (at UdTools) nothing happens. My usb, and other usb, cannot be detected in all of those programs.

help me please im so desperate with all these stuff…

heyyy, anybody can help me with this
my toshiba usb: with IC number: TC58NVG0S3AFT00


idVendor: 0x0C76
idProduct: 0x0007

what is the software for this version?

thank you very much

Greetings to You, Used the MPTool V2.0 after finding PnP VID 1221 PID 3234 Serial0001CFCFCFC5EEC2 Revison 2.40 STD USB device USB 2.0 High-Speed. Chip Vendor micov(???) Chip Part-Number MXT 8208

Produced Flash type as K9G8G08U0M_1GB Drive supplied is 128 Gig USB Disk SHows following information. Properties show Used 32,768Bytes (32.0KB) 134, 134,184,894,464 Bytes
124GB Fat 32 when files transferred on and off drive will format NTFS and exFat. Does not appear to be a problem. Have used Flash memory tool Kit V1.20 Standard and disk formats from Fat 32 to NTFS MY query is? Is the a dodgy chip set? I have already sold some. Not knowing the information. I was told that the chip set was a Samsung Chip set, when I purchased the USB disks. Please advise

my flash chip is alcor au6980
memory is spectek fbnm49a19k3wg
please send me program can detect spectek memory

my frind cheeted me by returning a useless pen drive

i rendered my pen drive(transend 2gb) for my friend but he returned it by saying “it’s burnt because og grounding probloms im my system
but he has simlor pen drive which is good and nice working

i doubted that he is using my pen drive and returned a burnt pen drive which is not mine
i think i am cheated by him

how can i identify weather it is mine or not by knowing its IC version
i am an electronics student

and i also doubted that he returned a pen drive which is old with 1.91 gb available memory
but my pen drive is of 1.88gb available memory

what is the diffrence between 1.91 gb and 1.88 gb available memory is there any differ in their IC version or its just a markting trick by companis


I bought a fake 32Gb pendrive, but it is only 511Mb!!!! =(

Device Name: +[E:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 1000000000000C26
Revision: 2.10

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: micov
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

I already tried:

But none of then worked out!

Please help me!!! What do I do now????


MXT6208A controller chip & unknown memory chip( kingaton 32 gb datatraveller 1.1 type (green)
I used MXT6208 MPTool v2.0
this tool but too manybad sector, & show 0gb
please help me which tool used for this.
Device Name: +[I:]+USB Mass Storage Device(usb2.0 flash disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 10000000000003BB
Revision: 2.10

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Product Vendor: usb2.0
Product Model: flash disk

MXT6208A controller chip & unknown memory chip
i used this tool but too manybad sector, & show 0gb
Device Name: +[I:]+USB Mass Storage Device(usb2.0 flash disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 10000000000003BB
Revision: 2.10

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Product Vendor: usb2.0
Product Model: flash disk

please help me to formate it to original memory….i have 64 GB kingston USB device..
But unable to formate, and data is corupted..
data from chipgenius-
Device Name: +[G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 1000000000001AF5
Revision: 2.50

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: micov
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:

data from h2testw-

The media is likely to be defective.
102.8 MByte OK (210685 sectors)
63.8 GByte DATA LOST (133955843 sectors)
Details:47.9 GByte overwritten (100466883 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
15.9 GByte corrupted (33488960 sectors)
1.5 KByte aliased memory (3 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x00000000066dfa00
Expected: 0x00000000066dfa00
Found: 0x00000000066ff800
H2testw version 1.3

Please help me 128GB …..Do you want to format it now….but error format

Device Name: +[E:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 10000000000014B2
Revision: 2.50

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: micov
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:

hi does any one know the required tool to fix :

Device Name: +[F:]+Dispositivo de almacenamiento masivo USB(USB Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = EEEE PID = 1234
Serial Number: 5&&3072DE82&&0&&2
Revision: 1.00

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Solid State System
Chip Part-Number: SSS6677

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: U

kingstone data traveler 2.0 16Gb (fake)

hello, could somebody help me to find flash fo sigmatel 2Gb ( stmp 3500) because when i conect it to computer it plug and unplug at same time. i’d download it driver but nothing


I am looking to format my USB, I don’t think it is a fake, just trying to remove the CD emulation and get a full 2GB USB. Right now has a read only CD partition and a USB area of 1.4GB.

The controller chip is an eu201AT by eFortune.
The flash (as best I can tell, I had to remove epoxy) is
DF716GW08S1PM1 09C2, I can’t find any reference to who makes it.

None of the tools seem to be able to talk to it, umptool, mptool, udtool etc..

Any suggestions?

My product cose for my Toshiba 16gb is not on the list what do I do?

Toshiba 16gb TC58NVG4D1DTG00

Glad my post helped you. The real thanks should go to the host of this site for making this info available to everyone.
Martin Pedder, Boomerang Sounds

I fixed my fake usb but I think I lost some memory.

Chipset is MICOV MW6208E and memory is Samsung K9G8G08U0B-PCB0

As far as I can remember, it used to store up to 2GB, buy after flashing it with UdTools was reseted to 1 GB.
UdTools recognized it as K9G8G08u0a (not b)

Can I flash it up to 2GB? Or I was wrong and both a & b are 1GB memorys?

Thanks in advance

PS: I formatted my USB with NTFS using compression, and over 650 MB of data took 450MB, which is nice for a so small USB. (I stored mostly word docs). Would you reccomend that for this fake usb?


It is not eba*, it is from fake market Shanghai …
Look to pictures please.

greetz brekki

@brekki – I’ve got one of those too. My sister picked it up when she was in china. Lucky for us she only paid ~$5 USD for them (knowing they were most likely fakes).

Anyways, I have been able to figure out that mine is 4GB (4096 MB) but I don’t know what to do with it. The memory chip has absolutely no markings on it.

Looks like we have to play with the settings until we find one that works?

Anyone else been able to fix one of these bad boys?

