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Dark Knight or Batman Part 2 or Is it Dork Knight -a Review

Hiyall its Dark Knight Review Time !!

Well wanted to start this reviews section long time back, as I spent lots of time on movies or tv series. And Dark Knight or as i call it Batman Part 2 is just the right movie to start of with  a bang (cause my ears are still ringing with all that sound/blasts/ and what not from the movie)…. PS: If you ask me today or  tomorrow or day after tomorrow who were the actors/cast etc in the movie were, well I am sorry i do not know, i rather follow a movie more than try to remember who is casting (by that i mean their real life name( ) in them. So here is the info of the movie i grabbed of our friendly search engine “google”. This is directly stolen from IMDB itself, and the list was long so go crazy if you feel like it, by visiting and looking at that big cast list of Dark Knight! (source: )

Cast (in credits order)
Christian Bale Bruce Wayne / Batman
Heath Ledger The Joker
Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Michael Caine Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman Lt. James Gordon
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox
Monique Curnen Det. Ramirez
Ron Dean Detective Wuertz

Ok now that you have gone through the list by know lets start talking bit about the movie as it is. Some call Dark Knight as “Dork Knight” which I think doesnt really sink in well with the movie itself. Was it boring, well not really, from the start it had action and most importantly “The Jokers” wittyness/cunningness. I think i just made up a word !!
Were there scenes that could cause serious boredom? Well not serious boredom will set in unless you do not want to understand the concept and story of whats happening and why its happenings. Unless you are basically like one those the kinda kid , who gets to go infront of camera to review some movie they just saw in a big fatass cinema and can only  come up with “oo movie was great there were lots of fights/killing and blasting.. and whoooo i am only 10 and my parents want me to grow up into a tough guy/gal ” . If you like to watch some movies well Dark Knight should work out fine too. But story building in this movie sounds about right.
Were there scenes i liked the most, yes i like the Chopper Scene. I think they only got 1 chopper scene though in the entire movie, so yaa that one !! The one where chopper is taken down by strangling it !!! Come on you gotta admit that i never saw coming, i was like ok those things in those thugs hands are BAZOOKA’s but nope they were not. And not to mention the very next scene after above , the flipping of that truck. But whats unrealistic is (not saying the whole movie is realistic in the first place) is that Joker walks out the flipped Trailer Truck without scratches , while the person sitting beside him never walks out of it !! God dont you love combic book hero movies where good guy never dies, nor does the bad guy !! Not saying no good guy died in this movie, lots of good guys were terminated !! Wont kill the suspense for those wanting to go watch the movie by telling who died and who didn’t , who knows might even get sued by the makers of movie for ruining the suspense and story telling the entire Batman Movie !!

There are lots of scenes that looked amazing and I have to admit the Graphics were great, I was shocked to see how real they made Two-Face guy’s face look so real, you could even see the chin bone exposed, but what i did not understand was that without eye lashes, how come the eye was not watery all the time !! Cause i am sure its a biological thing that happens when eye lashes are missing, might google up more on what are the consequences of missing eyelashes and no blinking on the eye.

So if i were to rate the movie how would i rate it well since i really do not follow comic heros much, and have never been a big fan of batman ever, would give it 8.5/10 overall. Trust me to earn a 9 in my books is really really hard. I would only give 1 movie a 9.5/10 would be “Day after Tomorrow” i really enjoyed that movie and never got bored watching it even for a minute. In this movie i think there were parts that bored me, but the main question on all those with the tight budget (*cough me one of them) would be — Is Dark Knight Worth watching in Theater ?  Well my reply is “O yaa baby” trust me even on your subwoofers/ and kick ass TV with fancy blue rays shabang you cannot beat the wide screen action, and the shaking of the hall when a bullet goes off or when a car crashes….. There are lots of twists throughout the movie, and it seems like its not going end now.. but does really does… Joker plays a very cunning role and acting was equally amazing. I think i liked his acting more than batman’s … Maybe cause he knew how to turn the cards around .. Especially with Reese (lol i felt for that poor guy, he acting seemed natural to me and probably has some future but that’s just me..)…

Anyways go watch that movie whenever its playing in a theater near you at the price right for you. Well I did in Saskatoon’s Galaxy Theater, with my friends. This was their 2nd time !! And i am Sure Dan would be going there again for the 3rd time next week :) . Will add more to review of feel free to add your own review via the “comment” posting feature of this blog !! Its called technology … just bugging yaa :p

PS: by the way the chick sitting beside me probably covered her ears at time’s some serious loud action was taking place, as the movie was played in like full volume, which is good and the way i like it :)

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