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Life without Internet and Computer !

Life (not social life) without a computer or internet these days is like going a donut without sugar 🙂 .  So my week started off just wonderfully. First Monday morning (aka sunday night) , my internet goes boom.. i was at that time trying to post something here at bloggy, but no connection could not let me do anything. It was apparently off for more than 30 Min’s or so. I did not know what to do at such late hour other than to sleep, cause computer without internet is like car without gas !!

Tried to find something on google, but could not for Shaw (my isp provider) had to kill the connection at that odd time of the night :). Anyways imagine working as a webmaster or a web developer without internet and help from google ? Even companies that are into social media and marketing on the web find themselves in the dark without internet. How many of you guys throw a fist when their internet gets cuts off ? Well probably those who play games online ! Imagine you are on a roll fragging and on top of the list and all the sudden you see everyone frozen and seconds later a message : “Server Disconnected, no internet connection found” .  When i used to play combat arms I did get frozen screen and what not, cause my internet kept rebooting or shutting down on me i should say. But not that i am not into heavy gaming, i find when google says “Page failed to Load” kinda upsets me and makes me wish internet would be more stable or atleast my ISP would do a better job !! If you had a close moment or feel that internet is now the backbone of computer industry feel free to comment !!

So, the same evening after coming from work, I decide to turn on my pc at home (do note that I turn off power completely at night to save trees and cash). Computer comes on, I see hdd and power lights light up and what not. I go back to w/e I was doing and wait for pc to boot into Windows .  I come back and see the power is off and no lights are on. I am like hmmm wth .. now what !! And I am like omg there goes my new motherboard,cpu and hdd’s and ram. They are like maybe 8 – 10 months old only.  I rip apart late at night (11 pm) my old pc that used to power my old system and still does to see if Power Supply went or the motherboard crapped out !!

Takes me about 1 hr to rip apart a working system, for i could not get the power supply off it unless i took motherboard out. So, the motherboard is still sitting on the desk and when I go home (*cough doing this at my lunch break so do not get all … wth he dont work at work ) that would be the first thing i gotta finish up… aka throw in the the motherboard in the case alteast and put its parts on. But since no power supply for the poor guy would leave it as it for now till i get new power supply in.

Good thing the power supply was the only part that had gone bad, they are not that expensive to replace, but now i am thinking that maybe i should get a case to , for I am finding it harder and harder to fit more HDD’s inside my cool iCute case. I tell you iCute is the best, plus it’s got 250 mm fan on the side panel , which keeps my motherboard temps . well below 35C and my hdd rarely reach 40 C . CPU at load maybe hits 45 C but at idle is like 35 C max. It’ has an awesome airflow. I hope i am able to order another iCute from maybe. Who knows maybe become their retailer/distributor here in Canada, for i cannot find no shows selling their cases.

Still have not decided which PSU to buy, maybe something that’s 800 W or more and modular like my old crappy Antec Trio 650 !!  I heard Antec were suppose to be good, well yaa they seem good cause only the supply went and did not take anything with it other than few hours out of my evening !! Will update the post with pictures of the parts i get or the mess that i left behind on my desk, and i am not too sure how long a 450 watt old icute power supply will be able to power my pc, so need to pickup a new power supply pretty soon. K back to more reasearch on what power supply to grab, for which I would need internet of course.

Bottom line – Computer play vital roles in our lives and we take them for granted at times, and computers depend on internet these days to use them to their fullest potential. Hence, computer without internet is like Car without gas like i said above !!

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