@brekki i dunno there is nothing out there that i could find either for your problem, i am afraid to say at this stage its a loss, plus have never heard a usb key whose size is 240 gb in the first place, did you purchase it off ebay ? I would get a refund asap !

I used I have just fixed several 2GB sold as 8GB sticks in a leather and metal case that were sold on eBay. They had all failed after a few months use, presumably when the users first hit the 2GB ceiling of what they thought was their 8GB memory stick. The drives all said they needed formatting but failed to format. In no case was I able to recover any data for the users. ChipGenius reported VID 2001 and PID 2008 and MXT8208. The chip inside is actually MW6208E. Firstly, you must use a PC with XP. Vista just did not seem to find the memory sticks. I also found that only 2 of the 3 USB sockets on my XP laptop were recognised, so try different sockets if you struggle to get your stick seen. My Vista machine never saw any stick in any socket. I tried several versions of UDtools including UdTools1_0_4_6_20081010 with no success. Even though it could see the correct memory chip, I kept getting “Download Scan Code Failed”. Eventually I found the Ameco version of UDtools that worked immediately with the default settings of VID 1221 and PID 3234. It appears that the vendor had programmed incorrect VID and PID values. A few notes about UDtools: Each row is for a separate memory stick, so many can be programmed at once with the same settings, or individually with the buttons on the left. It permits sequential serial numbers. There are three .ini files included with the distribution. The first one has the definitions of the chips in it and UDtools will complain if it is missing. The second one I did not investigate. UDtools remembers most of the settings you make in the third .ini. You can reset some of them by renaming (or deleting if you are brave) this one. It will make a new one next time it is run. You can enter your own vendor name, but only the first 8 characters will be programmed. Likewise, you can enter your own model name. I used USB2.0 Stick. The serial number looks like it must be numeric as it will fill lots of zeroes before the number you enter. If you choose the increment option and are programming several sticks together, and enter for example 123401, the second stick will be 123402, the third 123403 and so on. After reprogramming the memory sticks all work perfectly at the correct 2GB size. ChipGenius now sees VID 1221 and PID 3234 but still reckons the controller is MXT8208. I suspect that MW6208E may be an equivalent of MXT8208.

Hi, who can help me?

I have got a “SONY 240GB USB Stick” – a fake! I opened and see (look pictures)


I cannot find information about memory (noname?). IMF04HCPC-1 , 0701120119-CC1
Do you recognize it? And which tool is the best for making a normal stick?

It looks like

I have worked with MPTool but only small success —> 148 MB. I think my configuration of MPTool is not correct.

Thanks much for solutions …

I need help! urgent. download the program but do not know how to use it, I do not understand anything please explain me I will appreciate that kind of person to do so.

@Caroline , U is the drive letter to which your usb key gets mounted to, and is dependent on your comptuer.

@mark good to know you got your player in a usable state 🙂

I have an MP3 player bought from ebay, 8GB, with a chip number 29f8g08mad, device store usable 1.6 GB, your program

Hello. Please help me my flashed/fake usb key. It is KINGSTON USB flash memory 8GB. The program does not work, when I opened it does not show de U icon to start the process. Why is that?

@Enrico nice gesture, maybe he will return, but i do not know if you can pm the users on wordpress your msn or email etc.. ?Maybe he can post his and you can email him than, if he is still interested to fix his usb key.

Hello everybody! I came back! I saw Andrea asked for my help some months ago. I’ m really sorry I haven’t seen his post before. The only thing I can say is I’m here for him 🙂

Jason , it could very well be 1gb key, but before you started format did you check for its true real capacity, for that is a must before deciding which rom version to use to flash it back to its true capacity.

Bad sectors could very well be just bad sectors, my usb key does not even work now , for they use cheap parts and memory chips !!

I just wish ebay would take action and stop the sales of fake usb keys which they are very aware of !!

Many Thanks for this, bought a supposedly 8Gb key off of eBay in April. Had a few problems and put it down to a particular machine which was always a bit freaky with removable drives. The tool says its TH58NVG4D4C_2G (so 2Gb) but low level formatting gives 8192 blocks of which 4101 are ‘bad’. I get about 5 bad blocks in the first 25% of the format and the whole of the tail end is pure bad sectors. Is this possibly a 1Gb key its not detected correctly?

Many Thanks,

Finding the right tool and flash file to match your memory chip might help it flash it back to its original true capacity ,unless it really is 265mb in its true capacity, did you run the true usb key capacity check to see what capacity the usb key has originally ?

I have 32 GB Sony Vaio of USB Pen Drive. I was getting the error message while formatting the drive \Unable to complete the format\ and I ran \UdTools1.0.4.6_20081010\ and now I can see ony 256 MB. Is there any way to resolve the issue. Please help. Thank you.

Hi guys! I’ve been away from here for a while and now I noticed that many people had problems with fake pen drives. However I’m very happy that some people could fix their own thanks to Sumeet and me. I wouls suggest Sumeet to create a sticky post with a list of hacked pen drives’ chips and the suitable software to fix them. Good job with this blog Sumeet! 😉

Good to hear that Growe, hopefully you got your money back :). And all your keys are fixed thanks to HTH :).

PS: get any CRC error this time from the zip ?

Follow-up to my last post… It was slow going at first but then went quicker. It finished and all is well now.


Ok, here’s the scoop… I have several keys, all identical. I opened one of the keys (accidentally breaking it) anyway, the chips are in fact….
K9GAG08U0M (2GB)

I tried all the previously mentioned versions of udTools with no success; however, the lastest version posted at did the trick…. I think… It is still running. It’s farther than I’ve gotten before.

Thanks to both HTH and Sumeet


@growe you might be in luck and solution posted by HTH might be what you been looking for, i have downloaded the original file and uploaded to bloggy bloggy here itself. PS: if you get crc issues, thats with PDF files only that get renamed and their header staying what they were originally or something like that of an issue.

UdTools1.0.4.6_20081010 Download for MW6208E or MXT8208 Controller

Thanks HTH, and growe it might very well be the case that your controller is actually MXT8208 instead of MW6208E or vice versa. And to answer your other question “nope i have no first hand experience with Udtools as ebay and usb keys for me is a big no, but there are others who come here to post their solutions, so the latest faked usb keys can be fixed too 🙂 .


