My Computer Situation

Latest Development for Bloggy Bloggy site owner (uhumm… that would be me). Sep,20

So, here are the updates related to my computer situation at school.
Got in contact with the guy selling the 17” monitor for 10$, as expected it was not LCD but CRT, so I said no to him, but now I am thinking I might get it, because I cannot seem to find any cheap LCD maybe below 100$.
About the 2.93 Ghz machine, talked to the guy and struck a deal at $100 only without his 15” monitor (CRT) that he was selling with it. It happens to be TS5010 Emachines Model. With only 80 Gig hdd though. So, if you got a HDD lying around and want to dispose of it and works, you know who to contact …..!! .
Also got I think 30 feet Ethernet cable from department, lying somewhere!!!, it’s a cheap one though might not give me good connection but will try.