Fake USB Key

Fixing Fake/Flashed USB Key using ICreate Chip – i5128

Hiya all, totally forgot to write this tutorial on how to fix your flashed/fake usb key you got off ebay which uses ICREATE – i5128 controller chip to flash it to wrong capacity, and uses Hynix memory chip.

First of all here are few pretty images of my fake usb memory stick i got off ebay :

Top View - Fake USB Key - iCreate 5128

Top View of my Fake Icreate Based USB Key.

This image below shows the use of Icreate i5128 -LG L726 Controller chip

Top View - Fake USB Key - iCreate 5128

Again the memory used was Hynix (seems like they say on ebay its samsung memory but stick in Hynix memory instead Hynix HY2UU08AG5M a 2 GB capacity chip).

Top View - Fake USB Key - iCreate 5128

So, after you have confirmed that your memory stick is using icreate proceed as below to fix your stupid fake usb memory stick :

Step 1 to Fixing Fake USB Keys : Download iCreate 5128 Utility (attached for easing your pain). RAR Version- i5127-PDV1.08B3.rar

Step2 to Flashing fake usb key to original Capacity : (just follow the quick Graphical instructions , simple as pie, other controller required more efforts not this one :). First unzip the file you downloaded, and execute PD.exe , hit App Flash to get going :).

Step 3. Good Luck 🙂

Fake USB Key - iCreate 5128

If above does not fix up your fake usb key, i do not know what will, try googling up something will show up in the results, probably in chinesse though, use google translation to overcome that obstacle !!!


Your Fake USB Key Fixing GURU

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That sucks, you can get real drives 8 gb ones for less then what you paid. I bought a 32 gb stick from a store and it was Patriot and for i believe 22$ or 24$ only. Prices have gone done, so maybe people need to stop making fake usb keys.

Ha ha!
You should feel lucky!
I bought a 32gb drive in on a market in Shanghai.
Showed up with errors.
Ran the tool.
Only 16 MB
53% corrupted.
I’ve now got a 7 MB flash drive for 10$.


I also got a 16Gb pen drive from ebay. It is like a key shape and very thin. I have open and see the chip for the usb key. It does not have any think at all.

To identify the it brand, it does not have any name except lion mark on it and it has a code in the face or cover of the pen drive itself it is N2870.

Please help me to find a solution for it…


when I open the software i5127-PDV1.08B3 I get ERR: 8009 how do I do?
someone help me!!! please

i have seen your articles on fixing the flash drives on internet, i have got a fake kingston 32gb flash drive which was earlier detected by windows xp,but after i got it formated in ntfs with paragon partition manager it is not detected by window xp, i open th case of flash drive which shows the below details
MX E024545

max cruse

Hi ,
i bought fake SD cards , they should have 32 GB , but have 900 mb each.. Knows someone how to flash it to its factory size ? Many thanks.

Hi All,
I also bought 5 kingston data travellers “128 GB” each… I bought them from a HK seller who had over 60 sells but proved to be totally fake! I received only 3 USBs and they proved to be fake like all the stories above. i used the tool from the russian site (before that I tried iFormat and also some chinese program but both didn’t work) and with that tool my USBs are now just 3.21 GB :(((( lost some bucks but a lesson learnt not to trust deals that seem too cheap to be real!! all beware and be very careful when buying over ebay from countries like China or HK!

Need Help urgently 🙁
I bought quite sum of Flash disk 4 and 8gb from china, and after they shipped here, i do the test using H2testw and find out its all fake. Now I need to fix this this, coz the supplier wont take it back.
I want to fix it to the real cap of its capacity.
I have read all the step by step,
I found the PID and VID from chipgenius, then I have downloaded the AMECO bla bla bla UDTool, but when I plug in the Flash Disk and start the UDTool (AMeco bla bla bla) software, it didnt show anything. How does this tool works?
Can anybody helpppppp plizzzz….