My case has already been reported to SOSfakeflash; they are working on their material for fixing fake/defective flashdrives…:

I bought a Kingston DataTraveler 2GB on eBay. It arrived looking very good, in solid packaging and with a case of convincing quality. But it lost/corrupted data when larger amounts were put on it, and tested defective with H2testw.exe Kingston ignored my warranty claim. I believe this was a counterfeit drive. Chipgenius.exe reported “PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234”, “Chip Vendor: micov” and (controller) “Chip Part-Number: MXT8208”.
However, I popped open the case, after having had no luck at all with the HP program or a couple different versions of MPTools. The actual controller chip inside had printed on it MW6208E. So chipgenius was apparently reading fake data, programmed by a counterfeiter…? The ink-based version of the controller ID led me to use UdTools1.0.4.6_20081010, and that worked, to reflash a low-level format that left me with a 1.5GB flashdrive, that tests good with h2testw.exe
Lucky me, I had my purchase price refunded so all I lost was time, hacking it back to a reliable 1.5 GB …UdTools was downloaded from

If you try it, ignore the flashing of your drive on program startup, it won’t start the format and show you any actual progress until you click on the left-side button with your flashdrive’s drive letter on it. Keep default settings, at least to start! It worked for me, good luck to any other penny pinchers out there, or people who thought Kingston was a reliable brand, even when shipped from Hong Kong. -HTH


Thanks for clarifying the issue with the .zip

Are you familiar with the use of udtools? Are there any settings that I need to set?
I’m just not sure how to get around the “Download Scan Code Failed” error”

Any help or even suggestions are appreciated…. by anyone.

The details of my usb keys are listed earlier in this thread but for quick reference can be accessed here…



There is no correction of data file , that crc comes because the pdf files have non-english characters, i have zipped those 2 pds in separate zip file within the zip itself, so you will not get any crc messages this time, but do reload the page as file might be cached on your browser.

Any other crc’s on any other files will also be due to pdf files, and not due to any other files.

JJM seems like that is the very case, that you are using Vista, can you get access to xp box or maybe create a vm inside your vista and put xp on it and try it out ? And if i recall your key should have the flash rom already in the program. So might be vista issue.

I have tried to use the tool but it does not do anything for me. I have a hacked usb bought off ebay which is 4GB but i think it is only really a 1 GB

It is the following
Hynix HY27UT088G2M

When i open the program i have F written in the top left corner and nothing else
after i go to settings and select from drop down list the above HY27…. and disable auto, no error message or anything and the F disappears when i press it and the stop all ctrl becomes blue. But nothing gets formatted and i check it still says 4GB in properties. Can anyone help
I’m using vista, maybe this is why?

Ok, it turns out my flash drive’s actual capacity is 499MB. Used UdTools1_0_4_6_20081010.rar to rectify it and state the true capacity. Thanks!

Hello, I got a fake 32 GB “Transcend” flash drive . Using “Hacked-USB” batch file, came to know that the actual capacity is roughly 470MB or so. I ran ChipGenius and got the below output. Can you please let me know the s/w (with link to it, if possible) to be used to correct this flash drive to its true capacity? Thx much for your help!

Device Name: +[E:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 0000000013A1
Revision: 2.20

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: micov(???)
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: USB2.0
Product Model: Flash Disk

Tools on Web:

@growe whats the controller on your your key, i am assuming its MW6208E , did not help you , seems like Enrico had same chip as yours.

Rick said ” fake drive has the MW6208e chip so UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 can see it ” so download that version which is also available via this blog just few comments below rick’s.

Let me know the outcome if that helped or not.

Good luck


I have several keys that are formatted as 16GB with the following chips…
K9GAG08U0M (2GB)

From what I have read here, I should use udTools. I have tried with no success. Can someone give me instructions. Maybe I’m just using it wrong.


@Konstantin you have just joined the fake usb key club. You were duped ! If i were you i will try to get my money back from seller asap, for you are stuck with 2.95gb which is actually what you ever had on that drive and never 16GB (which was an illusion).

Look at controller in your case happens to be MXT6208A which the mptools should be able to fix to original capacity aka 1GB or 2.95 gb whichever be the true capacity. Read the other posts and how-to fix the fake key and may good luck be with you. But there is no 16GB memory chip on your key !!

Good day, Mr. Sumeet,
I have bought USB flash card 16GB, but soon it has ceased to work normally. In Win XP SP2 it was formatted to FAT32, but NTFS – is not (in the end of formatting wrote, that cannot finish formatting). I have made Low level format through program MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key and after that on a flash remains only 2,95 Gb. Pls kindly help to restore all 16 Gb or it’s not possible also and the seller has simply deceived me, having sold a flash on 2,95 Gb, as a flash on 16 Gb? On a chipset it is written MXT6208A, 428261, 09HT0901, on memories – HA822GFM, UMLC0826A, MTUJ8497PQ. I unfortunately do not know the manufacturer…

Pls help if it possible.

i’ have to try to format fat32 has ntfs by xp sp2 but at the end it leaves me a message d’ error I want a utility of formatting to improve well

I would like maider after the flashage my flash disc of 1go has 10go all does I well formate well I makes copies of plusior films after it finishes when I would like to visualize film the first film walks the others well does not walk I would like that you give me a trcuk to regulate problem thank you

I bought the controlers by myself in China, when I attended a Conference there, so the flash drives are very new, they apparently were 400GB Sony Vaio (foolish me) and called AMECO when you used it

My controler chip number is
09ht0501 (the last two numbers vary from one to another flash drive)

My memory number isn´t there sometimes.

I tried to realize the capacity saving files and reading them and couldn´t read more than 512 Mb, but I couldn´t find in the list a number similar to the controller number or the memory numbers that i found in some of the flash drives.

