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Freelancer – Crazy Projects – Trust Issues

Have been browsing Freelancer for a while now trying to get on the board to get some reviews but seems like fierce competition exists; even when you offer your web development services for free, they pick someone offering same for $100 but with atleast 8 reviews. Since, myself don’t have any reviews yet (since no one offers any new comers a job (just like in real work too i suppose) how ironic is that ? ) am just browsing it daily to see what sort of projects i can do in my spare time and over the weekend to make some extra bucks and get more experience under my belt :) .

So, it’s now a week or so since i joined freelancer, and I have seen pretty crazy projects that actually someone is willing to do ? Ok let me give you some examples :

Someone asking for geniune email accounts (nothing randomly created) and usable email accounts for $30, nothing strange there you might be thinking ? Well how does the number of 2000 sound to you ? That’s right users asking for 2000 email accounts, nothing that looks like abc1 , abc2 etc etc. real non botish looking emails, 2000 in total for $30. On top of that, guess what is the time limit for project to be completed ?48 HOURS ! Talk about employing Superman  for $30/48 hrs or $0.6/hr rate :)

It’s not done yet hold on what’s this, o if you guessed a Bidder, than you win (—–insert your imaginary prize here i suppose —) ! 3 bidders in total willing to work on the project, now personally i could not achieve that goal within 48 hours maybe 10×48 hours , depending on the username availablity of when gmail,yahoo or other emails figure out that i am trying to make too many acounts with them :)

Freelancer = outsourcing it seems like today. No one willing to pay handsomely for their projects and above all no one will to hire anyone without “ratings” even when they offer them free services, I have offered like 5 free services for 5 jobs, but nope they pick somone with rating. My goal these days is to get on the board and get some rating, so if anyone reading this blog post, got some job related to the web and freelancer account (or not don’t really matter) give me a shout, so instead of watching tube and killing time can actually do more projects and enjoy the extra cash (i guess to do more projects one can use better and faster pc or maybe bigger 42 inch lcd screen —that be sweet now :) )

Happy bidding to those on Freelancer, but seriously guys give those noobs with no reviews a chance atleast when they willing to do the job for no charge ! Shows the level of trust one has in this competitive world :)

UPDATE: Great exhausted all my bids for the month offered out of those 30 bids 5 to 10 to work for no charge but review :) . Sadly no return,  what has world come to ? Who says no to “Free stuff” ! Anyways will search more next month, for this month i guess i am done, not going to pay $15 fee for gold membership = unlimited bidding a month ( nice money leeching method). Will google more for such sites i suppose, maybe try ebay lol ?

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