Planet 51 Movie Review

Planet 51 is about an astronaut who gets stuck on a Martian planet and tries to get back to his ship which will leave in 78 hrs. It is ironic that the story is similar to what you would see in typical alien movie aka – alien(s) come to earth to take over the planet examples that come to my mind – Independence Day, The Invasion etc. Not only that, not only invasion threats, movies like Aliens, where Aliens always pose a threat to humanity, Planet 51 is reversed, it is the human that poses threat to little green Martians planet.  For example there are movies on this planet that show aliens trying to take over their world, just like we have movies.

This movie is typical earth/alien sort of movie reversed in nature, where humans pose a threat. I recall only 1 small scene that made me lol (laugh out loud). Apart for that little bitty scene of humor this movie does not have much humor associated with it. Animations are as one would put it – typical for an animation movie, nothing too spectacular. Planet 51 might be a good movie for kids to watch, but if you watch animated movies for giggles, this movie will disappoint you in that retrospect.

Let me break down the movie quickly for you:

Movies starts off showing tailors of alien invasion (mainly by humans), trying to take over Planet 51.
This kid Lem, is the what story revolves around. As with any typical movie, he is too shy to tell Neera his feelings for her. Every times he tries to do so, gets distracted or portrayed as one who hates Aliens, which Neera does not approve of.
Chucks (the astronaut) ship/lunar excursion module, lands in Lem’s backyard, and he bumps into Lem who decides to help him out in getting back to his ship in orbit that is to return to earth in few hours.
Movie goes along the storyline of how to get chuck back home, and shows how aliens are perceived on this planet and are considered hostile, like as on earth and earth like alien movies we show aliens as being a threat.

This movie might not be a funny venture, but surely has a moral attached to it.


The Twilight Saga: New Moon Review

Have you seen a Vampire that, instead of burning down to ashes like a normal vampire is supposed to according to many movies, you sparkled in Sunlight? Well if not than you have not seen Twilight (New Moon), the name New Moon is a good pick cause when you make Vampires sparkle and glow in sunlight instead of burning them down to ashes, you feel rather disgusted. Not saying Vampires exists in real life, but still come on I had this notion that Vampires cannot face sunlight, unless you are “Blade”. So, last Friday, all the sudden out of nowhere few of my friends decided to go to “New Moon”. Since I had not even seen Twilight the first movie, I was iffy if I should go or not.  I realized I had movie somewhere on me lying around from few months back or something, so I was like what the heck, let’s just watch the first one before we head out to New moon, got home, quickly ate supper, put movie on, because new moon was not till 10.00pm anyways.

Sitting there watching Twilight I realized that the storyline is rather weak and odd for a vampire type movie, but it was too late, cause tickets to the movie  were already purchased (6$ so not a big deal). At 10 we meet up in the theater, are bored to death by the 30 minutes infomercials and trailers for new movies coming out, which did not look too great!!  Movie starts off where they left it in the first movie, from the next day that is of prom night. The vampire dude” Edward” aka Robert Pattinson invites “Bella” aka Kristen Stewart (She is pretty I must say) over to his house for Bella’s birthday party. At Edward’s place Bella magically gets a nice big paper cut while opening her present, and Jasper Whitlock aka Jackson Rathbone (real name) almost tries to eat Bella alive cause of his addiction to “blood” duuh !! What a junkie!

Edward’s family manage to stop Jasper from making Bella his meal on Bella’s birthday, but both Bella and Edward get shaken up and to avoid anything bad happening to Bella and to keep her safe, Edward decides to dump her and his entire vampire family moves away to different place.


Paranormal Activity Review

Crazy Saturday night i tell ya ! So after watching 2012 in the theater we were like omg lets watch paranormal activity… my friend had seen it already.. and was like lets watch it again. I was like that will ruin my week for sure, cause scary movies keep me awake at night when everything is all quite and dark and spooky like the movies !

Instead of watching it alone on my own, I was like o sweet can watch it with few friends.. we call our friends and get rolling at 12.30 am.. yes the spookiest time of the night ! I thought with friends it will be less scarier.. but I was mistaken ! It sure is a low budget movie but the sounds make it scary.. but than again its the sounds in the first place that make any scary movie scary unless you got bunch of clowns jumping in-front of cameras from no where to get scary effects. Yes, lots fear Clowns for some reason !

I had seen parts of the movie already and did get over them in like 2 days or so.. but what was scarier than the movie was the crazy screaming from “Brittany” one of my friends friend… omfg she had seen it already once and was watching it again for what reason ?? Her other friend was alright for she was not going crazy out of her mind.  Movie in general I think has like maybe 4 major scary scenes , the best one was one Katie gets dragged out of her bed 🙂 Looked real.. but movie ain’t real cause both cast members are still there making more movies :).

Paranormal Activity I for a second thought was something about little green men.. but come on putting demons in it and haunting is not cool. Was hoping to see some crazy stuff from little green men from mars or something. It sure is scary but I think “Blair Witch” project is scarier. Is this movie worth going to theater to watch it .. Hmm i suppose just cause of better sound effects in the theaters and not to mention hearing screaming from others (mostly from chicks which is so obvious) . Storyline of the movie is alright but it’s hard to believe that it’s real, if you know you are being haunted why be a nooob and not do anything about it and stay in the same place and film the shit out the haunting ? Come on who does that ? Would you film yourself if you were being haunted and release it as a movie ? I know I wouldn’t and I seriously hope that I do not get haunted ever !