I finally used Mxt6208 tool downloaded here and I formatted one of them with NAND04GW3A_512MB, but that number wasn´t anywhere in the chips, and I couldn´t use the same one, to flash the next chip. In the second case I could use the NAND08GW3B_1GB but it said 50% of the memory was bad and I only got 495MB.

Does this make any sense?

Could it be that the flash drives are too recent and the programs still don´t have the proper drivers or whatever are they called?

Is it possible that I only have 512MB instead og 1GB in my MXT6208A?

I thank any advice

PD: By the way, forgive my english, I am from Venezuela.

If its not auto recognized, try fishing for similar compatible drive rom from within the program. Udtool 1.03.8 should be the right tool for the job. As per walk through sorry aint got any for that tool.

edit: above FBNL41BNAK3P2

i also have downloaded udtools to see if this will work and it seems as though it doesn’t but I may not be using the program correctly

I am having al sorts of problems with this USB drive. Obviously a fake one off eBay says 16G but isn’t. Anyway, i tried using UDtools both 1.04.0 and 1.03.8 and i open the .exe file and then plug in my USB and nothing happens I would assume it would pop up in the flash model box. I may not know exactly how this works maybe someone can help, here are the drive details:



I am pretty sure I am in the same boat as seshu but i am pretty new at this so I need a thorough walk-through fix. Thanks in advance, much appreciated.


That number is only for Controller , which tells your computer as to how much memory the key has, memory chip is what data is written on and controller fakes the capacity of that memory chip. So unless you know the “Memory Chips” exact number to google up its true capacity, it will be hard for reflashing the “Controller Chip” to tell your computer of the true capacity of the memory chip.

If you tried randomly i am guessing you flashing with the wrong rom, a reformat (low lever format with hp tool) might fix that problem.

Oh my you bought for your whole family i did get a “REFUND” asap use scare tactics if you have to. Do you have a digital camera to take snapshots maybe of both sides of the guts of the key ? (example thats the controller chip image of my fake key and the back

MXT6208A is controller chip number !

I though there was a number, but actually it was little scrashes. I can´t read any number.
I tried randomly and now It says capacity=0 and reports too many bad sectors. What can I do?

What is the MXT6208A number for? That one I can read
Please help me, I bought a bunch of them for my whole family and don´t know what to do.

@ishmeal : Read this line from the post :
Step 1. Insert key, open the exe file , and hit the little U icon (or the E Icon (its just your usb key drive letter only and will vary from user to user) as suggested by Barrows) if your stick is recognized off the bat, if not just hit setup ctrls and select one from the list on the left (uncheck the auto feature first on the top left there).

@Elizabeth the number at the back on the back black chip is the memory number, thats what you look for after you launch the application if its not auto selected do as mentioned in step 1.

Sorry, besides the number i told you, which was:
There is another number at the back. Could this be the right one?
I really need to solve this, I bought several of this fakes for my brothers and friends. It meant some money.
Thanks, eli

I downloaded the MPTOOL and couldn´t find my MXT6208A in the list.
Tell me what I did wrong. The total number is

Help me please

@ Eduardo look for “Memory Controller” id and number. What you posted is memory id, not controller details. Controller is what controls how much capacity you see on the memory !

@seshu you can try doing a search and select manually and flash it to the closest thing on the block. Or you can also try the technique mentioned at

Try formatting drive using hp utility for low level format, and than unplug it and replug and launch the udtool.

Dear sumeet i tried that UdTools1.0.3.8_20080611 software and that is not detecting my flash key model. what i have to do?

hi i bougt a flash sony vaio of 32 GB fake i open the memory and de model isK9F5616U0C
BUT i need know what alcor recognizes my usb or something to understand the alcor
sorry for my inglish

and also the key is
MW6208E 250041-5 08HT0808
i also dowloaded the sfotware UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 provided by sumeeth
when i am extracting the zip folder its showing the following error msgs.
! C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\ CRC failed in bloggybloggy-somefile.pdf. The file is corrupt
! C:\Documents and SettingsDesktop\ The archive is corrupt

Device Name: +[F:]+USB Mass Storage Device(USB2.0 USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
Serial Number: 000000002B44
Revision: 2.20
pls provide software for my fake usb.
details are below

Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

Chip Vendor: Ameco
Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: (N/A)
Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web:

@Youcef the information you provided does not help much, and if a flash disk is about to die its about to die, nothing much can be done, as those drives are cheap drives with rather cheap hardware.

@Clinton that does not help at all , you need to look at controller chip not the memory chip !!

Anyone help with my post above?

“Need help with “fake 8 GB” drive but reads 1gb instead, K9G8G08U0A.”

O a flashpen aka your fake usb key is dead when you can no longer read it or cannot do full low format :). My pen drive which Tamer sent me at no cost for finding the fix is dead already. I have now ripped it apart too :). The white one in the picture above i think still works, but blue one worked for only 2 – 3 times though :(. After that it was unreadable ……..aka puter will refuse to recognize the flash drive.

Hi Sumeet,
sorry I could not be the first in comunicating these helpful links!! (^___^)
I ‘ll wait confident contacts from @Andrea or anybody else to understand if there is a test to check if my flashpen is still alive or dead.

@nembokid SirDave up there already posted what you were trying to post. He beat you to it hehe . But nevertheless thanks for the help @ the third link its more or less a site with those fake key sellers @ ebay. I was able to locate only 1 fix like sirdave and you mentioned above.

@Andrea will email you soon, not sure how much help i can be, currently am involved building a new website of mine, so might be able to entertain you much though on msn.


Hi, I wouldlike to give you some info which may help the victimsof fake usb flashpen.
The firstis a progr. which identifies the technical details of the flashpen:, thru this you can discover all the details without opening the device.
The second is a webpage thru which you can discover the priper fixing tools, once discovered the chips thru the above program Translate
This is a russian site, the above link is translated thru google.
The third help is a site opened by a group of victims of this fraud.There you can find , list of fake flashpens sellers, support for refund claims thru paypal and other useful infos.
At he end I would like to understand if there is a test that shows the “dead” flashpens.Due to the low quality of the chips in fact, may happen that in some cases the process of fixing kills the fake flashpens.

