Ceiling Goes Thud – Roof Disaster

I type this post sitting in a car repair shop. On mind are the repair costs and thoughts about the roof/ceiling that has collapsed! This week has been really crazy that which will be hard to forget.  Imagine staying awake or being kept awake by crumbling roof? Every hour there would be a loud thud in the living room with another bit off the top.  So, what is this post about, car repair costs or the roof disaster? Well I will bore you with car repair stuff maybe at the end; let me tell you with pictures as to what happened yesterday evening!

Came back home feeling tired and a sore throat at around 5 pm, for had to walk home that day cause the car was in the shop. It was around that time noticed the drip from the roof up top, coming from what appears to have been a crack in the ceiling even before I started  living in the apartment.  Yes I live on the top floor of a really old apartment. Had no choice back in 2008 when I was evicted from an apartment that was to be turned in Condo! Those living in Saskatoon are aware of the crazy condo conversions of apartments that took place. Where I was living before was one of those apartments to be converted to condo. The year was crazy and was hard to find an apartment.  Moved in around October, 2008 to this what appears to be 100 year old apartment.

The crack in the ceiling had always made me wonder as to its existence’s reason. Phoned the building manager at around 5o5 to be told only he will get hold of someone. When the single drop turned to 5 in number, phoned the manager again only to find out no phone calls were made by him. This shows how much an apartment manager cares about their tenants; he has been the worst manager I had to put up with, even when the rent gets paid on time. In one and a half hour it starts pouring inside through various cracks in the ceiling. What once was a drop was now a stream, frustrated to see no manager on the door or anyone to come look and try to do some quick fix, rang his phone again only to be told yet again he has not cared to phone anyone yet. In the call before he tried to convince me that it could take a month or more for roof to be fixed, and in 10 minutes nothing can be done, which is quite understandable, but now more than two and a half hour later, listening to the same broken record attempted yet again to persuade the manager to send someone atleast with bunch of buckets to prevent floor damage. By 7.30 someone came with bucket in hand, by that time there were not one but close to 3 to 4 places that were starting to pour. One bucket would do no good so she made few phone calls to get someone over to drill a hole to get drain the pool of water in the ceiling. Will have to check the pictures to get the exact time frame of when someone came to drill a hole in the centre of the crack.

Took 10 minutes and half a bucket to stop the pouring and I was given the warning: ceiling will collapse later tonight and there is nothing stopping that. Around 10pm I sit down to have my supper finally.

Keep awake till 2 in the morning trying to get some sleep, to no surprise hear the thud in the living room. Rush to see how much has fallen, only to escape narrowly another piece of falling ceiling. Two pieces down, few more to go before it stops raining ceiling pieces. Moved some furniture around and removed the glass from the coffee table and put the table in the halfway outside.  I go online and let me supervisor at work know I won’t be in the morning, maybe not till Monday of next week, for I had no idea what the landlord would be telling me in the morning. Would I need to find a new apartment or could still live in the same one while repairs are done were the thoughts as I lay in the bed attempting to sleep.

3.30 and another thud, did not bother to check the damage and maybe around 4.30 fell asleep.  At 8.30 came the landlord looking all shocked and got on the phone to get someone to look and possibly fix the roof up top and said someone will come to remove the falling plaster from the ceiling and will have to wait for a month or 3 till its dry and safe to redo the ceiling. So that is how this week has been, I hope yours was a better one.

It’s now 1o10 in the noon and stomach asking for food, but nothing to be had for I am stuck in the shop waiting for the Axle to be replaced, for only on Monday it has started squeaking while doing turns. Had same issue in 2006 with the squeaking and I saw this coming.  It cost back than around 230$ and was told by someone that it’s amazing the Axle on this neon (FWD) lasted that long J. Either ways when I get back home going to copy this post from my word to the blog and upload some pictures of the ceiling.

Back home now, with a bill of 279$ for the car repairs in hand and news of some quick fix done to roof, and need to wait for a month or more for the insulation in the ceiling to dry before getting it mended. Pictures I am editing and will be uploaded for viewers pleasure. The car drove bit smoother I feel, AXLE was replaced and so was the trans. axle fluid as the one inside was all brown/black and in bad state i was told. Well atleast dont need the Right outer CV Boot as mentioned by other shop.

Pictures below :

Pic 1. Starting stage around 5ish.

Stage 2. More drops and leaks appear