I bought one 8GB fake on ebay a long long ago, its i5127 hynix chip like post one, I had recover it more than year ago, but this pendrive was left off for many time, about a year, and now I tried to open it, windows seens it has none partition and defective again, I needed to get all job done again with this PD.exe file and after all h2testw seens 2GB ok again, thanks to this post ! (I think but not sure, first time year ago, done that with iFormat2).

I got a “datatravler 200” supposed to be 128 gigs, was a fake of course with:

Controller Chip: FC8508
Flash Chip: FBNL63ANAK3WG

Just hit the following Russian site, download “FC MpTool” unpack the rar, pop the stick in and run FC MpTool.exe. Note: you may wanna download WinRAR from if you don’t already have it, or 7ZIP can unpack the file (just not as user friendly). FC MpTool is fairly straight forward, just click on the drive letter and hit start.

You can download “H2testw 1.4” to verify that the fixed drive can reliably store and retrieve data on the whole partition.


After i hit app choice nothing hapens. All the devices show \wait\ and they stay like that forever.
I haveprobably fake kingston datatraveler 200 128gb from ebay.
Chip number is : hynix HY27UU088G5M at least i think so.

Can you help me?

@tommy, what you are saying is opposite of “fix” hence no one here will help you “fake” a usb key, you should have not “fixed” it in the first place if you wanted non-usable fake usb key in the first place.

Thanks for solution….
I have one question… everybody speak how to fix fake
memory stick and put back original capacity but nobody
ask and diskus how to put old i don’t now 400Gb or 250Gb
virtual memory back, and when you plug in memory stick on USB
to show you like you have this 400Gb and not original 32Mb

While searching for Blogs about Fixing Fake/Flashed USB Key using ICreate Chip – i5128-Bloggy Bloggy My Blog I found your site. Thank you for the effort you have put in.

my boss went china on a trip& he purchase 1000Gb for 10 US $, here the same is available at ~100US$ now ,,, but in china they told them it is fake,, not here
i have one 8GB i will try, but it ask me format very often even at 1GB load, but some time work up to2gb,

@john, so what you are saying is that companies like samsung, hynix etc. should be able to take legal action, cause they are selling products under their name ? What thesis did you work on ? Was it for a degree ? It be cool to read it if you did something like that.

Yep course you got scammed by accident.

I’ve done a lot of research into this for my thesis, even managed to find the factories and many of the root suppliers.

I even got hold of some of the kit they use for programming this stuff.

The ‘basic’ boards with controllers , sell in China/Shenzhen for .50 cents- 0.75 cents US EACH
these boards are then purchased and the Nand-flash chip is added , usually from factory ‘scrap’ which is bought cheap. finally the case is added for a total cost of about 1.50US

also you CANNOT rely on hte marknig on hte NAND-FLash memory chip, some of these guys have laser strip & rebranding machines , to physically re-brand the case.
The only REAL way is to read the chips internal ID. ( command $90,00)

However that said, I have recently seen raw dies being reserialised at the DIE stage with lasers.

Just want to drop a note to say thank you for the page. I got cheated on eBay but at least I still got a 4Gb USB stick.
Well done!

Thanks i too had been scammed from ebay but did not know that memory was hacking was quite frequent on ebay. I actually thought my usb stick had been faulty for the last 12 months or there was compatibility problems with xp 64 and xp 32.

With the help of this tutorial, problem has been fixed. 8GB was really 4 GB not to bad but smarter now.

I fould the software for the ICreate i528, the latest version can be downloaded here.

Using this version seems to allow my flash drive to have a slightly faster write speed.

Chip Vendor: iCreate
Chip Part-Number: i5128
PnP Device ID: VID = 1043 PID = 8012
how can i find the controller and memory number?

i write to capacity 8012(fixed capacity)
reproduction is succesfull windows show 8gb but when i try to copy sth its corrupted. i cant copy files to another pc.

@paratoner what exactly is the controller and memory number on your drive ?

@sawfish try to find the exact software match for it. What controller is it ? Probably a memory version thats not in the list of the software. Try doing manual mix and match, it might be best solution and might render if unfixable, but worth trying given that your drive is not working properly in the first place and data corruption will take place if you use it to fullest.

i fixed the usb. its normal size 64. i make it 8012. but when i copy sth its all corrupted. is there any thing for this. must i use it 64mb?

