LOL omg WTF my Forums a Spam Magnet !!

Seems like my somewhat ignored project known as the JustRandomBullshit (forums mostly) has gone down the bullshit road !! IF you dare to go there, you be greated with billions of links to “Porn” especially GAY or LESBIAN porn. Sheesh…

Whats even funnier is that there are threads being created and also being “RATED” . Now thats one smart BOT that can rate a thread also. I am assuming its a work of some spammer (a human one that is) . I am going to put some google analytics tracking on it, and see whats happening and if they are real spammers or just bots that are into Gay or Lesbian porn .

I never knew there could be so much spam possible, maybe the forum will be the worlds biggest board of spam and porn one day. I want to look at traffic trends so i am off to install tracking on the forums.

Guess whats the size of database backup after compression. The database is like 50 MB in size. Now thats a lot of spam at work !!