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OMFG Stumble Effect – No wonder Load Hit Sky Limits

Monday, July 21st, 2008

So, last night all the sudden i see a load on server exceeding the threshold limit (of 5 ). And i notice on the blog say 100 users online ( the thing on the left there shows how many users online right now). So i thought it must be some attack or some bot gone nuts ! Yahoo spiders are known to be crazy and can get stuck on the page :). Anyways did not know what happened till just now.

So i login to my fancy google analytic account to see traffic to this blog. And i am surprised to see around 600 visits just overnight from stumble coming from some refer.php link from stumble. Not sure what really happened cause after a month only today now i just logged to stumble to see if i can find the source or anything. But nothing…. Sooooo am at a loss as to what happened. Maybe googling around might solve the problem.

Here is a nice screenie of the stats look at that almost 75 degree sloped curve !!


Bloggy Bloggy Flashback – USB Fake Keys Hot Topic

Monday, July 21st, 2008

So was getting bored and decided to see how this blog or rather bloggy bloggy stands in terms of popularity. Well as any simple trick to see your website links linked via other sites/forums is to simply type into the famous Google Search Box. So i decided to put in the magic box. After going through few of the links, found it very interesting that just like me others have been burned with purchasing FAKE USB keys and the fixes i put on here at bloggy seems to get hit and are source for finding the right fix for your fake usb key.

There are some links linking back to the articles on usb key fixing techniques, and originate from places like cnet, and ebay itself. Example :


Blog Updates and Addons to be Added

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Good news is WordPress 2.3 has been released and can be downloaded from  I eagerly waited for it for 4 days as my plans for this blog were to use wordpress and no use coding template in 2.2.3 than convert it to 2.3. So, this blog is proudly running WordPress 2.3 🙂 . Here is how it came into existence.

Last night It took me about 3 hrs to setup the blog and merge the theme with the blog. Yes, that is correct I do all my theme customizations and coding. Its better than hiring someone to do a messy job which might take days or months to be completed. Anyways I haven’t noticed anything new in wordpress 2.3 so cannot say “Wow wordpress is so much cooler now” !!! It still makes my pages XHTML invalid if I post directly using the Editor they got for adding posts, so every time I have to write a post in word (hmm good since it checks my poor spellings too) and copy it to dreamweaver, make it xhtml valid and copy paste the code dreamweaver makes. And the posts and stories are than XTHML valid. Keep the site Validated all the time. For how long I can keep up with that is another story.
Few things I plan to add are few extra modification like (more…)


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