Monopoly – Trade by Computer so Unfair !!

So, i like playing Monopoly, and have got Monopoly by Parker Brothers. And it is just wonderful game, exactly like board game but lacks online play feature, i did however once managed to play with someone in usa, using vnc and doing it remotely. Hopefully will be able to do that again , as it was fun, for you for sure know that the other person cannot cheat, and all the complex math (:)) is done by the computer so you are just enjoying the game, rolling the dice and doing trade or trying to do trade. Well this post is about the trade i was offered by the noob computer ( note : i play with computers set to their highest level of difficulty so that it can be more challenging ). The computer decided to take away my Reading Railroad and Electric Company for about $88 total (mind you i paid 150$ + 200 = 350$ for both ) and the computer for some odd reasons thinks i be willing to accept the trade ? I was like OMG what was the computers motive behind it ?
I have noticed however that computer might be cheating, for i have seen that the last colored property that I require being taken by computer in the next turn , after they first initiate a trade with me , and if i decline , boom computer takes over and my chances for a monopoly are down the drain !! Cheater Puter !!

Anyhow below is the image of the trade offer made by computer ( Iron) to myself (myself) . How unfair is that ?