Cheap Coca Cola Cans – Why do they Rupture inside your Refrigerators ??!!

So, this seems to be the second time I had to clean my refrigerator due to “coke can” exploding its guts out. Last time it was nothing similar to what I have to show you. Do note that there are three other cans sitting right beside the can that went kaboooom overnight, leaving an ugly mess for me to clean ! Some images are not sharp enough but still gives you an idea of what happened.
The top of can shows you exactly what happened, and do look at the amount of coke left inside the can after the lid got popped out ! Lid/top was bent as if it was run over by something, at the bottom of can you can see that it tried to expand but thanks to weaker lid at top bigger mess was avoided, because if the bottom had ruptured it would have spilled all the coke inside the fridge.  For those wondering that, yaa maybe the can was chilled before putting it in, well that would be incorrect, all cans placed inside are at room temperature prior to their storage and above all none of them are shaken before they get stored. So to conclude, what happened overnight was due to following reasons :

1. Cheapness of Coke Can (who is responsible ? The makers aka Coca-Cola) [NOTE: IT was not in FREEZER, other Cans were not affected]

2. Bad Karma !

It’s  up to the users reading this post, to come up with their own reasons as to why would the can would rupture the way it did. For me this is not the first time, and till i keep drinking coca-cola zero and storing it at work like i do with all other drinks, it wont be last time either.  Next time I will try to get temperature of inside the refrigeration unit and that of the can that ruptures leaving nothing to drink, and lots of mess to clean up.  Do share your horror stories if any of such a similar incident.

Few pictures posted below, rest can be browsed via : Exploding

Bent Ruptured Lid and Top of the Can


My Dream Sequence

Just a little blog post of my dream from last night, we dream a lot, but do not remember most of the time what we dreamed about, sometimes i get lucky and remember them for long enough to write about :).

Starts of with me and someone else in a party some where in a tall building, probably close to some ocean. There is another building we can see from the window to its left, and we are thinking of buying some flat or something in that building, but all the sudden we call the building owner or someone, saying that its bit too far from this building we are in already, and the next minute see the other building move closer, i still do not understand how that is possible, maybe in the future. But hey its a dream so anything is possible in there. For a few minutes or so I imagine some scenarios of living in tall building, and imagine a huge tidal wave or something hitting the building and some floods, flooding the botttom floors, and thinking good thing we want to get the top level accomodation 🙂 .

Next the other person asks me to drive to some friend of ours, house. So we take off, and the next thing i notice or remember is, me driving one of those geared Vespa Scooters. See Picture below. And guess what, we are all the sudden driving Vespa on a rural round probably somewhere in punjab,India, cause the fellaw we were going to meet comes from punjab, but all i know is that the person currently lives Canada, so how we went from Canada to India, I dunno.


Happy New Year Twenty Ten Oh !!

I was watching the news there is debate over whether we should refer to this new year as twenty-ten or two thousand ten. Which do you think is more appropriate?

Was one of the comments on this blog marked as spam by system cause of probably the link to some site. Anyways Happy New Year Twenty Ten Oh !!

That is right why not call 2010 Twenty Ten Oh !! Like we used to call 2009 as Twenty Oh Nine ?

Decided to come up with that naming convention to be used by myself for the rest of the year for someone I was talking to seemed depressed and did not know what to call 2010 and missed 2009 for its cool nomenclature ! Well asked him how about Twenty Ten Oh ? And he seemed satisfied and not so depressed 🙂 .

Anyways guys ! Happy New Year 2010 , however you will say 2010, be it Twenty Ten, Two Thousand and Ten (Wow that long and sounds boring) , or Twenty Ten Oh !!


Going to be Busy Saturday ! Building computer, upgrading WordPress

So finally, looks like my shipment came for the power supply and case, however the ups tracking shows its signed by someone named Kareem, hmm I wonder what happen there ?  Anyways tested the power supply with tester and seems to be working, unlike my old Antec supply which apparently has been shipped and received by Antecs RMA department outsourced to some 3rd party company seems like it.. Will see what happens to the supply.