Hello all,
i also have a usb flash key with i5128 controller and a chip marked “samsung”.
It was first recognized as a 16Gb flash key !
i putted on some data until 3Gb and then it stopped working, and it’s not possible now to read anything on it, or format it again because of a “write protect” message appearing each time i try to.
I’m now thinking of a fake key as your’re telling. i tried iformat but i have the same problem it disappear as soon as i launch it…
How can i do to fix this ?! Thank’s for your help.

@Hoang Yup google is great engine indeed that how i found the fixes and put them all at one place :). Cause i have been burned by fake usb key sellers at ebay !

I knew your blog through google (a fabulous engine)

thank you so , I have recovered my 1GB by your help.

However, at fist, I let cap at 1024mb then it fail. Then I tried “fixed cap” at: 1000mb, and it success.

Tamer just got those 2 keys, am now running the tests to verify their actual capacity. Will be doing some searches and operations on the key tonight or this weekend.

Will start a new fix topic if i manage to fix your keys.

The blue one looks sleek, like a lighter 🙂 and confirmed size is 1.5 Gig total. (able to hit only 156 images)

Working on the white one now. (confirmed to be only 1.4 or again close to 1.5 Gig ) able to hit only 143 images.

I tried to get that mptools, from that digit site ,but seems like i need to pay, i tried send them 10$ to get the credits so various other tools if needed can be downloaded too, but sadly the user does not have paypal account which accepts usd 🙁 . Emailed the user and am waiting for a reply as to how to make the payment so i can download the tools !!

it’s USB flash drive not SD card.
I came to the same conclusion, chinese sites, and google translate did not translate that well.

I will email you one of these, email me your address at “tamer.yousef at gmail dot com”.


Tamer, if ebay does not stop it becomes duty of buyers to weed out those scammers and let other buyers know about them, but -ve feedbacks or even pming those winners to do tests on their products and ask for refunds for fake products like usb key and stuff, and above all we need someone who can read and understand chinese and is willing to help as all this hack sites are in chinese and tad hard for me to understand whats happening.

PS: on google typing Samsung 813 returns nothing about the controller chip, is there a way to make some snapshots or something, if you want to send that fake key (but i do not have any sd card reader so not sure how much help that will be) to me @ ur own expense, i will be willing to give it a shot ( found lots of links (Results 1 – 84 of 84 for MXT6208 U) to fix ur card but in chinese, u should be googling up for term ” MXT6208 U ” ) Here is what led me to the conclusion that is what u need to google :

(source for ur controller chip information)
Product Name: PCBA
Model: MXT6208PCBA
Brand name: MXT6208 U MXT6208 U-control chip
Products Address:

5 (RMB) 5 (RMB)

 5bytes EDC/ECC5bytes EDC / ECC capability
— 8/16bit Flash — 8/16bit Flash is fully compatible with
— 1.8v/3.3v Flash — 1.8v/3.3v Flash is fully compatible with
— DowngradeFlash – Downgrade (black film / white film) Flash superpower support capacity
— — Support for the production of all types of disk
— (UID) — Support the chip only identifier (UID)
— LCD U — Fingerprint U disk support, LCD U disk, SIM card, such as U-differentiated products

Our main products sold: U-dominated MXT6208 MXT6208 more advantages! Stronger, more support for the black film, stability super-good! PCBA board PCBA board U-U-chip professional pre-market control, after-sales services ! Quality of the whole package!
U U-U-PCBA and goods is also the whole programme, Shenzhen spot! Company dedicated to you!

well, as a seller, I think ebay has two issues:
1- they are overwellmed with how many questions & requests are made by sellers and buyers, and they do not have the capacity to handle it! , as a seller, I sent them my issue and they have not responded !!
2- ebay is making ton of money by listing fees, final value fees, paypal fees, if all these scams are stopped, ebay revenue for ebay will be reduced, so they are not that motivated to stop such things…this is my personal opinion.

so again, it depends on how honest are the sellers, and whether they intended to scam buyers, or it was an honest mistake (my case).

back to the issue, my controller is not Icreate, so, both Iformat version are behaving the same, runs and UI disapear, but stays running as an exe.
I will start getting some help from a friend of mine, and I will also get a specialist in computer repairs to help me on this, I will let you know if there are solutions for “generic” controllers.


