Omg 5 Grand Waiting for me !!

Thats right 5 Grand or more pending links waiting to be approved at 2 of my directories. I been slacking off in approving and now this happens, if I start today and do 30 links a day, that will take like 167 Days !! ZOMG , and by than i am sure there will still more links added , good thing is i get notifcations of payments for featured links, so those paid users do not have to worry about the wait.

Those directories i am talking about are :




ZOMG !! 5 K pending links to look at, I shall try to do maybe 200 links in a day, or would probably need to hire 2 or 3 editors to get the pending list down to 0 :).

Don’t let that happen to you, it’s going to be painful !!