Evga Products Really Awful or its a Myth

Recently, I have been active at Evga forums reading and trying to come to conclusion if EVGA motherboards or EVGA graphics cards are example of poor workmanship and poor quality control or just the impression that EVGA “sucks”. Well lets start off with what I have read so far on Evga Forums, these are few of the quotes from the forums.
Crazy thread titles. Please note : these quotes are all taken from EVGA public forums and represent actual customers posting their viewpoints.
“2nd defective 8800 superclocked Ultra”.
“Replacement board is not new??”
“We don’t know what we sent you"
“Worst RMA Experience EVER!” 

Here are few of the nasty comments you might find in such threads.
So, Card has been out of my PC since July 3rd to July 18th now. Thats 15 days.. I am awaiting a responce from RMA saying "Shipped" still. I will keep ya posted as to what is happening next.”
“Is it my imagination, or do Canadian RMAs get a lower priority queue or something? Just look at the other thread.”
“I don’t want to RMA and get another 79xx. And wait another 3 weeks for it…”

“Well I finally reinstalled my system.  It took about 4 hours because I have a Antec P180 case which can be a real pain since everything is cramped.  Turn on the machine and what do you know… nothing comes on my screen!  Argh…  No POST.  So I double check all connections and try again.  Still a black screen.  I thought maybe it was my video card so I swap video cards.   Still nothing.  Maybe my CPU got fried.  so I try a different CPU.  still a black screen. everything has power. 

So much for that replacement board.  I knew things were suspicious when the thing was filthy with dust.   I’d had recertified parts before and this was not up to those standards.”
“I received my rma on the 9-12, it was sealed in the box like it was new, just opened it today, its a backup board so I wasn’t in a hurry to open it, it is the same has a lot of dust on the cooling fins of the northbridge where the fan would have been, if it was recertified why would it not have been cleaned off to look like new, makes me wonder if its any good, don’t have a spare cpu to test. and I was bragging on my rma.”

“My RMA Board arrived but it is missing a NorthBridge PIN?

EVGA says I can use one from my older board.

But my question is, aren’t these boards QC inspected at all?”


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EVGA Forums , MODS rig , 1K $ to be Won

Recently I have been visiting and posting occasionally at Seems like a community of nice folks, some happen to be darn rich too !! with rigs having score of over 20K for 3dmarks. Noticed that those with such high scores had Evga’s 8800 Ultra in SLI configuration. Evga has this mods rig thing going on , where if you enter your rig you can win $1000 sponsorship which you can spend to upgrade your exsiting rig, there are few rules though , like you must have picture (1 atleast) of your system uploaded, a valid 3dmark score (valid score should look like this : ) , and thats about it !!.

Few things about 3dmark score , you will first need to download the latest version of 3dmarksbench marking software from or you can download from  at kinda faster speeds. Install it and run the test for benchmarking at a resolution of 1280X 1024 only otherwise your score will be invalid. Score can range from 0 to infinity and does not contribute to increasing your chances to win the $1k sponsorship.  But it must be valid score!!

EVGA will after every 200 users who enter their rigs announces winner of $1k prize.


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