Mumbai Meri Jaan Review – Worth Watching

Mumbai Meri Jaan does not have the usual theme, nor the boring dance and songs sequences, that stretch the bollywood movies to oblivion. Mumbai Meri Jaan follows a theme that is different from what you see now a days in almost every single freaking bollywood movie aka a love triangle, fights for keeping your loved ones safe and the villians. And all the other boring gaand like, same theme ” 1 hero , 1 heroin , 1 villian and 1 aim = unite hero and heorine” and not to mention the music/dance sequence.
Mumbai Meri Jaan does not have all the common boring theme, its a story of how the lives of people change after a bomb blast takes place on one of the Trains. People die, and some close to the main characters around which the movie resolves are either injured or die in the blasts. Also shows the fear that sets in, and how fragile the system becomes. Also shown is how corruption exists within the legal system and how it changes or impacts the lives of few. There is not much suspense to the movie however, they story is set such that it brings the various “Kirdars” / Actors/Characters together one way or the other. Even still they each have their own life and own story .
Mumbai Meri Jaan shows how lives are changed and how everyone is united for the same cause. Overall its a good movie, which shall serve good entertainment for you and your family. It does not have any fight sequence, nore romatic songs, so if you are in for only that forget it the movie is not made for you. Even if you are not a bollywood fan, i am sure if you can grab the movie with english subtitles you should be able to follow it and get a better understanding of life at times of crisis. Not sure but this movie should be nominated for International Festival or something like that. Overall can rate Mumbai Meri Jaan @ 8.5/10 .

Feel free to comment and express what you fealt after watching the movie.  I feel that its a touching movie and will touch your heart ( atleast some brief moment).


Hancock Movie Review

Hancock is not just another superhero movie you did expect, however it does has have the same elements as almost every superhero movie has :a. Bad Guys  b. Bad guys trying to get rid of superhero. However, this movie has one more element that makes it bit interesting “the inner struggle and fear of not knowing who you really are”.
Overall movie is decent till hancock realizes who he really is, but good part is that ends only after 15 mins later, so you do not get bored much. This movie unlike other superhero movies has humor attached to it, which keeps you entertained. You can almost expect something humor coming on its way any time. Hancock overall will get my score of 8 out of 10. Now the question that comes across everyones mind is , shall i go watch hancock in theater , well do not know i do not feel that it will look any better in a theater. But wont hurt if you are going to go to the show thats only maybe $2 or $3 :).

Here is the cast crew list again from imdb . (

Will Smith John Hancock
Charlize Theron Mary Embrey
Jason Bateman Ray Embrey
Jae Head Aaron Embrey
Eddie Marsan Kenneth ‘Red’ Parker Jr.
David Mattey Man Mountain
Maetrix Fitten Matrix
Thomas Lennon Mike
Johnny Galecki Jeremy
Hayley Marie Norman Hottie

Dark Knight or Batman Part 2 or Is it Dork Knight -a Review

Hiyall its Dark Knight Review Time !!

Well wanted to start this reviews section long time back, as I spent lots of time on movies or tv series. And Dark Knight or as i call it Batman Part 2 is just the right movie to start of with  a bang (cause my ears are still ringing with all that sound/blasts/ and what not from the movie)…. PS: If you ask me today or  tomorrow or day after tomorrow who were the actors/cast etc in the movie were, well I am sorry i do not know, i rather follow a movie more than try to remember who is casting (by that i mean their real life name( ) in them. So here is the info of the movie i grabbed of our friendly search engine “google”. This is directly stolen from IMDB itself, and the list was long so go crazy if you feel like it, by visiting and looking at that big cast list of Dark Knight! (source: )

Cast (in credits order)
Christian Bale Bruce Wayne / Batman
Heath Ledger The Joker
Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Michael Caine Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman Lt. James Gordon
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox
Monique Curnen Det. Ramirez
Ron Dean Detective Wuertz

Ok now that you have gone through the list by know lets start talking bit about the movie as it is. Some call Dark Knight as “Dork Knight” which I think doesnt really sink in well with the movie itself. Was it boring, well not really, from the start it had action and most importantly “The Jokers” wittyness/cunningness. I think i just made up a word !!
Were there scenes that could cause serious boredom?