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Seriously a SEO Compatibility Certificate for a Website ?

Ok I had to come here to maybe do micro blogging this time !! Stumbled upon a site which had an icon saying its “SEO comptaible”. I was like “really” omg that is too cool to not click !! !

So… I click on the little icon and am greated with this certificate. Seeing the certificate I burst out laughing, some might call me a fool/idiot for that but come on “seo compatibility certificate” ? What’s next ? ” Certificate to certify one’s site is not a Cheeseburger ” ???

Anyways here is the image, I did search for the company on google for major keyword terms , did not pan out too well for the site. I am assuming the site that is reaping the benifit is not the one that got Certified that its Seo Compatible , but the site who actually came up with the idea of the crazy “Seo Compatibility Certificate” !! Soon Bloggybloggy will come up with “some sort of certification !!!

So how many of you are “Seo Compatible” ? Kudos to to actually come up with such an idea ! Image source :

Seo Compatible Certifcate

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Be Sociable, Share!

One Response to “Seriously a SEO Compatibility Certificate for a Website ?”

  1. Mark Riley says:

    Thanks for expanding on this topic. I have been searching via google for the past few hours. I have read some of your other posts and they are awesome. I will be awaiting your next post.

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