Canadian Citizenship Exam Cleared !

It’s finally over cleared my Citizenship Exam and hoping to take the oath to be proud Canadian soon. A day of studying the guide and 5 minutes to finish the exam.

For those taking the new Canadian Citizenship exam here is the format:

1. There will be 20 multiple choice question (on paper, no computer based exam)

2. You must answer 15 correctly that is 75% you must get right.

3. Must answer 2 specific question correctly (else its a fail and out of 4 other question must get atleast 2 right) so in total about 4 questions they specify must be answered correctly.

4. Usually a 30 minute exam.

Note : You must read the book thoroughly though, there were as i talked to few other folks some common sense questions and some that you probably cannot answer if you have not read the booklet (Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities ). Also there are probably 3 different sets of exams, so the person beside you will probably have a different question paper than you, and by that its not just rearranged questions but actually different questions. Mine i think was the easiest, or atleast found it rather easy, probably got 19/20 only had doubt on one question.

Oath ceremony probably in 2 weeks time. So an exciting day today 🙂 .  Good luck to those taking the exam in few weeks time, don’t sweat if you managed to go through the booklet atleast once. Did not have many questions relating to dates as such, but still a good thing to remember what happened in 1812 and 1867 :).

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Memory is not too great but i recall the typical question that was required to pass:
1. The voting requirements aka – Citizen 18 years old and on voters list type question.
2. What do you do to while voting – aka Putting X against the name type question.

And out of the other 3 (out of which any 1 was required to be answer correctly) was something to do with geography, i can recall one only out of three, it was ” which one of the following is considered as the land of midnight sun ” i think the options were Quebec, Alberta, Northern Territories, BC. but there were i think 3 sets of question paper, i think the others got a question that dealt with electoral candidate (more or less simple common sense type question).

They said the application will now go forward and they will check it up or something and we will get a letter telling us if something else is required or just tell us the date of ceremony 2 months or something from the date of exam one can expect the letter telling you what is next :).

I was surprised that very little to nothing was asked about Saskatchewan (the province where the tester resides basically) .

Hopefully the above information was helpful.


Do you remember some questions that you wish to share (especially the questions that you have to get right!)

Also, how do you know when your ceremony is, do they tell you on the same day or what?



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