Google Pacman Playable Logo

Google has got crazy ideas up its sleeve, i would have never imagined there would be a pacman logo on any site ever. But go to Google today and enjoy a game of pacman, comes with sound too :). Interestingly enough, it’s not flash based so playable on smartphones that do not support flash i guess ? Sorry i do not have a cell phone even so cannot comment if it works on it too or not.But if you are an owner of a smartphone do give it a shot.

Google PacMan 🙂 who would have ever thought of that one ?

Update: Google PacMan logo does not work on iPhone ! Hmm.. i did imagine it would work, but asked a friend to try using his iphone to browse googel. Sadly, no pacman ! O well… that is one reason why one should always be a proud owner of a PC .

Good thing google did not make a “insert coin” here slot, that would be hard to implement with current technologies.