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Going to be Busy Saturday ! Building computer, upgrading WordPress

So finally, looks like my shipment came for the power supply and case, however the ups tracking shows its signed by someone named Kareem, hmm I wonder what happen there ?  Anyways tested the power supply with tester and seems to be working, unlike my old Antec supply which apparently has been shipped and received by Antecs RMA department outsourced to some 3rd party company seems like it.. Will see what happens to the supply.

But tomorrow aka today, Saturday,I shall be busy moving my existing system into the big bulky case and trying to do some cable management and airflow stuff for optimum cooling, ordered 3 extra fans and an Antec 2000 Fan controller, hopefully case will be good enough to have all my 5 hdd’s inside it and having temps of 35 to 38 C usually right now, except 2 of them which run hot at 45C due to no place to put them infront of 120 mm fan.

The new supply from OCZ GamerXtreme 850 Watt seems to be pulling air in from the 140/120 mm fan and blowing it out, but since the new case psu is mounted at the bottom i wonder if the flow of air could be reversed so it intakes air from outside or something like my old fried Antec supply did, but that is probably a bad idea, since old one died and i think that was wrong design. Anyways will try to figure something out on how to make the case most efficient with air cooling.

Also wordpress seems like need yet another update to 2.9 , it has not been even 1 or 2 maybe since I updated wordpress backed. They are really good with updates, but still they are rather frequently needed which is bit annoying.

Gnite will need energy to rap up everything by evening so can do some L4D2 :) maybe later at night.

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