Is the movie fake ? Well it’s just as fake as you would think of 


2012 End of the World – Movie Review ?

So, will the world end in 2012 ? Well maybe who knows ? Maybe the crazy nasa scientists !!  Any ways the question on everyones mind other than “Omg omg omg world gonaa end in 2012” is “Is the movie 2012 worth spending the money ? ” Well atleast that what I take into consideration while going to a big freaking crazy expensive theather, which costs $11-$12 for the ticket !! Ok ok i might be cheap but w/e money dont grow on trees !

The first movie I saw on big screen was Dark Knight or some refer to it “Dork Knight” !! Well the sound effects in a theater is what gets to you. For movie 2012 there are some boooooms and crashes and lots of things blowing up and it gives movie a nice charm to it other than the fact that you see tons and tons of people die 🙁 .  2012 looks way better in theather than District 9 ( i think that was total waste of my money). 2012 starts of from scene in India which I was like …. hmmmm.. why do most disaster movies start with scenese from India or something… example i think “day after tomorrow ” also starts off from scene from India…. I suppose all the smart scientists come from there 🙂 …  yes I am from india but aint no scientist but when there are no subtitles in scenes like that where they talk in Hindi, I sure look the smartest in the theater hall… for I can understand what they just said but not the rest !!!! Do not worry there is nothing too seriously crazy talk happening in Hindi at the first scene…

From the start the movie tries to build up the basic foundations and shows some of the things the goverments of the world trying to preserve their history/culture and stuff…. and prepare for 2012, O i forgot to mention in 2009 the movie starts off, when they first discover that “Earth’s crest is gonaa melt, like a popsicle would, if left out of the fridge for too long”.. from there on it takes about 15 – 20 mins to get into 2012 where the real action starts to happen… the main cast discovers on his camping trip that the lake he used to go to with his ex… has vaporized !! There he meets an anchor for some radio station who warns him of the whole conspiracy theory and how governments were building spaceships…. and mentions something about a map to get there…

I will not go into much details as to where the map leads to.. thats cause you do not want to ruin the fun of watching the movie now … anyways the story keeps building up.. and events keep happening.. and the graphics speak out for itself… looked unrealistic cause it was but I think, little bit better graphics effects could have been added..

If you were to ask me … how did you find the movie …


DASVIDANIYA – The Best Goodbye Ever! Review

DASVIDANIYA – The Best Goodbye Ever! is movie that will open your eyes to how unpredictable life is, and why it’s important to live it to fullest for life is uncertain and no one has control over the time to go….
Anyways DASVIDANIYA starts up weird but you realize what the beginning of the movie was all about right at the very end itself. So that’s one concept i find new in the bollywood movies. DASVIDANIYA is about a 37 year old guy who has been living all his life all by himself and for his mumma (mom). While doing so has forgotten what life is and what he has been missing. Basically something like what Zahir was in Muna Bhai MBBS movie.
Movie totally resolves around Amar (the guy who finds out has stomach cancer and only few days to live). Before his death he decides to make a “To do list before I die” which consists of 10 items or “dasvidaniya” as the title of movie says. Some are rather interesting wishes and he realizes what he has missed out all his life, following the daily repetitive routines. DASVIDANIYA is the movie about his life and things he does before he dies. Eye opener for some while rather touching for others this movie. I found it quite interesting for myself am believer that “life is short” kinda person.

Anyways go watch DASVIDANIYA, if you do not understand hindi try to find it with english subtitles, cause its very much watchable even if you are not a Bollywood fan.
I give it 10/10 for a bollywood movie.

PS: Found some DASVIDANIYA subtitles in english try it, rename the file to reflect the name of your movie file and see if it works or not, if not google up and you shall find.



QUANTUM OF SOLACE not worth it !! A Review

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is not worth the money people are spending to go watch in the theater, to be frank after the new james bond guy ( Daniel Craig ) in the movie the whole concept and the liking i had for James Bond movies has gone down the drain. He has no charm attached to him and seems to be so rigid all the time !!

Apart from the wrong choice for james bond cast this latest release of QUANTUM OF SOLACE is just awful, first of all a james bond movie should have some fancy gadgets and stuff to help bond out, but this one is as if they had no money to come up with some fancy gadget at all, i noticed nothing fancy even in the last movie. For a sci-fi/action fan like myself thats a turn off. Even Dark Knight had more gadgets or atleast interesting shots and scenes.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE starts off with a car chase (which is like ok whats so special in this ?) compare this car case with the one they had in Dark Knight and how it ended. From there it goes into a foot chase within 5-10 mins. now come on James Bond looks more or less like a monkey in the chase. From there its slow nothing too fancy happens. Till like about the end of the movie where there is 1 big fighting sequence, more or less a show telling you how to escape from building on fire !

So bottom line is come on stop wasting time going to theater to watch this just another action movie. Has close to nothing when it comes to action and has 0 % of sci-fi aspect. (ok there was a jump from plane without shute but nothing fancy there either in terms of adding something scientific gadget or stuff).

I give QUANTUM OF SOLACE a 5/10 and the previous bond movie a 5/10 also. Daniel Craig is just freaking too rigid has no charm at all !! Not sure if the game is worth buying either cause if movie was this awful how is the game going to perform ?