Sophos going downhill – or Sophos Vs Microsoft Security Essentials [Is Sophos any Good ?]

Sophos going downhill or Sophos vs Microsoft Security Essentials – which title suits this post i am not too sure but anyways read on and be the judge of that yourself !
At work both as a student and employee at the university we are suppose to be using Sophos for virus and Trojan protection… but I have had few notify me that sophos is failing to deliver… Windows Security Essentials (MSE codename Morro) is beating down hard on Sophos. .. More about the Security Essentials can be read from and also downloaded free of cost if I am not mistaken via :

Since, I run XP 64 bit I am not able to try it out myself cause it does not apparently have an installer for that version of XP. It’s rather limited to XP 32 bit, Win 7 32/64 bit only. If it was just one person saying that “o windows essentials thingy found Trojan and malware that were not detected by sophos” I be more speculative about the situation, but I have about 3 or 4 users, all very well versed with computers and some quite versed with computer security, not afraid to say out loud “ Sophos Failed “ .

Looking around on the web, I read a rather interesting article at softpedia, stating this very interesting find [“With a detection rate of 56%, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 managed to grab the fifth position, along with F-Secure, which delivered a similar performance. Only five products bested MSE, namely ESET NOD32 with a detection rate of 60%, Kaspersky with 64%, G Data with 66%, and Avira with 74%. However, at the same time, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 also delivered a very low number of false positives.

MSE mistook no more than 15 legitimate code samples for malware, while not the same can be said of Avira, Sophos, McAfee, TrustPort, Norman, and Kingsoft, which all had in excess of 15 false positives. This is why MSE received the highest possible certification from AV-Comparatives, along with additional security solutions that balanced a high detection rate with a low number of false positives. “] – source

Now reading that article it was no surprise to me that users were coming to me complaining about how “Sophos Sucks” compared to MSE. It’s funny how Sophos wrote an article about Vulnerabilites in Windows 7 stating  “Lesson learned? You still need to run anti-virus on Windows 7. Microsoft, in the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report released yesterday, stated that “The infection rate of Windows Vista SP1 was 61.9 percent less than that of Windows XP SP3.” – source . At the end of the article Sophos had a very nice conclusion: