Fake USB Key

Tired of Ebay Hacked/Flashed USB Keys – SCAMS

After first ebay usb key scam , i thought that this time the seller was legitimate as was selling Kingston Key for decent $36 or so price. But guess what, second time I was scammed again, good part is got full refund both times, so now i have on me 2 USB sticks , one I reflashed to make it work with 2 gigs without issue, but other one i am having issues flashing it back to original 2 gb memory. Any ways here is a simple test to check if your usb key is hacked/flashed to show wrong memory.

Download the Zip package. Place the test.bmp file on the USB key, and open testscript.bat with NOTEPAD, and change drive letter U: to your USB key Drive letter , you do not want to fill the wrong drive up 🙂 .

Run testscript.bat from your desktop (i would suggest you place it on your desktop so you do not loose track where you put the file ) , and let it rip, it goes slow till it hits the key maximum capacity after which you will see files copied really fast !!!!.

If its a 2 GB actually capacity on usb key, it will start copying really quick when you hit about 190 ish files, as the test.bmp is exactly 10 MB’s in size. And you will see corruption of images, either lines across the image, or big black rectangular block in the middle of the images.Meaning that your key has a capacity lower than what you think it has. How much does it actually have ? Use thumbnail view option and look at the images and see at which image the corrupt started, select all images that are good and check properties of the selected good images, thats your key’s real capacity, now time to open your stick up and fix it up !! Details in other post 🙂

As per tools used to flash it back to original state i will post later. As am busy trying to figure out how to flash this key back to 2 gig 🙂 (K after a day or rather 6 hrs or search was able to flash my new Kingston DT 100 back to original. Damn now those scammers are ruining company names too.

Warning :

Please CHANGE drive letter U: to your usb key drive letter.

Place test.bmp on your usb key, Please format your usb key first using
quick format.