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Things not to do to a Website ! Part 1

So i was googling some thing up for some thing i was trying to build. And stumbled upon this forum . And I was totally thrown off by the way that annoying “Login/Register” box stays on the screen.

Please if you are developing a website/forum do not put pop-ups at all, if you have no choice but to, please do make sure each user has the ability to “Close” the darn pop up. Else what will happen ? Well the same would happen as what happened to above forum, loose possible constant visitor/reader, and maybe source of potential revenue.

So, if you are new to website business, pop ups might look attractive to have users attention but there are other ways to get attention. And if pop up is the way to go for your needs do make sure they are closable by the end user.

Another things you must keep in mind which most “Newbies” make would be to put an auto loading music player on site. Thinking its cool to have music running in background while users are browsing the site. Thats a big no no, never have a “Music Player” on loading page of the website or any page for that fact, that starts “playing” on page load.
Why should the player not be set to auto play ? Well guess what ? Everyone has certain volume level setup for their computer, and if someone is browsing your site in a conference or some meeting and they get hit by the “boombox” you setup on your site. It looks really bad, and first reaction is to close the “site” and never go back to it if they do not have time to muck around with their volume settings so that its not annoying for anyone else while browsing your site.

So if you were to put a “Music Player” make sure the volume level is set to really really low, and does not have on page load a shockingly loud music pop up. And make sure the Music Player is visible clearly on the page, so users can stop the music and also turn down or turn up the sound if they like. Giving more options to visitors is always a good thing when developing a website.

There are few other things which i will post about later. But for now those 2 annoying things must never be done to a website. I will probably make a series, consisting of various tips for new webmasters that should be avoided and those things that are required for a website to be successfull. I am no expert however, but still can offer others what i have learnt so far from my own mistakes and experiences in this web industry.

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2 Responses to “Things not to do to a Website ! Part 1”

  1. Love the blog! Found it on Yahoo I have bookmarked it thank you for the tips.

  2. Richard says:

    I adore the valuable info you offer in your post. I will bookmark your blog and have my family check up here often. I am rather sure they will study lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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