Fake USB Key

Fix for USB Key with Controller AU6983HL

Due to lots of comments on the other post, i decided to put this fix provided by Steve Pritchard for the usb key with controller as AU6983HL. This has not been tested by me, but steve said it passed some tests, have asked him to confirm that it actually can write to the flash disk without corruption. So hopefully, it can work for all the fake drives without need for any other tools.

Here is the quote from steve which worked for his key.

“I can’t take credit for this, but I found a reference to a HP Tool, designed for their DriveKey sticks to make them bootable, which seems to have done the business for my stick.


I simply ran the HP Drive Key Boot Utility, and told it to make the stick bootable, and not only did it put a bunch of files on there (which I promptly deleted), but it changed the capacity of the device to it’s correct 4Gb (from 16Gb). I didn’t get the opportunity to specify the size, so it either works it out itself, or it always selects 4Gb, I’m afraid I don’t know.

It’s worth a try if, like me, you were struggling to find anything else that works, and it’s a bit less hassle than installing Ubuntu.”

Good luck and do report back if the actual disk capacity tool found at : worked or not 🙂