Hi Enrico.
I really need a hand, so i would like to speak with you.
I’m Italian (like you i think), so can you give me your mail or msn contact?
Many thanks.

Hi I have a kingston 8gb USB Flash Drive I bought of ebay… I got an email from them advising that the seller has been done for fraud…I can’t seem to find my usb from the list.

Can you help?

The details are:

Kingston 8gb- DTI/8GB
ch 031907 5v
05630-355 AOOLF

Your help will be much appreciated =)

Hi,I have problems with 2 fake flashpen , one is with MX6208E, the other with FBNL52AHGK3WG, both were tested and should be 4.GB.
I used UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 to fix them , but in both cases arrived at 80 %, program stopped and the 2 pens show capacity zero, thru XP.
Are they dead , or it is possinle to do something)
P.S. Sumeet I was trying to write that I not very often at PC (PN was a misprint) (^__^)

HI I have just purchased a 16gb Flash Drive from memory-w1 based in the USA. I have not received it yet and was wondering if anyone has purchased from them and if they are also fakes

@Edward wats a PN ? So apparently software worked right off the bat for you. So software also depends on the memory itself and not just the controller to work automatically!

sorry, I am often not present at PN.I have no scrrenshots to show, I just opened the program , he identified the chip, and I started, in less than 3 minutes was ok, with capacity adjusted to 4GB.

@Comic for MXT6208A the steps mentioned above did not work ? Whats the actual size of your memory ?

And wats ? 048071-3 09HT0206 you got multiple sticks or that’s just one controller chip on 1 stick ?

I have the following that I need your assistance with. If you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
Controller is

Memory Chip
(Very Tiny Writing) 8CHGA3 and then MTUJ8159QH

Only way to see the 8CHGA3 is to ink the chip in white then wipe off to see the imprint.

@jorge you sure its not MW6208E instead of MX6208e ? Well Enricos and Edwards drives apparently are fixed they both had MW6208E and used UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 to fix them.

@bassem you do not look for controller chip from dropdown and stuff, you look for “Memory Chip” for flashing. Controller chip decides the software to reflash and fix the “Memory” so you will not be able to read MW6208E , so you need to know your memory chip !!

I have a similar problem as many others on this site. Unfortunately, I’m a little new at this as it is my first time, getting scammed with the USB flash drive situation, that has been going around.

I have 2 major chipset on my flash drive. They are:


I know that this is the flash memory chip according to 8GB

My unit is reporting as a 16GB flash drive.

I tried using the programs mentioned, but to no avail. I could use linux to repartition it, but I was looking for a more permanent solution to this problem.

Any help would be appreciated!


I downloaded UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714, but how to use it?
with manual selection I cannot find the mw6208

So Phil you got your key fixed the linux way ? If so good work i might put that as another fix in original post of mine so users do not miss it.

By the way do you guys get the fake keys off ebay if so, it would be nice to put your sellers ebay id, so potential buyers will get warned and not buy of same user ?


This works really with EVERY Stick:

Just download unbuntu (Linux) for free, burn it to disk, start from it. In this environment you can partition ever Stick in sizes and fortmats you want. No Problem!

Thnk you Fakiris!

“fakiris Says:
August 14th, 2008 at 11:22 am

Guys… i found an extremely easy solution for fixing these problems, no matter what controller chipset the device has. I used Linux based progs, but there are definitely Windows based as well. You just have to find the out.
You may also use a Linux liveCD, i recommend Ubuntu Linux. Download from
Step 1. With FlashTetser or another program you identify the REAL memory capacity. In my case 2GB
Step 2 Using gParted or any other partition editor of your choice i erase the existing partitioning, and create one and ONLY ONE partition with size 2048MB.
Step 3. Format it using FAT 32
Step 4. You are ready to Dance.”

Hey great site! Thnx for the informations!

I have also a Fake stick (Alco Micro AU6983HL controller) with 16 gb. But till now no Software to flash it back to its original size 🙁

My controller is marked as follows
Alcor Micro
698950 – 1F

Flash marked as follows:
0830 SS CPVD

Done a fair bit of googling and tried various tools, but no luck so far… I reckon the flash is a Spectek 8Gb (ish) part from what H2testw reported, but I can’t figure out the alcor controller…

Any suggestions?

So barrows its all fixed ? I have however updated the Step 1 :).

@Andy did you low level format to Fat 32 from Xp box before trying to use it on Mac ? If that does not work , try low level formatting to NTFS. Us the HP low level format tool if you have to.

update: unplugged and replugged in my flash drive and it still works.. though it’s set as a 1 GB now (bought it labeled 32gb, tested to be able to contain 1gb)

oh i wasn’t able to read the other posts, ‘U’ is the USB drive letter that’s why it varies,

Great site / blog!… The best for this topic… you hit on a widespread need here.

You should modify your first instruction to press U button (it is now labeled ‘E’ from your provided download, another version perhaps?). It should be DO NOT PRESS U yet until you make sure that the RIGHT memory type is selected in the upper right box… I pressed U (in this case ‘E’) off the bat, thinking it was the scan for memory type button. now i got the “error while downloading rom code” message…

i think my flash drive is toast, unless you have a solution?

My usb memory controller is MXT6208A and memory is Hynix 1GB and after I used MPTool, I can’t use it on Mac but before I used MPTool, I did not use my usb memory on Mac so I’m not sure if it worked with Mac or not.
Does MXT6208A work on Mac? And if so, how could I fix my memory?

@Edwards would you sharing some screenshots if you took any so other users are not lost (cause 99.9% wont be able to understand Chinese in general)

I downloaded UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714, but how to use it?
with manual selection I cannot find the mw6208.
do I have ti try all the options?
the usb flashpen is a fake 32gb , and should be e real 4gb, according to the test with the program h2testw.

SirDave…..looked at your and my VID = 04B8 and PID = 0838, both could not be found on any of the 7 pages 🙁

@papa check out 🙂 . I am shocked to see that such tools come up with so many upgrades/updates so quick (quicker than windows updates 🙂 ).

