QUANTUM OF SOLACE not worth it !! A Review

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is not worth the money people are spending to go watch in the theater, to be frank after the new james bond guy ( Daniel Craig ) in the movie the whole concept and the liking i had for James Bond movies has gone down the drain. He has no charm attached to him and seems to be so rigid all the time !!

Apart from the wrong choice for james bond cast this latest release of QUANTUM OF SOLACE is just awful, first of all a james bond movie should have some fancy gadgets and stuff to help bond out, but this one is as if they had no money to come up with some fancy gadget at all, i noticed nothing fancy even in the last movie. For a sci-fi/action fan like myself thats a turn off. Even Dark Knight had more gadgets or atleast interesting shots and scenes.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE starts off with a car chase (which is like ok whats so special in this ?) compare this car case with the one they had in Dark Knight and how it ended. From there it goes into a foot chase within 5-10 mins. now come on James Bond looks more or less like a monkey in the chase. From there its slow nothing too fancy happens. Till like about the end of the movie where there is 1 big fighting sequence, more or less a show telling you how to escape from building on fire !

So bottom line is come on stop wasting time going to theater to watch this just another action movie. Has close to nothing when it comes to action and has 0 % of sci-fi aspect. (ok there was a jump from plane without shute but nothing fancy there either in terms of adding something scientific gadget or stuff).

I give QUANTUM OF SOLACE a 5/10 and the previous bond movie a 5/10 also. Daniel Craig is just freaking too rigid has no charm at all !! Not sure if the game is worth buying either cause if movie was this awful how is the game going to perform ?