But tomorrow aka today, Saturday,I shall be busy moving my existing system into the big bulky case and trying to do some cable management and airflow stuff for optimum cooling, ordered 3 extra fans and an Antec 2000 Fan controller, hopefully case will be good enough to have all my 5 hdd’s inside it and having temps of 35 to 38 C usually right now, except 2 of them which run hot at 45C due to no place to put them infront of 120 mm fan.

The new supply from OCZ GamerXtreme 850 Watt seems to be pulling air in from the 140/120 mm fan and blowing it out, but since the new case psu is mounted at the bottom i wonder if the flow of air could be reversed so it intakes air from outside or something like my old fried Antec supply did, but that is probably a bad idea, since old one died and i think that was wrong design. Anyways will try to figure something out on how to make the case most efficient with air cooling.

Also wordpress seems like need yet another update to 2.9 , it has not been even 1 or 2 maybe since I updated wordpress backed. They are really good with updates, but still they are rather frequently needed which is bit annoying.

Gnite will need energy to rap up everything by evening so can do some L4D2 🙂 maybe later at night.


Happy birthday – First time Bowling

Another birthday come and gone, more gray hair than last year, damn the genetics huh (PS only 28 I am) ? Anyways started as just another day, went to work, no one as usual knew it was my birthday cause I do not announce it myself ever. But someone at work wished me happy birthday probably cause of my facebook profile maybe ? And soon after everyone knew it was my birthday 🙂  weeee …. went for coffee. Came back home in evening, made some plans for later at 9pm with my friend Jose and Fathima to do something called 5 pin bowling ?

Anyways, drove to the place called Evening Bowl not too far away, only realizing that when Jose say’s meet you outside, he literally means outside ! I kept waiting inside the arena for 10 minutes while Jose and Fathima hung outside in the freaking cold, probably in the car I hope :). Since it was my first time bowling, I had no clue what to do, but did confirm at counter that lane was booked for 9pm so I knew that I was at the right venue J. So, I suppose being the birthday boy, those guys paid for the 2 games we played, I must get them gulabjamuns next time around, whenever they are baked for some special occasion J.

Rules I suppose are simple to bowling, being my first time ever bowling, do not really know the techniques of hold the ball or posture to throw the same. Anyways the practise round I did manage to get a strike on the 2nd try, and I mean a clean strike. Too bad no one was there I think to see it, cause they went to grab drinks or something, which I think Jose can blame for his defeat once by Fathima and once by me, us both been newbies at bowling. Jose apparently had played lots I suppose before hand so he we feared would win both games. But alas it was not to be !! muuaaahaa … Shivani, thanks to Fathima was spelled Skivani or something, sheesh Fathima why would you do that ?? She did alright the first game, but not sure what happen the last game. If I recall correctly following are the scores for the game:

Game 1 :

Fathima : 119 (winner)

Spidey : 110 (3rd)

PK (that be me) : 116 (2nd, did I let Fathima win ? Well I dunno maybe my nicer side had a role to play ?)

Sikavni Skivani (misspelling for Shivani) : 99

Up till like 6th round spidey aka Jose was doing horrible, but he picked up the pace and sprung back to 100+ somehow (cheater ?)  but hehe still lost to Fathima and myself (both being newbies, Fathima’s maybe 2nd ever game, mine being first time)

Game 2 :


New computer case and power supply hurdle

This monday, my powersupply blew up on me, and I am still looking around for a good powersupply few of the options i find that are affoardable and powerful enough include:

OCZ GameXStream 850W ATX12V 24PIN SLI Ready Active PFC ATX Power Supply 120MM Fans

OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX12V 24PIN SLI Ready Active PFC ATX Power Supply 120MM Fan Black

or maybe Corsair, since I do not want to go back to Antec for, i do not want to keep replacing my power supplies every 2 years, plus it costs more for shipping to get PSU rmaed than getting a brand new supply. I wish Antec had free RMA replacement services instead of one where you have to pay both for shipping bad supply and getting a good one returned to you. Sheeeesh…

Anyways,  now that out of the way (my little rant) it is becoming tougher choice to pickup the right power supply. Also picking up a right computer case is another hassle, want to get a new case cause I got like 5 hdd’s and not enough air flow for 2 of them, need to get some air blowing on those babies.

I shall be back going to do some research or work. Thinking of getting Enermax Uber Chakkar (chakkar is hindi word meaning circle)