@Xavier the tools listed here in the post should have worked, as per bad blocks do a quick format of the usb stick from the windows format thingy. And i think you are selecting the wrong memory size for your samsung memory chip. Try something equivalent.

Remember Memory Samsung 725/ K98G08U0M/ WNE197PA ( thats actually 8 gigaBIT memory, that means 1 gigaBYTE or 1 GB of capacity). So you should be able to fix it exactly the way i did it, as seems like your last 4 digits are the same for memory. Manually select from dropdown the key/file as you see in image 2 of original blog post up there ^^^^

Hi Sumeet, the controller chip is an MXT6208A, and the memory chip is a SAMSUNG K9F1G08U0M.

I repaired my 1G USB (Before it was 8GB), so as a token of Thanks
here >
(choose free user and wait until the download button is available)
is most update UdTools _20080910,
supports MXT6208A, MXT6208E and MXT8208 controller chip.
1. increases HY27UF082G2B, NAND02GW3B3DN6,_A flash the support
2. changed the ISO capacity computing mode: ISO*5%+6MB= actual ISO takes capacity
3. revised the encryption plate to record the question on vista
4. optimized “the quantity to produce the speed pattern” under to change over to “the default pattern” automatically
5. revised when the series number figure overflow inputs invalid
6. revised the 4K/page contrast to make a mistake the question
7. optimized the rank 7 scannings
8. aims at when the preceding CE entire bad block processing mode In the compression package includes: Flash support tabulation
Includes the tool instruction booklet (Unfortunately in Chinese, care to translate???)
Includes the edition scanning rank comparative table and
showing forum article;
Original text address:

Well ladies and gents…….!

After plenty of wasted hours searching online for how to fix my own USB Stick..! I did it like this.
Downloaded Chipgenius, it can be found here as a RAR file:
Opened up the program & retrieved the PnP Device ID: VID = ???? PID = ???? for my USB Stick, (the question marks will be your USB sticks ID ok) the software will quite often direct you to the website for your USB stick. (mine was chinese & also requested a fee) so not much good to me.
I then went here: Shortened the Link
Sorry the link is so big, but it had to be translated. I looked for the matchin VID & PID numbers that chipgenius had given me, selected the correct download link. Installed the software, didnt change any settings, Flashed my USB stick, Low & behold, it flashed my stick to its propper state.
Hope this information might be able to sort out many of your USB stick problems.

Kind Regards: SirDave

Hello Sumeet, I am having problems with the mxt6208a Tool. I have a SAMSUNG K9F1G08U0M chip. Frst Inever have the U letter on the screen, only an F. When I press this F letter the progman starts the format but I have this message “Too many bad blocks. Total blocks: 1024 Bad blocks:1024” and never comes to it real size.
What do you think I can do to solve this problem.

Hi Panos, the controller chips exact number is a must, you might be stuck with a controller with chip ALCOR MICRO AU6983HL like John is and would need AlcorMP(08092401) to have it fixed. So please elaborate on “something”


Hey guys Well i am still looking for a solution regarding the Hacked Usb stick 32gb i bought off from ebay.
My memory chip is spectek FBNL52ANAK3W4 and my controller is definitely Alcor but can’t make what’s the number….. It’s Au698 something.
It’s real capacity is around 8GB and i would like to see it fixed. Anyone has something about it? I have tried the MPau698x but it seems my chip version is not registered in it. Been trying to fix it more than a week but still have nothing about it.

P.S Sorry for posting in the wrong blog earlier

Good to know you got your money back its waste of time though, but w/e you now have a free working key 🙂 .

Well what i did was , i sent those who bid on previous keys from the seller that they are fake and do the test from one of my blog posts, and actually 3 got back to me saying they are now trying to get their refunds lol.

So yaa it might help if we all spread the word around about the sellers that are selling fake keys.

Thanks Enrico, and Sumeet, you guys are champs, i have been scammed with the mw6208e controller and samsung K9K2G08U0M, I have bought it on ebay from this seller:

I have filled a dispute with paypal, and although i specifically told them that the transaction was fraudulent, i got my money back but the seller keeps doing the same scam…

Anyway the software pointed by enrico works, and the real capacity is 1Gb.

Thanks Again


Well if ur UK go with Emax as suggested by Ian and others , they seem to be legit sellers of keys.

And tell that to your seller that if he sends counterfeit key back both him and u will end up in jail due to strict legal system, and if he does not refund you, he might inform authorities of that persons address for shipping counterfeit products to uk.


I agree….the seller is refuse to refund me unles i send the usb device back. Unfortunately it is illegal to send counterfeit goods through the post in the UK so that is not an option. I have filed a dispute with ebay and paypal and will now have to wait for the cash.

John , fear not threaten your seller, you will get your money back, i have bought 2 keys and both were fake had to threaten them both lol. And since now that ebay has new rule that you cannot get a feedback back from your seller, so you can safely give them red feedback without them retaliating back with a red or bad feedback !!

Took me a week or 2 to get my money back from one seller. The other one was rather quick after i showed him this blog, and my previous transaction and my feedback for seller lol.

But serious ebay needs to fooking ban those scammers !! Why is ebay letting them get away, till ebay gets a big fat ass customer lawsuit they aint gonaa care !! So if you got connections in high places its time to use them lol

If anyone has the AlcorMP(08092401) I would be most greatful. Thanks for all your assistance so far Sumeet!

I can’t translate into english either!…..I knew I should have took cantonese at school…lol…….ebay scammers really annoy me though…….loads of people affected buy this but hopefully i should get my money back!

I did a test on it to see what the size is and it looks to be 1gig. I’ll have to be careful i don’t go over that for the moment until a solution is available.

O well john i see no solution at this stage, cause where you can download the fix from is paid, and in Chinese and no way to make payment via paypal as they do not accept foreign payments. Unless someone here has a fix to your problematic key.

There might be some hardware fix but i am unable to translate it to english.

