Facebook Quitters too lazy !

Facebook users are shall I say it in polite manner “too lazy” who think quitting Facebook is the right option. First of all, really does Joseph Dee and Milan have nothing better than to do than launch a site asking users to pledge to quit Facebook (that was yesterday May 31)? From what I make of it both are apparently involved with websites and are web developers, so if the going gets tough do they just quit and ask people to follow their footsteps? I do not see one good reason why to quit facebook, well maybe the annoying advertisements (for that there is adblock fix (to some extend can get rid of annoying dating ads atleast…)

Quitting facebook today are you? Ever thought of actually spending some time say like 5 mins… (took me only 5 mins.) to modify my facebook privacy settings. Or would you rather join the quitters league and say bye bye to facebook ? If personally I was Joseph or Milan instead of asking everyone to quit, I rather be helping everyone better understand how to keep their facebook profiles private and for friends only and no even for “Friends of Friends”, facebook does have options to disallow friends of friends from seeing your photos, wall posts , relationship status and what not. Not many I think are aware that you have privacy setting to even disable your friends looking at your friends list, it could be made viewable only for yourself. For this option just go to Account>Privacy Settings > Friends, Tags and Connections and there for Friends options select from dropdown Custom, and in there you can specify who should be able to see you friends, say xyz or abc friends only or just yourself. Not that hard to understand how privacy settings work.

There are lots of other options available too to keep your important profile details private. If we were only smart enough to understand the working of facebook, and use it wisely the day for quitting facebook would not be required. I am not a big fan of facebook myself, but it has helped me at times connecting with friends when I needed to. IF you are too scared of your personal information being on the web, well what made you join facebook in the first place? And if you are putting your bank information and other personal details are just too freaking personal well sorry to say this but you might as call yourself a web idiot. Did you know on facebooks signup page, you can just fudge the details if you wish to just have a facebook page ? Who is going to sue you for fudging the details that facebook asks? Facebook is not a site where you need to have correct information. You can always ask your friends to find you on facebook by certain keyword or details that you fudged into facebook. IF you are concerned about email address, well yahoo,gmail and other email provides give you options to make accounts (again can have fake info there too) to make free email addresses. For example I just signed up on facebook using fake information and some email address that I use only for spam collection and for such sites that require your email address. Guess what I just signed up on facebook with ID : James Bondy, sadly facebook did not let me join as James Bond . Feel free to add me on your facebook account and check out the tight privacy control settings I have set in place.

Above is just an example, if you enjoy the facebook games and want to just get updates of your friends, there is not another better way than to “make up” a facebook profile and start adding the friends you know of and let them know who you are so they do not deny the request J.
Feel free to look at the video, it shows you basic settings for privacy options that should help protect your profile from prying eyes. But do note this id might get deleted by Facebook if they care about collecting real information. If not go ahead and add James Bondy (with college / school selected as Random and location as London UK ) I shall put an E as my Profile Picture to distinguish my id from the rest.