Yikes $500 for a memory stick, does it have icreate controller chip , and is it possible to put some shots of the stick ? Plus is your seller from ebay not responding or being helpful, cause i had to scare them to get my refunds telling i will pm every bid winner of the user details and tell them of fake usb key stick test here on the blog and fixes etc, so will start getting -ve feedbacks and eventually ebay terminate them.

Why ebay is not terminating those scammers is something i fail to understand, i thought it was illegal to sell such fake items or something.

Yes Itry Both with same action ,
Just open once windows start and dispear
after this any time you click . no action
even i try anthoer windows Xp ver. no way
i stoped my firewall still no way
make me crazy 🙁

I spent 500 $ for this fucken memroy stick 🙁

Thanks for your care man
the problem is
iformat is not opening in pc idont know why
iam using xp sp2
not working in my pc. do u know why ?


Currently i am moving to new place, so will get back to you, my other puter where all tools are in the new place already and sitting on this lappy to write this, i think you got the wrong iformat tool, i had that same problem like yourself, there is 1 more version that works good, i will see if i still got it, i thought i put it on my new 8gig original kingston key somewhere that i got from futureshop for 32$ , i thought ebay would have been cheaper !!

Oh there is nice little nifty test i have on blog too, simple and free :).

Hello Dear

Many thanks for this great help.
I try and it work make fake 8GB working good as 1GB .
Now I still have 7Pc but this version not working on it coz the chip is
I try to Google it but no way.
Thanks & best regards

the samsung is the chipest and the controller is: mxt6208a
The true capacity of the drives is 4GB, I used bst5.exe for verification.

I tried few tools but non worked, like:
iFormat2: for some reason it runs in the background but does not show the UI.
PD V1.08 : when I click AppChoice, it says wait in all Device boxes and does not come back.

there is a good article at but I could not get anything out of it :!!

This is not my area of expertise, if you would like, I can send it to you, email me your address. email me at tamer.yousef at gmail dot com.



Iam in big trouble .
I bought some 8GB usm flash memory from china and iam facing the same damn problem
can you help me on this .
Itry the ways you mention but not same chip.
My drive is look like kingstone
my chip is pronix 070201010101-000
Plz help me coz I try to find this chip online but canot

Thanks Man

Thanx a lot! Fixed a fake 8GB from ebay with iCreate i5127 LG 736 chip with memory samsung 801 K9HBG08U1M PCB0 to the real 4GB memory. Too bad ebay is not helping much on similar issues…

@ Tamer did you google up anything, not sure what capacity usb key you are actually working working with. Maybe send me one of those defective keys or provide shots of the opened up key with the numbers that are visible, i can only try something if i have the memory on me and test and see what works bets, but my bet would be you will find a solution for any usb key , cause it all comes from china/korea/hong kong etc. and all hacks are actually coded or made there itself, on 2 forums where you can find such tools i am member of , though it is hard trying to understand the chinesse and spend hrs on google translating it lol.

PS: is samsung chipset the memory or the controller chip ?

Luis, i never got any SD cards of ebay, i will see however if there is something i can google up. But testing wont be there 🙁 as like i said no ebay SD cards, and aint buying no more keys off ebay 🙂

I’m an ebay seller btw, so not all ebay sellers scam people on purpose, and I got scammed in a batch of few hundred usb drives without knowing it.

Now the drives I have has a Samsung 813 chippest, are you aware of any program that can fix it? I tried AlcorMP and it’s not detecting the drive, and I also tried Icreate and it says “Wait” when I click on “App Choice”, and does not come back with a response.

I would appreciate it if you can help :).


Thank you for this tutorial…

I fixed 3 USB drives I bought on eBay and got rid of 11 GB of fake memory in total.

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