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Things not to do when sending bulk emails

Just fed up with people who send out emails with the to field populated with tons of email addresses and your address being one of them. That is how spam spreads in ones inbox !

So, if you are sending a common email out to bunch of people please for the sake of every one’s privacy do not use TO field use BCC field instead, and in the TO field insert undisclosed recipients or if that is too hard just insert your email address in there.

I have been a victim of those sending bulk emails to random people and using the TO field instead of BCC . By the way BCC = Blank Carbon Copy for those who do not understand the terminology and CC = Carbon Copy (do not use this either as it will be show still to the end users )

So please respect the privacy of individuals and help them fight spam in their inbox by adopting the proper method for sending emails. I learned it the hard way, let’s hope its not too late for you !

Other things not to do when sending such emails is : “Forgetting to actually insert any message” and than sending another set of bulk emails say “Ooopps” and third one with the actual message. Some do not have time to check their emails that often and they usually skim over most email.

One more thing, make sure when using a newsletter script to use BCC over CC or TO. Most do not realize this that some newsletter script might send bulk emails using the TO field.

If as a reader of this post you have experienced this kind of situation do share your experience and tips too that will help reduce global spamming of in-boxes.


Freelancer – Crazy Projects – Trust Issues

Have been browsing Freelancer for a while now trying to get on the board to get some reviews but seems like fierce competition exists; even when you offer your web development services for free, they pick someone offering same for $100 but with atleast 8 reviews. Since, myself don’t have any reviews yet (since no one offers any new comers a job (just like in real work too i suppose) how ironic is that ? ) am just browsing it daily to see what sort of projects i can do in my spare time and over the weekend to make some extra bucks and get more experience under my belt :).

So, it’s now a week or so since i joined freelancer, and I have seen pretty crazy projects that actually someone is willing to do ? Ok let me give you some examples :

Someone asking for geniune email accounts (nothing randomly created) and usable email accounts for $30, nothing strange there you might be thinking ? Well how does the number of 2000 sound to you ? That’s right users asking for 2000 email accounts, nothing that looks like abc1 , abc2 etc etc. real non botish looking emails, 2000 in total for $30. On top of that, guess what is the time limit for project to be completed ?48 HOURS ! Talk about employing Superman 


Windows 7 SQL Server Management Studio 2005 Specify Port

Was stuck today trying to get Windows 7  SQL Server Management Studio 2005 to talk to one of the database servers running on a port different from 1443. For those who are unable to connect to SQL server using the SQL server management studio 2005 you can specify the port you wish to connect to by using the format :



If above fails try either of the following formats :,4023 \bloggybloggy, 4023 \bloggybloggy

Only difference is there is extra space.

Good luck connecting to your sql server. And those who are trying to connect to server that uses domain based windows authentication simply create a shortcut as below to the SQLwb file and it will ask you to login with your network id and connect to server as if you are connection via domain and using windows authentication.

C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:DOMAINHERE\YOURIDHERE “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\SqlWb.exe”


Expensive Camera =’s Nicer Shots

So, cameras these days come in all sizes and brands. Not only that, they also come with varying price tags, some that can rip a pretty big hole in your pocket and than there are some that just fit in them.

Either ways, I had the opportunity to try out DS300 from Nikon (darn expensive camera ) here are like 2 shots i taken so far, will try to take more shots and see if am any good with taking photos with expensive cameras, i know my photography skills with cheapos ain’t that great.

CLICK  BELOW FOR PHOTOS (As they are kinda HUGE in SIZE)


April 25th – Christmas snow Bit Early

Thats right – Christmas has arrived bit early here in Saskatoon and pictures show the nice fresh snow on the ground early this morning and it feels like -4 celcius or 32 fahrenheit.  Well it could have been worse like the blizzard we had starting in the month of April 🙂 . One can never be too sure about temperatures here in saskatoon. We can all hope it wont snow in May or June 🙂 .

April Snow

Check out more cool pictures —


Google Buzz not Buzzing in Canada !

So gmail works either way — or

But the new Buzz from google is buzz-less coming from Canada. And since my home computer refuses to go to buzz is not available for me 🙁  All the searches on google are via .CA only !!

Thus goes nowhere, however using a proxy site I can visit it via

Look at the buzzing screen shot !