Alcor Controller
(Source : )

What you are looking for is this version : AlcorMP(08092401) and sadly its on one of those paid sites only so far ! And what i am looking for is someone who can translate 🙂

It looked like he had a similar problem but I am using the AlcorMP(080424)_AlcorMP_AU698X version which has my memory chip in the drop down list. I change it in there but it is still not detected!……very annoying…..any other thoughts?

Just to confirm……the chip is a ALCOR MICRO AU6983HL and on the back is a Micron 29F8G08MAD ………the alcorMP software isn’t detecting it but it is picked up fine by windows xp explorer. Any help to re-flash this would be great!

I have a ALcor Au6983 and a Micron 1gb memory chip but it is not recognised by the software using XP Sp2. Any idea’s why it’s not shwoing in the AlcorMP software? I’ve reboot the pc and still no joy.

Yes i understand Ian, sucks that no legit usb key seller on Ebay i was able to find !! Futureshop here has nice deals on keys so i just buy if needed from stores itself instead of ebay .

e max usb sells from yorkshire u.k. sales are nearly 70,000 items, his feedback is 99.9%. i have had several pen drives from them and checked everyone with h2testw. all were perfect. i am going to order more for christmas presents, with full confidence. i can ask postage costs to canada. please note i have absolutely nothing to do with this company, but when you find something honest and genuine after being scammed, you just want to share it with others who were scammed.

Ian i was burned with a user selling Kingston Branded fake keys from USA itself. So i am never going to try EBAY unless i am sure that key they sell are not fakes !!

hi, sumeet
e-max usb sells mostly transcend memory,pens and cards, which are all branded transcend U.S.A. so surely you guys should be able to buy cheaper than us in the U.K. just as an example gen 8 G.B. pen drive 10.47 gbp. with free carriage. i think this is very reasonable. no need to be scammed again in the u.k.

I still have these fake 64g usb drives.
one chip has 8chga3 and m8ujpy43h, the other is mxt6208a. I am not sure what it really should be. what software can I use to get original size.

sumeet, i never checked the shopping details because im from UK myself, sorry about that but i guess the store will still be usefull for others from europe.

@alan thanks for the link, but its uk, and their shipping does not cover canada. Do they have any us stores or ship to canada ? how did you guys get your keys are you guys from uk ?

@Giovanni did you first fix the drive if you think its faked drive ? Cause data corruption happens when you use fake capacity of drives. Might as well render them usless too. So tell us the model , chip etc. and if you fixed it or not ?

I have found this blog very useful, but the problem i have with my probably faked 4g pendrive is that i can read from it the last time it was useful, but i now i can’t write, or format, theres any way one of this tools could help me?


i agree 100% with ian about e-max on ebay. i ordered a 8Gb usb drive from them, paid very little more than i paid for a fake 8Gb drive from USA including postage and its totaly 100% genuine and even arived the very next day.

well after a few hours of trying all the versions listed here i eventualy got my so called 8gb stick that has MXT6208A controler with k9g8g08uoa memory to work at its true 1gb capacity using UdTools1.0.4B_20080714 . im not happy that its only actualy 1gb but at least its a nice looking thing with a leather covering and its very easy to strip down to look inside too without destroying it totaly 🙂

thanks guys

if anybody wants genuine memory, usb or cards, i can highly recommend e-max usb on e-bay. after being scammed acouple of times i found this company. everything is genuine for not much more than you will pay for fake stuff from hong kong and china. check them out.


I got a fake 16Gb memory stick as well.
The controller chip is a C*Core CCM3108 and the memory chip is a Spectek FBNL52AHGK3W. Does anyone knows which software to use to fix it?


hi i have a chip labeled HY27UT084G2M Hynix, it s a flash mem with 2 partitions one displayed as a cdfs and another as a removable disk, how can i erase the cdfs partition??? anyone? using mptool simple nothing happens but the model of the mem is in the flash type combobox of the setup, but the U never shows up…

I am not sure what they are suppose to be capacity wise. the only numbers are what I listed. how else can I tell

nobody, you should be able to fix your mxt6208a key , what kind of capacity do the keys have, and any idea on memories used ? Googled for 8chga3 , only 1 link so you got the chip numbers wrong or something, m8ujpy43h shows no results, so you sure go right numbers? Are those chips as in controller chips or memory chips ?

I have these stupid things and I need to fix any help would be much appreciated

one chip has 8chga3 and m8ujpy43h
the other is mxt6208a

@ Rick my controller chip is a Vdata which is unknown to all the web. After the formatting procedure is now called as an Hynix chip even if Vdata is written on it. When I flashed the pen drive I didn’t select any options. I left everything as it was and clicked start. I hope to have been useful to you 🙂

Googling VD102Q3QC33 shows that it is supposed to be a 4Gb chip, hence my conclusion that it’s a 4gb USB drive.
I’ll try with some of the images and see how I go.
Thanks for the blog and help so far 🙂

Hi, Thanks Enrico , atleast i was on the right track and Udtools did actually work. I might have to start a new post, where all tools and chips they fixed are posted with links for downloads, i have unlinked the link you posted and here is the UDtools direct link from this very site, no messing around and trying to figure which thing to click 🙂 .

Rick try to flash with some default image, ask enrico which image file or setting he used to flash it, usually not all memory chips will be there, remember its not the memory chip you are flashing, you are only flashing the “Controller chip” which happens to be in your and in Enricos case Mw6208e chip with probably same memory, Enrico mind posting the memory chip your usb key had ?

Direct Download link to UdTools1.0.4B_20080714

And are you using the tool or script i have put on this blog to check for the actual memory of the key, cause like Enrico it might as well be just 1 Gig in space.

Hi. My fake drive has the MW6208e chip so UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 can see it 🙂
Now, the problem is the memory chip VD102Q3QC33-L61 which is not in the list.
Can anyone suggest which chip in the list to chose?

