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This long blog post is all about blogging, so grab a box of popcorn (or a cheeseburger) if you are interested to know more about blogs. Recently I was presented with rather interesting opportunity involving speaking about blogs and what you can do with them.  IABC Saskatoon  organized “Social Media 2.0” event aimed at providing more insight into the working of various “tools” available for companies that they can use to boost  their social presence. More details of events can be found at IABC’s website: “IABC Social Media Conference”.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer, so you will see weirdness in the sentences as usual  J , bear with me or you can put some music on, to make it less painful in case you are still interested to proceed further.  Do not worry copyright found at the bottom, I did not forgot about that :).

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk a bit more about blogs and what I had to share to a very keen group of wonderful ladies, who were kind enough to put up with whatever I had to sayJ. If anyone from that discussion is reading this post, do not worry there was no “jibber-jabberish” thing said. I tried to stick to the plan of not making myself look like a foolJ. I think it worked but dunno will wait for the survey results. I will try to post the results or stats I should say when they are made available to me.

Before you guys lose interest there you can contact me via my site: , the email from there comes directly to me, one thing about the web I learnt the hard way is, ‘not to mention my email address on sites’.  Doing that, acts like a magnet for spammers/bots that will not stop at any cost. So, a simple tip do not put your email address on any random website, try to create an image if possible and link to that instead, or maybe insert image if you are allowed to on that particular site. Avoid the normal format of ‘’ …. Ok that name sounded interesting, hence just ended up buying it even before I could complete this post. I have an idea for that domain already. Will share, more info in separate post.

I do regret that at the social media event those who were talking about a topic did not get a change to go around to different tables to discuss about technologies they have not interacted with. For example, me!! I wanted to check out the Twitter session, but alas that was not to be.  Hopefully one day I will get around learning more about Twitter and how it works. Have used instead Digg and other social bookmarking sites (which is what I think Twitter is). Facebook, I was not really much interested in, for I do not like Facebook much one of the many reasons is listed in one of the other posts here at bloggy.  I wished that there would have been a round set aside where all the speakers get to meet up and discuss and learn about technologies they have not used. More time for each individual table per round would have been excellent, because I had some serious session going and quite interesting questions were raised. Knowledge sharing was what interests me the most. I realized that few know of blogs as “what a 17 year old would post on”, I am thinking now, maybe that is what the younger generations call “myspace” , a personal blog?

Few things about blogs and examples of how it can be used to power your business/website:-

  1. Blogs if setup right can be used to power your entire site. Example(s): my personal webhosting company, << where the social event took place. Just a note to self and webmaster of IABC to update the WordPress backend. It’s outdated and not really secure.
  2. Blogs add additional features to your website, which normally are not available in simple site that are just html pages. Features include:

1st Anniversary of Bloggy Bloggy

Bloggy Bloggy is now a year old, and is growing stronger (atleast thats what i make out of the bloggy website stats 🙂 ) . Still not sure what to use this domain for, but myblog seems to be working out fine. Maybe will soon start a forum for bloggers !
But anyways, what has changed over 365 days ? Well here is a brief :.
1. Almost done with my Masters, waiting for paper work, and convocation is on 25 october, but i might have been bit too late to actually get entry to the same. O well … next year i can show up if i want to get some fancy pictures taken :).
2. Few new websites developed over the year. Few websites kinda abandoned also, and did the maths now i spend like $35 a month on domains only as i have close to about 40 ish domains , that cost like $10 a year.
3. Worked as a webmaster at the university taking care of the college website.
4. Moved to new apartment, as they kicked us out of the other one as it was marked to be converted to Condo, freaking businessmen having no moral values and do not care about the inconveniences they cause.
5. Now have 3 servers of mine instead of just 1. And one of them is used to provide specialized hosting aka proxy hosting. Only started like 6- 7 months back with that.
6. Learnt bits of PHP and am still learning so hopefully by 2nd anniversary, i shall few of my own scripts out :).
7. Started drinking Tim Hortons Half and half coffee ( half chocolate half regular ) on the job. Will stop doing that as it costs too much money and not sure if it destroys your health or not :).
8. Still single :(.
9. Got hooked on to playing this game called Super Smash online, using project64 emulators. Aaah i should have never played that game that day !!
10. Thinking of upgrading my computer soon with quad core, or maybe buying a new car or maybe a condo !!
11. Just realized yesterday that my student card expired, as i could not enter the PAC (physical activity complex) !!

Lets see what happens in the near future, but for sure this blog is staying for long, as its nice to once in a while talk about life and things on the web :). O sorry no cake or party on the eve, but maybe soon a new look for the blog. As am planning to learn illustrator, and build some cool graphics and images !!
Also so far here are the stats for bloggy bloggy as you can see on left << there... People Online: 6 Today's Visitors: 5 Total Visitors: 27,532 Total Hits: 81,751 Monitoring Since 21 September,2007

Latest Blog Updates

Bloggy Bloggy Flashback – USB Fake Keys Hot Topic

So was getting bored and decided to see how this blog or rather bloggy bloggy stands in terms of popularity. Well as any simple trick to see your website links linked via other sites/forums is to simply type into the famous Google Search Box. So i decided to put in the magic box. After going through few of the links, found it very interesting that just like me others have been burned with purchasing FAKE USB keys and the fixes i put on here at bloggy seems to get hit and are source for finding the right fix for your fake usb key.

There are some links linking back to the articles on usb key fixing techniques, and originate from places like cnet, and ebay itself. Example :


Just submitted bloggy bloggy to dmoz

Thats right folks, just submitted today this personal blog of mine to for review. Sumitted to and to as suggested by mr. freeystyler from Dmoz Resources.

Lets see how it pans out, and if dmoz has some blacklist going where they blacklist all sites owned by bunny :).

Their captcha thing works though, read at places that it does not work, not anymore, so thats a good thing !.

So does bunny thinks dmoz will approve the site, well to be frank time will tell not sure if they are still hung up over there at dmoz about me running a dmoz forums or not. Or maybe its just summer time now and everyone busy trying to make their wives(that like more than 1) happy !!

Anyways feel like writing about the new wordpress it looks so sleek. So check out the other post !!