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Just submitted bloggy bloggy to dmoz

Thats right folks, just submitted today this personal blog of mine to for review. Sumitted to and to as suggested by mr. freeystyler from Dmoz Resources.

Lets see how it pans out, and if dmoz has some blacklist going where they blacklist all sites owned by bunny :).

Their captcha thing works though, read at places that it does not work, not anymore, so thats a good thing !.

So does bunny thinks dmoz will approve the site, well to be frank time will tell not sure if they are still hung up over there at dmoz about me running a dmoz forums or not. Or maybe its just summer time now and everyone busy trying to make their wives(that like more than 1) happy !!

Anyways feel like writing about the new wordpress it looks so sleek. So check out the other post !!

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One Response to “Just submitted bloggy bloggy to dmoz”

  1. ashok says:

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    i used this tool but too manybad sector, & show 0gb
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