Oooops, I forgot to give you the link to download the software that is important because all the sites that contain it are in chinese language. Here’s the link

Thank you again for your support Sumeet! 🙂

(Edited : to remove live link only, direct link in 2 comments below)

@Sumeet After many researchings in the chinese websites I found the right software for mw6208e chip and fixed my hacked pen drive who really is 1GB. The right software is UdTools1.0.4.0B_20080714 It’s the latest version available and only this one can recover that chip. So don’t try older versions if you have mw6208e chip. I’m very happy now and I say thank you to Sumeet for this useful blog 😉

Hi, I tried that version right now on a stick with a FBNL52AHGK3WG 2GB chip, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. It isn’t detected, and choosing it manually doesn’t help. The problem might be that this doesn’t have the same controller, but the markings are too small for me to read them properly (and I don’t have a lens right now). They seem to be something like:

The chip is by Alcor Micro.

@Enrico sorry that you got a chip not supported by the above available software, if you can google and find the upgrade version of the tool, i found a tool, and here it is : DOWNLOAD MXT8208/6208E FIX TOOL called UdTools1.0.3.8_20080611 if you do try it atleast come back and let everyone know that it works, and if possible provide screenshots if it worked, so i can post another tutorial to help other guys out ?

@ FERDINANDUS sweet good to see another fella fake usb dilemma resolved.

@enrico again do come back to report your struggle to fix usb drive with mw6208e chip or if i am not mistaken MXT8208/6208E

NOTE: Please remember that i am not responsible for the tools and any damage caused by them to your systems, as i do not scan them for viruses or spywares (although they are both spware and antivirus tools are active on my system) hence please take care to scan them first.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Until i have opened the stick, i didn´t know what type of stick i had. Hynix…. not, its mxt chip stick.

I got fix my pendrive. It was a 32 gigas pendrive. With a program that tests de pendrives called testdrive.exe, i though it was about 4 gigas ( 4096 blocks…). But definetely its a 1 giga pendrive. The memory its well recognized by the program, so no label on it. I have tried to forma with same type 4 gigabytes memory, but hangs happens, so its 1 gigabyte.

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP, it has been very usefull.


Hello, I have an hacked pen drive with a mw6208e chip inside. I tried many software to fix it included that one posted here but nothing to do. When I plug in the pen drive the softwares I tried so far couldn’t detect the model of the chip and the first bar left empty. So I can’t recover my drive. Help me please!

The memory chip doesn’t have any text or label on it. 🙁
All it has is an oval sticker with the numbers 1-12 printed on it (representing months, I presume), and some Chinese text in the middle.

I would try doing full format on the drive first using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool , you can download the one in the link or google it up for latest version. That format tool takes some time to format. But bad blocks i am imagining could be simply a bad memory chip, which memory chip its got ?

I have a bunch of fake flash drives with a MXT6208A controller. I tried using the MPTool you used, but when I click the H on the left (that’s the Drive’s letter), I get a message saying “Too many bad blocks. Total blocks: 0 Bad blocks: 0”
Any idea what I can do to fix this?


i would like to warn others about e- bay scammers as you suggest, but what is the best way to do this,other than to contact people from his feed back, or is that the only way?

@ian np, if ur ebay buyer and were duped warn atleast 2 or 3 other ebayers who bought same stick from where u got urs. Might help bring down the sales of fake keys !!

@ art. np. glad to see everything worked out for you just fine 🙂

thanks for you reply. i too saw that in my digit but couldnt make sense of it. never mind at least ifixed my hynix memory with your information on your site. keep up the good work.
regards ,

@Bharat , sorry to hear that your fake drive turned to scrap, one of my drive just died, even after proper flashing, it just wont power up, so i am guessing either your flash went wrong and you flashed it with wrong rom or something internal fault occured , do note the chips used are pretty cheap chips and i would not trust them to last long or work properly.

@ Ian never heard of that memory , or is that the controller ? googled it up and noticed this from mydigit (translated link :
Google Translated )

Black film “FBNL52AHGK3WG” in Anguo 6983 there will be a “MT29F16G08MAA”? FBNL52AHGK3WG are Downgrade FLASH, is not on the stability of life, and so there is the impact of certification.

I do not think i have that version anguo 6983 seems like the alcor 6983 they might be taking about ? Do you see that option from drop down ” MT29F16G08MAA ” , try it , the worse can happen is stick will become useless, which it already is, cause you do not want to be carrying around a stick with wrong capacity and risk data corruption !!

Also , please note guys i do not make these software, i try google to find the tools, sometimes its easy to find, something its not feasible. And sorry if doing what i posted wrecks your stick totally. I would suggest after doing fake usb key tests, you guys ask for refunds asap from your sellers.

got scammed twice off e-bay. fixed my hynix chip with your information, but struggling with mxt6208a controller with memory FBNL52AHGK3WG, Any help would be very welcome.

Dear Sumeet,
Thanx for the MXT6208 Flash drive fixing tool.
I have two fake pen drive One is now fixed by the help of ur tool(was faked as Kingston 8GB but computer showed some hisun) and other has same chips as the previous one(same numbers on similiar circuit diagramme chip numbered MXT6208A 428061 09HT0901) but faked as a kingston 20GB when i tried to fix this it gave error as 2048 bad blocks of 2048 in my R&D i tried to high level format again by changing setting then it after creating some 80% file system it gave a ‘error while downloading rom code’ and now repluging pen drive is not useful, the pen drive turned to a scrap now i am not able to do anything.
Please help me…

No Problem rohit, glad this worked for you, and i am guessing it turned to 2gb drive and not 247mb ? cause thats a major fakery happening there with that key of urs.

i have a fake kingston 16 gb usb drive i used the tool and it has converted in 247 mb drive thanks for this tool

Hey I got a MXT6208 CONTROLLER Chip and a hynix hy27uu088g5a. The memeory chip is not the drop down list and it wont auto detect, says cannt find rom or something like that. Its a 2gb, i tested it.

Please i need serious help. I bought it off ebay and got scammed.


Please help me ifx these flashed/fake usb keys. It is TOSHIBA USB flash memory 8GB

key is PF79AL1208BS

I used the MXT6208 MPTool v2.0

I am getting following error ” error while downloading rom code”

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