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Posts Tagged ‘left4dead2 never ending’

L4D2 Infinite Loop – Game Never Ends

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

With some tricks and messing with steam cvars I was able to put the game into an infinite loop, meaning the game will never “ever”  end, unless ofcourse the computer or the server crashes. I would not suggest this to you, cause it is going to make server owner pretty unhappy, which i am assuming will be yourself, cause this loop is not achived unless this important cvar is enabled for which you need to be admin

sv_regeneration_force_on 1

Rest you need is to get a Jockey or a smoker or someone that does not do too much damage, maybe hunter or charger will do too, 2 last remaining survivors ! How you get 2 down ? Simply Spawn a Tank or 2 get 2 in capped and save the last bot 🙂  – After all you are suppose to be a survivor !

Anyways the loop wont end as long as you do not quit or your computer don’t quit on you 🙂 . Watch the video to see it in action.



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