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PS: No Liquor will be served at bloggy bloggy !!

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Bloggy Bloggy is a Portal to my College Life as it Happens and other cool stuff.

About Me

Here are few things about me for newcomers .

I am Sumeet, doing done my M.Eng in Electrical Engineer (recently switched from Biomedical to Electrical as I feel Electrical degree might land me into some hands-on sort of job).

But a brief overview of Bloggy Bloggy (*cough this website you are on right now) is as under:

  • Bloggy Bloggy will consist of my personal blog where i will just post whatever i feel like. Maybe rant a few times.
  • Bloggy Bloggy might start a network of bloggers, providing free subdomain based free blog hosting to bloggers. Hmm, something like Bloggspot maybe.
  • Bloggy Bloggy might just blog about various websites I visit, or blog about other blogs and what they write about etc etc.
  • Or Bloggy Bloggy might just get put on hold for lack of time.
  • Another thing I feel Bloggy Bloggy can do is, provide coding for wordpress templates, coding for directory templates, basic website coding and more. Since, I know coding and seem to be getting better at converting PsD’s to Live Sites, which if lucky are XHTML valid. Now, there are mixed notions about if a website should be Xhtml Valid or not on the Web, but if I have time I try to make new HTML page XHTML Valid for Example This very page happens to be Xhtml valid, as I worked for about 4-5 hrs on it, started from basic PSD , sliced it so that its fluid and fits every pc’s screen whatever be the resolution (above 1024×768) ofcourse.

This darn page needs update bad.. will do some maybe in the next decade or two…




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