Exciting Win – It does not get any closer than this !

Amazing win, that you can never forget while playing L4D2 ever. Just look at the screenshot, win by 1 Point and over two thousand points scored by both teams. Let me assure you the game was very very very intense. We did however had an afk in the last round that took us down a bit, but still you will not get closer than this on a Versus game mode in Left 4 Dead 2 .

L4D2 Amazing Versus Win


L4D2 Infinite Loop – Game Never Ends

With some tricks and messing with steam cvars I was able to put the game into an infinite loop, meaning the game will never “ever”  end, unless ofcourse the computer or the server crashes. I would not suggest this to you, cause it is going to make server owner pretty unhappy, which i am assuming will be yourself, cause this loop is not achived unless this important cvar is enabled for which you need to be admin

sv_regeneration_force_on 1

Rest you need is to get a Jockey or a smoker or someone that does not do too much damage, maybe hunter or charger will do too, 2 last remaining survivors ! How you get 2 down ? Simply Spawn a Tank or 2 get 2 in capped and save the last bot 🙂  – After all you are suppose to be a survivor !

Anyways the loop wont end as long as you do not quit or your computer don’t quit on you 🙂 . Watch the video to see it in action.


OCZ Equalizer Dual RMA !!

I cannot stop giggling while writing this post, for this is a story about dual RMA on OCZ Equalizer and one message that I received from a friend of mine yesterday evening. First of all OCZ Equalizer is an amazing mouse for however long it lasts for you. There is only 1 drawback for OCZ Equalizer Gaming mouse : its thin flimsy wire. I have had my OCZ mouse for about close to 2 years now, till it decided to go kabooom on me. All the sudden i saw “Device not Responding” message on my Windows 7 machine, while trying to read the details of it, i suddenly realized my cursor on the screen would not move, looked at the leds/lights on the mouse, and seemed like they had turned to the “dark side”.  I was like “oh crap noooo”, while I dashed to grab some old cheapo logitech usb mouse. Wiggling the cable a bit at the end where it leaves the mouse, did seem to bring mouse back to life, but i cannot keep messing with wire with one hand, while trying to use the mouse with other !!

Opened up the RMA ticket with OCZ, and in about less than a week, I was ready to dispatch my fried mouse to OCZ for replacement or w/e they will do to the poor thing. This happened while I was in a game, and one of my friends was there asking why i was not moving ? I was like omg omg dude my mouse is dead. He was like “how can you kill a mouse”, I was like “huhhh it just dies sometimes, i do not know how to kill a mouse”. He was like, oh you need to treat your mouse better or something similar I do not recall. So, I was like “ok, mouse doctor”.  Whenever he gets to read this post, he be like ” i did not say that” cause i do not think he did either, or maybe he did; my memory is iffy ! Anyways, it is the evening when i prepare to RIP the mouse and send it off the next day, I get a ding on my screen…. It’s a message from “mouse doctor” reading …. “omg laser on my mouse is dead” . I could not stop LOLing for it’s like OCZ Equalizer Apocalypse, for his mouse was apparently the “OCZ Equalizer” too, for I had convinced him to buy it for his gaming needs :). “Hehehehehehe”, I kept typing to him,till I lost count.. I am still giggling right now thinking about the message i saw on my screen 18 hrs ago. I did not go through my RMA dispatch yet, for am trying to do a combined DUAL RMA if possible to save of shipping for both us, and for OCZ too.. The mouse seems to have lots of cases of laser failing, but not many have had that bad luck, so I ding (aka send instant message) up another friend of mine asking if the mouse I recommended (aka OCZ Equalizer) was still working… and she was like, yaa … she have had it for about 6 or 7 months now and enjoying it. Let’s hope it lasts for her for as long as it did for me 🙂

I have ended up buying HP vooodna mouse, about $45 ish, and my friend ended up getting some logitech one. Funny thing is, I still keep recommending OCZ equalizer mouse, if i get a new mouse for dead one, that be awesome for there are no shops in this little city, where i can actually go and pickup a new OCZ product. O well.. Below is a picture of what OCZ equalizer mouse looks like :


Left 4 Dead 2 New Difficulty Level – Blindatron – Invisible Heads and Zombies!

Quick microblog post about new difficulty level in Left 4 Dead 2 called “Blindatron” for  those interested in playing Left 4 Dead 2 on their laptops, that are obsolete . Look at the picture below and note this down: The heads of your teammates are not suppose to be invisible, nor are any of the Zombies even the big bad ones like Boomer, Tank, Charger etc etc.. This is a screenshot of my friend playing on his obsolete out of date HP laptop which apparently he loves :). He played close to a week like that thinking that it  was how L4D2 is suppose to be.  Now I know when I in game i shouted Jockey Jockey help Spidey, he would go “Where where” , even when it was like right behind him !!! I was like “omg” what is wrong with this dude ! I only last night found out when he said “Where where where ” when I said “Shoot the Tank thats right in front of you” …

Geeez talk about another difficulty level of L4D2 “Blindatron” where zombies are invisible and there are no faces (kinda scary) for your teammates, and you think you can shoot through them. Now i know why he kept shooting us all to kill zombies behind us. Must be thinking “o they have no heads, i can just shoot them through there” ….

Next time he says “Where where” i am gonaa end up doing team kill with a Frying Pan, so Spidey i be careful with what you say in game !! and hopefully you will not select  the “Blindatron Mode ” for playing the game.

To guys wondering how to play the new difficulty level here is what you do :

1. Buy or take out your old HP laptop or any laptop, install L4D2 on it.

2. Remove the latest Graphic drivers and put some old version for your graphics card.

3. Launch the game and enjoy shooting Invisible Zombies and your teammates, having a legitimate excuse this time for doing that !

Picture below (finally he decided to fix the issue by updating his graphics card drivers) shows what it is like to play L4D2 with super difficult level !


The Legit Gamers Online !!

Nothing is more annoying than playing a game online in multiplayer mode that is , and being stuck in a session with hacker. In my leusire time I play this FPS (first person shooter) game called Combat Arms for its free as i am not the person who puts money aside for gaming purposes.

So launched this new site called The Legit Gamers in the hope that it will grow into something that would interest more and more gamers to not use hacks. Hacks ruin the game and are not worth it. So, if you play Combat Arms or any other online game, feel free to browse and if wish to participate join the forums. Its more than just a Clan .

UPDATE: Recently created a little script to compare 2 players on combat arms. So check out the on demand script in action at Compare Combat Arms Players


Monopoly – Trade by Computer so Unfair !!

So, i like playing Monopoly, and have got Monopoly by Parker Brothers. And it is just wonderful game, exactly like board game but lacks online play feature, i did however once managed to play with someone in usa, using vnc and doing it remotely. Hopefully will be able to do that again , as it was fun, for you for sure know that the other person cannot cheat, and all the complex math (:)) is done by the computer so you are just enjoying the game, rolling the dice and doing trade or trying to do trade. Well this post is about the trade i was offered by the noob computer ( note : i play with computers set to their highest level of difficulty so that it can be more challenging ). The computer decided to take away my Reading Railroad and Electric Company for about $88 total (mind you i paid 150$ + 200 = 350$ for both ) and the computer for some odd reasons thinks i be willing to accept the trade ? I was like OMG what was the computers motive behind it ?
I have noticed however that computer might be cheating, for i have seen that the last colored property that I require being taken by computer in the next turn , after they first initiate a trade with me , and if i decline , boom computer takes over and my chances for a monopoly are down the drain !! Cheater Puter !!

Anyhow below is the image of the trade offer made by computer ( Iron) to myself (myself) . How unfair is that ?