DASVIDANIYA – The Best Goodbye Ever! Review

DASVIDANIYA – The Best Goodbye Ever! is movie that will open your eyes to how unpredictable life is, and why it’s important to live it to fullest for life is uncertain and no one has control over the time to go….
Anyways DASVIDANIYA starts up weird but you realize what the beginning of the movie was all about right at the very end itself. So that’s one concept i find new in the bollywood movies. DASVIDANIYA is about a 37 year old guy who has been living all his life all by himself and for his mumma (mom). While doing so has forgotten what life is and what he has been missing. Basically something like what Zahir was in Muna Bhai MBBS movie.
Movie totally resolves around Amar (the guy who finds out has stomach cancer and only few days to live). Before his death he decides to make a “To do list before I die” which consists of 10 items or “dasvidaniya” as the title of movie says. Some are rather interesting wishes and he realizes what he has missed out all his life, following the daily repetitive routines. DASVIDANIYA is the movie about his life and things he does before he dies. Eye opener for some while rather touching for others this movie. I found it quite interesting for myself am believer that “life is short” kinda person.

Anyways go watch DASVIDANIYA, if you do not understand hindi try to find it with english subtitles, cause its very much watchable even if you are not a Bollywood fan.
I give it 10/10 for a bollywood movie.

PS: Found some DASVIDANIYA subtitles in english try it, rename the file to reflect the name of your movie file and see if it works or not, if not google up and you shall find.