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Swine Flu is Swine really airborne ?

Swine flew topics seem to be the thing of discussion and jokes too apparently everywhere in North America atleast, not sure if swine is much of a topic or rather much talked about. So, is Swine flu airborne ? Well i visited many sites and seems like coughing and sneezing is the means of transmission too, so I think its pretty much airborne, in Canada here we had like 4 cases or 6 cases only yesterday and today I hear onĀ  TV there are 30 ? Pretty fast it seems to spread, so if was not airborne how can it spread so rapidly ?

Think about it ! Is swine really not airborne ? And is it deadly ? Well media is not saying much and only mild cases seem to be reported, but who knows it might prove deadly to few and not for others, depends on your body physiology and varies from person to person. Will Swine flu become more severe or will it just disappear all the sudden as it appeared in the first place ? Well, only time can answer that question. But, do take precaustions against swine flu, if you got swine flu please consider about others and try not to be hero and go to work while infected !!

Swine flu has created lots of fear/tension, and seems like anytime someone coughs on the bus (yes i take bus to work at times and rest is just walking or sometimes driving) , everyone gets pretty intense and pretty everyone thinks of Swine the moment they hear the cough or a sneeze. Swine is spreading fast is what i make of it, and in it’s path it is leaving people ill and hopefully will not result in any more fatalities, but it sure is creating lots of un-easyness and having a rather psychological affect on us all !! Swine flu sure will impact us all, in one way or other, for some it will be physical for some it will have impact.

Below is the picture joke about swine flu apparently (received by email) !

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4 Responses to “Swine Flu is Swine really airborne ?”

  1. Sumeet says:

    Buddy, does that mean you cannot get infected with swine flu if you wash your hands every 5 mins with soap ?

  2. Buddy Abasolo says:

    Its not airborne actually, the reason why people are infected easily or the virus spreads rapidly is mainly because people are not conscious enough in practicing hand hygiene. Many are unaware of its existence before and many are skeptics sometimes. If all would practice right hygiene then no chance for this virus or any virus to survive and infect.

  3. Sumeet says:

    @ Romero i dunno, but i think anything that is transmitted via air is airborne, droplets travel through the air so i feel its pretty much airborne, but for how long it is airborne is another story.


  4. Enrique Romero says:

    But, technichally speaking, airborne is not the same as saying cough/sneeze propelled. Droplet transmission is by small droplets that are expelled for about a meter around you when you sneeze. Airborne means that the virus particles (not contained in the relatively big droplets sneezed) stay in the air and retain infective capacity. Droplets are caught by ordinary face masks (O.R. type). Viruses are NOT. To stop airborne influenza you need N95 respirators to say the least.

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