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Archive for the ‘Latest Blog Updates’ Category

100 Percent Spam Rate

Friday, January 14th, 2011

That’s right 100 % spam rate , had 104 pending comments, and every single one of them were spam comments. One just said “hi and bye” ๐Ÿ™‚ I should have approved it but for what joy ? Spammers got too much time not realizing it takes about 30 seconds max. to go through all of my comments here at bloggy. So I wish they did stop wasting their time, but than again hey they might be helping me, by unknowingly maybe clicking the ads link ? Everything happens for a reason i guess.

Another Bloggy Upgrade – Adsense Integrator Broke !

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Quick update, bloggy bloggy now has newer version of wordpress, lets wait and see how long it is before another update comes around the corner.

The plug-ins were upgraded also but a note to users who might be using plugin named ‘AdSense-integrator’ it might get broken, and you might have to edit the settings again and enable 1 repetition and check all the pages/archive options there that you want them to be visible on. For me after install my AdSense stopped working, and had to much around the code and see what the problem was, realized too late that all i had to do was enable at-leastย  1 repetition and check off the options where you want the ads to be shown and save each individual option one after another, for it does not save options on all ads units you create, they have to be saved individually !

If any issues or errors are seen on site, give me a shout !!

Another update for Blog out !!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Seems like there is yet another update for the wordpress blog and its nice little plugins, wordpress is the most wanted and blogging script out there, and comes with a high maintenance price tag :). All worth it, wordpress is very easy to use, and wrap ones head around.

Today is update day again ๐Ÿ™‚

Bloggy Bloggy now with Ads :)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Quick microblog post regarding some updates to bloggy bloggy. After close to Year and a Half, bloggy bloggy, now is home for Google Ads ! Was waiting for some rich webmaster to buy some sponsor spots or something, but that never happened, so decided to put Google ads on the site. Will see how it goes in terms of bloggy making some revenue, so far it is looking not too shabby ! Check the screen shot below for the revenue it generated since yesterday hehe !

Go Google Go ! It took nearly 6 months to get my check in January 2010 since the last payment by google, hoping to speed the wait time to less than 2 months maybe. Ideally if you are running a ads on your website, a well off site should produce at least 3 checks per week, that is about $300 a week it should earn from ads, to actually live off Advertisements ๐Ÿ™‚ . My goal is not that, but who knows it might happen one day ! So wish me good luck !

So doing the math here just for Bloggy, let say bloggy averages 20 Cents a Day meaning , 20×30 = 600 Cents or $6 a month, thus if I were to get a check from google that would be $100/$6 = 16.7 Months . Or About a Year and a Half to get the check from google solely based Bloggy . !
Whohooooo !

Omg SPAM and SPAMMERS at Bloggy Bloggy !

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Well disabled the non working existing captcha plugin for a day, and this blog was filled with 30 spam comments, and 1 was such a big long list of porn keywords that it overloaded the server to some point and firewall banned the ip automatically :).

Well got rid of the old one, and got the new reCaptcha plugin , which is XHTML valid whohoo.. and hopefully will serve well and prevent the unwanted spam and unwanted commented. If anyone know of a really good spam blocker for wordpress please do let me know.

I shall now be upgrading wp to latest version (yet again ) damn this WP blogging software is PITA when it comes to keeping it upto date ! It would be way more productive if it did not have so many bugs/security issues !

Google Pagerank Updates Underway

Friday, July 25th, 2008

If you are a webmaster and crave for having the highest pagerank amongst your competitors, well check your sites again today, for Googe Pagerank Updated are underway started i think from July24th,2008. How do i know ? Well this blog had no pagerank and today i see it has a pagerank :). And bunch of other sites i have, got a brand new pagerank values. I do not chase after pagerank and hoping to get w/e pagerank all by natural links :).

On the sidenote : this blog just went from pr 0 to pr 1 whohooo :). And notice the previous entry about View My Dns site . Well guess what ? It got indexed on google already thats like less than 8 hrs time after i blogged about it . So google spider must like reading what they find here !!


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