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Facebook vs BlackBerry vs Samsung vs PC

Facebook, used by billions if not by the entire world (excluding the odd monkeys) experience varies greatly from platform to platform. By platform, I am referencing to the device used for accessing your Facebook account and posts that have no at times are insignificant.

Let’s start with the phones that were probably used the cavemen and still are….you guessed it right “BlackBerry”. Maybe that is the reason they are going down (I feel bad for those that will be losing their jobs)…. because they have been around the longest without any major breakthrough in technology; a sliding phone with touchscreen is not really a breakthrough.

Blackberry + Facebook are like BF’s (best friend, not berry face or you know what…) hours and hours of endless joy for those on the road or at work with nothing better to do than spend most of the time in the washroom. Not sure about the old dinosaur blackberry phone’s (BlackBerry Quark 6210) if they even supported Wi-Fi or data plans. I am talking about let’s say Blackberry torch or bold. Facebook looks so different compared to PC version, but on a BB (BlackBerry) you can be rest assured that if you charged your phone 24hrs ago, you can still enjoy posting useless posts or liking for no reason random wall posts of other people.

Samsung + Facebook work awesome too together provided you got one of those extra batteries in your pocket all charged up, because if you own a Samsung Galaxy S (I am going to only mention those phones I have experienced Facebook on), you can be rest assured your low battery indicator will come on within an hour of your awesome FaceBooking session. Don’t be surprised if your phone reboots in the middle of a long wall post you are trying to add or if it shuts down on you because you did not heed the Galaxy’s warning!! Facebook looks pretty much the same on Galaxy as it does on BB; maybe typing and scrolling experience is improved but at the cost of being able to spend 1 hr to 2 hrs. maybe on Facebook compared to BB. With BB you can be posting on FB all day long. There is a solution however to the low battery life, buy one of those hideously huge battery packs for your Samsung, I do not think there is such an option available anymore with the new Samsung Galaxy # 3, maybe it’s already got one of those big chunky battery squashed inside.

Best alternative to enjoying wasting time on Facebook is to simply go on your PC (desktop or a plugged in laptop) and have endless joy of posting rubbish, liking stupid random comments and posts and feeling engaged and fulfilling your social obligations. Drawbacks of PC/Laptop however include:

  • Not being able to do FaceBooking at work unless your boss and colleagues themselves are addicts themselves, just remember two wrong make it a right when it comes to spending quality time on Facebook.
  • Most of the time not being able to take your favorite Facebook page with you to the restroom (can be solved by buying an iPad maybe, just remember to tape paper to the camera; you do not want to accidently upload a mobile picture while going about your business in the washroom, remember Facebook has rights to all the pictures you upload by mistake or intentionally).
  • Really tough to be ok Facebook while enjoying your holidays in Mexico or Hawaii because your Laptop probably does not come with a “data plan” and wireless range probably does not extend to the beach or the hospital bed.

But overall, I have to say if you own a PC and have access to it easily use it to be on Facebook. Little table below is a quick recap of Facebook vs Blackberry vs Samsung vs PC.


Samsung Galaxy

Desktop / Laptop


Long Time
[ 24 hrs. or longer]

Bad Time
[1 hr to 3 hrs. of usability]

Awesome Time

[Can go on forever it seems]



Amazing but short lived!

None to Mediocre


So-So! Depends on Model…

Great! Touchscreen FTW






Total Score :
[Out of 100]





Total score is my personal opinion some might give more weight to mobility compared to ease of use. If you enjoyed this read remember to kill some time at your favorite social venue by posting comments that might offend some, or hitting the thumbs up by mistake (that means the like button for those who are going to be using Facebook for the first time).

NOTE: It is advised to have data plan on your mobile devices to access Facebook from almost anywhere, unless if you are on Fido than you are pretty much screwed. I have had the pleasure of using BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy S and Desktop/Laptop to access Facebook. I am sure experience if improved if you own an Eye device; I heard they are from a different planet…

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