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Bloggy Bloggy Flashback – USB Fake Keys Hot Topic

So was getting bored and decided to see how this blog or rather bloggy bloggy stands in terms of popularity. Well as any simple trick to see your website links linked via other sites/forums is to simply type into the famous Google Search Box. So i decided to put in the magic box. After going through few of the links, found it very interesting that just like me others have been burned with purchasing FAKE USB keys and the fixes i put on here at bloggy seems to get hit and are source for finding the right fix for your fake usb key.

There are some links linking back to the articles on usb key fixing techniques, and originate from places like cnet, and ebay itself. Example :

And even from australia and france !!

Thats pretty amazing that the word has spread across the world :). Seems like icreate seems to be the major culprit in promoting fake usb keys.

Well apart from usb key fix was able to hardly find anything else linkable, so i might seek more linkable topics and write about them 🙂 . Only few other links were for the evga video card and one more for the sony monitor brightness fixing hack (which i think was cool stuff).

Cheers and happy reading, thanks for visiting Bloggy Bloggy !

PS: Dammit another wordpress blog update, i am getting sick of all these updates !!

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