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Facebook acting up – Just me or Facebook is messed up ?

Microblog entry #2 Stardate w/e .

These are the reasons why I do not trust 3rd party applications and social media stuff. They break on you and you can yourself not fix such an issue. Well facebook has been in a mess for me for quite some time now. What happens is :

Random entries appear on my wall, not ordered by date at all. Just pure randomness. Example look at the picture below : Note the dates ? I am like what ? Why is it not ordered according to newest entry > oldest entry ? How hard can that be for some giant like facebook  ? Anyways if yours is also acting up and are not too happy with facebook or not a great fan of facebook feel free to share your experience and thoughts here.

PS: I have faded/removed pictures and names of people to protect their privacy but facebook would not care anyways about privacy !!

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